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A Message Of JOY
By Dr. J. Chiappalone
The extent and rate of fragmentation and decay around the planet are the stuff of nightmares.
We are in danger of drowning in the volume and details of the iniquities committed by miscreants.
This decay is ubiquitous. It is physical, ecological, geographical, astronomical, mental, financial, emotional, sexual, and spiritual.
And if it is not madness that allows a government to murder 3000 of their own people so that then that government can have an excuse to start other murderous wars, then what is it?
Indeed it madness. It is the start of the Terminal Madness I have described previously which will escalate and end with planetary destruction.
In this generation, the reflex reparative mechanisms we would have expected, especially if this decay were a cyclical occurrence, as some contend, do not appear to be present
And as we search deeper space some of us at least have become aware of the fact that many other structures in the physical universe are in fact undergoing similar physical decay.
We have been able to note in our own lifetime that the rate of acceleration of this degeneration is exponential.
On April 14, 1985, I was invited to a Conference on a Mothercraft where information concerning this process and more was given to me, and I was charged with the duty of divulging such information for the benefit of those who would listen and benefit from what I had to say.
The material given to me examines every aspect of consciousness in all its classes on this Earth and in this dimension. The Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Devic, Galactic and Universal Classes were discussed and analysed.
The material explains who is who, how we got this far, how this mess developed, why there is so much pain, suffering and misery, and most important of all, what is to be done with this mess.
The question of why I was chosen to be given this information and then charged with its dissemination is tautological. I was chosen because I was chosen, full stop.
The Message is one of Joy.
Those who have been found fit to continue existence will be evacuated from this dimension and placed in a far better environment.
Those who have chosen to live iniquitously will be left alone, and will remain here to pursue their own destructive agendas.
It was explained that the fragmentation and decay we see are the result of the actions of those of Darkness, who cannot live in Honesty, Peace, Love and Harmony. And they are scattered throughout the Universe. Thus, any perceived gloom and doom is a direct result of their doing. They will self-destruct.
The ones to be transported out of the system are the ones, in all the levels of consciousness which I have mentioned, who have shown they can live in Honesty, Peace, Love and Harmony.
Thus, inspite of the extremely complicated nature of the material I was given, the message is one of Simplicity and Joy.
Since 1985, in my attempts to deliver that message, all I have gotten in the main, with a few prominent exceptions, are abusive attacks, defamation and ridicule.
Well, as this Earth sinks lower into the bowels of Hell, a few more may now begin to pay attention.
I cannot think of anything more joyous than the news of a timely rescue from a doomed vessel in tempestuous seas. And this is the scene right now.
This message has been given to many around the world by now, via many differing means of communication. This I have confirmed by spending almost 20 years in constant travel throughout most continents.
I will publish further details of the fragmentation, and of the rescue, as they appear to be necessary.
Dr. J Chiappalone
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