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'A New Dawn And A New Day For America' 
from Jordan Maxwell
'A New Dawn And A New Day For America' 
Jeff - Read the opening sentence in bold type, then scroll down and read the sentences just above the next bold type below.  
The sentence begins with "This new dawn ends a long...."  
- Jordan 
P.S. - Don't worry.... be happy !!
Dear William,
President Obama signs Health Care Reform Bill in the East Room of the White House.
Photo by Sen. Patrick Leahy
I just returned from the White House, where President Obama signed a health care reform bill that represents a new dawn for America.
We've shown once more that we are a nation that rises to our biggest challenges and solves our biggest problems.
It's a new dawn for the millions of families across Vermont and America that are just one paycheck and one illness away from financial catastrophe.
It's a new dawn for the woman I met in Winhall, VT, who works two jobs just to purchase the prescription drugs she needs to stay healthy.
It's a new dawn for the small business owners I meet who will receive tax credits so they can continue to offer insurance to their employees.
It's a new dawn for a nation that has some of the best health care in the world, but only for those who can afford it.
This new dawn ends a long, dark night of anxiety and devastation for millions of American families who have fallen through the cracks of a broken health insurance system. But this new dawn also marks the beginning of a new day. We must make the most of it.
That's why I will continue to push for a public option and a repeal of the insurance industry's exemption from our nation's antitrust laws -- reforms our online community has fought so hard to advance but which unfortunately were not included in this bill. And I will join with my colleagues in the Senate to pass a package of "fixes" as quickly as possible.
I am so proud of all that our community has done to take this fight to the big insurance companies, of my colleagues in Congress who supported reform, and of our president who's proven big change is still possible in our great country.
Thank you so much for all of your help to make this historic day possible.
Patrick Leahy
U.S. Senator
Paid for by Leahy for U.S. Senator Committee, Inc.
PO Box 1042
Montpelier, VT 05601
Jordan Maxwell
(818) 710 8513
Hi Jeff - 
Are you aware that in the ABC TV series 'V', the 'Alien Visitors' not only bring to the earth 'Hope & Change' in just those words.  They then go on to announce a 'New Dawn / New Day  of World Government.'  
Then as the first official act they give us (retards) 'Universal Health Care'...
But don't worry.... be happy, the Lakers are doing well this year.
PS - Take a look...  
Jordan Maxwell
(818) 710 8513

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