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Indoctrinating Israeli Youths
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The Voice Of The White House

WASHINTON, DC -- "On April 5, an entity called 'WikiLeaks' published what it claimed was 'an authentic, secret U.S. Army video showing the murder of civilians in Iraq by Apache helicopter gunships.' Julian Assange, who runs the website, claimed he got the fuzzy and indistinct videotape showing, as he says, "the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people" from an unnamed "confidential but important source."  
 This tape is alleged to have been made in Iraq in July of 2007 but the U.S. military authorities can find no copy of it in their files. This is not surprising because the tapes did not come from any source in the United States military but from a source with strong ties to Wikileaks, the PRC.
The tapes, made in 2009 under the orders of China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television  , were offered to a number of reputable news agencies by Chinese agents but none of them had any interest in what are obvious fakes.
 The Chinese are currently, [and have been for some time,] engaged in a silent and pervasive war with the United States, whom it sees as a rival to be either exterminated or supplanted by itself, and has been conducing sporadic and clandestine warfare against this country for years.  
 China once bought up enormous amounts of American Treasury bills in the hope that this would give them some control over our economy. When Obama decided to hike up the interest rate on the future sale of these instruments, the Chinese screamed with rage because this action would essentially reduce the value of their holdings. Their fury went unaddressed by the President who needed more income to fund his new projects and the Chinese then retaliated by making up what amounted to billions of dollars of counterfeit American treasury gold bars.  
      These were made in tungsten, very close to gold in weight, and then gold plated and quickly dumped onto the world market. When a Swiss bank discovered the bars were worthless, the Chinese then claimed the Americans were "cutting holes in good gold bars and stuffing tungsten into them," something that is nonsensical and inherently impossible.
The Chinese fakes had all the proper official markings on them but they did not know the numbering sequences the Treasury issued, and made gross and easily proven errors in their attempts to replicate these.
Along with dangerously contaminated food products, gleefully shipped to American markets, the Chinese also sold tons of construction wallboard to this country, wallboard filled with seriously contaminated industrial waste. They also have been flooding this country with tens of thousands of counterfeit American gold and silver coins that appear to be authentic but in fact weigh far less than originals. A U.S., overlooked by WikiLeaks, indicates that all the American fakes are manufactured in the PRC by a government-sponsored firm located at:
2-27B,No.261-265 Jiahe RD,Xiamen,Fujian 361009 P.R.China ...
 The clever Chinese have also sold a whole container of very dangerous radioactive waste to Iran and only the fortunate hijacking of the Iranian cargo ship with its deadly load by Somali pirates prevented the Iranian religious fanatics from disseminating the radioactive material into the eastern end of the Mediterranean with a clear eye to causing horrific casualties in Israel.
Now, to return to the fake atrocity tapes: The fuzzy and clumsy Chinese propaganda tape shows gleeful Americans shooting innocent civilians and laughing as they machinegun innocent people. 
      WikiLeaks, a product of the Wiki people, a group with a deep and abiding relationship with a certain American intelligence agency, is stated to be a nonprofit public awareness group that was first posted in 2006. It was touted at the time as being a bold defender of truth in everything and developed close connections with several American groups that post similar material:  
WikiLeaks has no official headquarters and previously has had its information posted on a Swedish server that practices so-called bulletproof hosting "to protect its sources."   
 It claims to have a $600,000 annual budget (!), raised by 'grateful contributions from individuals, human-rights groups, and assorted other nongovernmental watchdogs and press organizations,' none of which are ever credited.
     However, in recent months, the group has lost a great deal of public support and is now frantically begging for donations to 'keep it alive in its quest for the truth." In their case, this group has never produced any documentary revelations that could even remotely be called 'secret' and its founders were Chinese nationals resident in the United States, most notably in Seattle, Washington."  
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