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Health Care Reform - Communist Style
By Ken Adachi
Editor - Educate Yourself
Allow me to review the most basic parameters surrounding so-called 'Health Care Reform' in America. What we are about to be saddled with, if this nightmare legislation passes into law, is a huge leap forward in totalitarian control and domination over our lives, coupled with a precipitous degradation in the quality and expediency of treatment received, and all of it delivered at tremendous cost and loss of Constitution guaranteed liberties. When the government FORCES you to buy "health" insurance, even if they tell you that the already overburdened U.S. taxpayers will subsidize the poor and unemployed (and for a time at least, illegal aliens), we are no longer living in a free republic, but rather have transitioned into a communist system.
We have a foreign national who is fraudulently posing as President of the United States, ramrod-ed into office by the Illuminated Rockefeller empire (the very architects of communism in the 20th century), telling us how much "better" things are going to be for the poor and disenfranchised here in America when they pass their wonderful health care reform bill. Well, things aren't going to be "better" for those of us who still cherish freedom and the desire to decide for ourselves what "health care" we want, and from whom we want it.
For starters, there is no "reform" taking place because there was never a health recovery system in place. America's medical care was overtaken by the pharmaceutical/allopathic medical industry at the beginning of the twentieth century and has been tightly clutched within their talons ever since. People don't recover their "health" from orthodox allopathic medicine, they acquire disease symptom management, a huge difference. It's a racket and their partners in crime have been the "health" insurance industry for the past 50 or 60 years. You don't NEED either of them and you certainly shouldn't be forced to pay protection money (called vigorish or 'vig' by mafia enforcers) to subsidize their racket or engorge a new army of government bureaucrats to help oversee the robbery and the corruptive influence that is sure to follow.
When the government mandates that you MUST participate in subsidizing the health care racket, then the door is swung wide open to legitimize ANY imposition upon you, whether it's MANDATED national ID cards, or MANDATORY vaccinations. When the state DICTATES terms to you about how you can live your life and how you must spend your money, then we are no longer living in a free society, but rather in a controlled society. Its appropriate name is communism.
Ken Adachi
© Copyright 2010 Educate-Yourself.org All Rights Reserved.
Mary Sparrowdancer
Bravo! It's high time to make that C word, "Communism," a part of our daily conversations. The US moved into a Communist regime in the early 1900s, calling it "Democracy" or "Progressive" when it was anything buth progressive. Thrown out the window when communist "health care" took over were good former ideas about true health care known in the 1800s, including appropriate diets that consisted primarily of fresh fruits and vegetables. 
As the communists took over, the government then began pushing the Karl Marx diet of cheap, mass produced, processed grains containing little or no nutrients.  This diet began taking its toll on Americans' health immediately. Then came the communist idea of "water fluoridation" in which we would all be medicated with a toxic HAZMAT whether we liked it or not. This in turn took a further toll on US health. Real "health care reform" can be achieved by getting rid of the "Hammer and Sickle" communist grain diet and returning to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. The communist government in the USSR fell in the 1990s for good reason - the people were sick and tired of it. It's lasted here in the US only because the communists have told us they are "democrats."    

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