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A Funny Thing Happened On
The Way To Empire
By Jim Kirwan
For those that want to see a 'Full-Body-Scan' of the demonic-nightmare that's trying to shutdown this nation: There is something significant about just how this malevolent wet-dream of Old World Power continues to bring its own demise ever-closer, with every step they take, toward what they envision as their "Victory" over the rest of us.
The 'secret' in their 'Heart of Darkness' contains something they created long ago; to insure their initial successes in their massive-efforts just to get to this point-in-time. Now that they have arrived in force; this same series of national-security compartmentalization's and super-secret contracts is combining to actually frustrate their real ability to completely capture us as planned. The irony is sublime!
Here's how this worked: Their first real step out-of-the-shadows came in the form of the creation of The US Department of Homeland Security.
Essentially this involved combining 22 separate government agencies into a vastly unmanageable mega-agency of some 180,000 government employees that were supposedly responsible for managing everything to do with protecting the public, from every threat that ever existed, whether from nature or from terrorist conspiracies of any kind. (that was why we needed to give up our rights so that this hopelessly inept feral government could do what apparently our inalienable rights could not do): Protect us from everything on earth that might pose a threat to our sacred welfare.
This farcical equation set-up a whole series of compartmented and supposedly specialized agencies as well as oversight task-forces that were meant to both intimidate and block the public from finding out what was really going on, while the responsibilities for what these secret agencies were doing could remain hidden within the machinations of governmental processes, to the point of near-perfect-invisibility as far as the questioning public was concerned.
This feat was a political master-stroke in their own minds that was intended to silence the public, while creating all kinds of new opportunities for crimes and profits, such as those committed in the Aftermath of Katrina as well as those that provided cover for scams like the supposed rescue-attempts in Haiti to just not happen (despite the global outpouring of money): But to be protected from investigations while the next phases of everything in their playbook continued to move seamlessly forward until there would no-longer be any need to hide whatever they might choose to do to us.
In their tiny minds this was "the perfect solution" that allowed them to do whatever they wanted to do, without ever having to address any of the continuing crimes that everything they have undertaken has consistently been used to frustrate the laws, and the former freedoms that were ours before we allowed them to destroy the Constitution.
This same template has been used in virtually every aspect now of both national and foreign policy and has become rampant within all of our so-called security agencies, the military in all of its most hideous forms, and foreign aid to terrorist nations and to Israel in particular. When this template was also used on our entire financial structure in September of 2008, to produce the meltdown of the economy; the public began to worry that this might not be something that we could ever escape from. Yet to these new owners of this country and potentially the world all of this constituted the outlines of the perfect plan to hijack everything that they have no right to, anywhere in the world, whenever they decide to take whatever it is they deem to have been theirs all along: Simply because they have the illicit-power to steal whatever they do not already possess.
However a-funny-thing-happened-on-the-way-to Empire: The greed and corruption that these unlawful secrecies have aided and abetted in every situation, also created an intensified craving for evermore booty from each new crime which they became involved in. Here's how this became the most significant problem that has arisen to date, for these malevolent-barbarians.
The surrogates, the private-contactors, which this New World Order template created the need for: In every area of government and our far-flung military operations has now taken over from the paper-tigers; almost all of what was actually involved in creating "them," as well as the supposed need for these bogus private-contractors in the first place.
The 'secrecy' that was to have blocked the public from knowing what was really going on; but that also provided the 'required' compartmentalization that was also used to create fiefdoms inside each area of the ominous national-security-apparatus that has now affected finance, budgets and marketing and everything from the military and medicine all the way through education and the media: Along with virtually every other aspect of those parts of life (food, water and breathable air) that the public must have just to live.
How exactly did this become so dangerous to those that created it all in the first place? It's too simple really! The compartmentalization provided an artificial environment, that in-turn allowed for an ever-increasing privatization of everything else within each system until we reached the point where today HOMELAND Security, as just one example, now has over 200,000 private contractors now serving in its ranks along with a lesser number of actual government employees. The reason is that the illicit profits which this new system allows, continues to feed upon itself, and thereby becomes a real-life example of the serpent devouring its own tail. Resources are by their very nature self-limiting or "finite," while profits from those resources have become virtually unlimited: So long as the country can continue to print fiat money!
Those seeking to profit from the theft of resources, from any quarter, have also become part of a secret and self-generating need within the hijacking mechanism that is devouring evermore of the Fiat-money, which has to be continually generated, simply to pay for the huge increases in the ever-increasing costs of everything; not just for the resources being stolen, but for the costs of their privatized thefts in the first place. What remains hidden, because of the original imposition of "national-security-considerations", is exactly that which was originally designed to keep what's really going on, from those that allowed these criminally-corrupt-policies to be created in the first place-the slumbering herd that they call the public.
This is why people Like Senator Lieberman can now give press conferences complaining about the fact that Homeland Security now has 200,000 private contractors in its ranks; even though it is he who is supposedly in-charge of knowing what's going on within DHS. He and his treasonous cohorts are the ones that set up this totally criminal-template; but they did not anticipate that the-secretly-corrosive-system itself could actually begin to write its own sub-texts which have succeeded in becoming an even larger cancer upon the original-crime which they created: A crime that was meant to remain completely hidden at least until victory could be declared.
Yet now this obscenity has taken over the entire sub-strata at all levels under the protection of the corrupted shell of national-security-interests that was supposed to allow the Senator and his friends to profit egregiously ­ without the added perks ­ that the private-contractors are now using to create more private-profits for themselves. This apparently unforeseen circumstance is bankrupting huge sections of the economy, at an increased rate, while having an damaging effect upon the plans to steal the nation outright which is why the census of 2010 and the information it will potentially spread across the formerly-compartmented walls of so many different agencies, has become so very important to the powers that want-to-be.
Insiders 'know' that compartmented information must be kept secret: Not because of National-Security, but because of corporate-proprietary-polices that govern what these illicit corporations have stolen, in order to have something to sell to each other. This has been what the actual game has always been about: The buying and selling between private-interests of the nations and the world's most secret plans, as well as products and information: This is going on in an evermore crowded darkness inside the shells of what once were considered to be the corporate pillars of the American, and the global establishment, that has now become the about to be: New World Order incarnate!
What's happened is that none of the so-called secret agencies or the hundreds of thousands of security-related nightmares that are coercing the public have anything to do with the larger picture that is gradually becoming visible as the end of this nation as an entity in itself. The processes that were created to end our way of life, have instead ended up becoming major impediments to itself; because of their continued failure to share the information they have been massively collecting since February of 2001. This is why the 2010 Census and its criminal collaborations over shared-data have become vital; just to finish the plan that concerns how they will do what they want to do to us.
The reason for bringing in Lockheed-Martin to collaborate with IBM is that the lack of information sharing throughout the entire federal dark-side has actually prevented the government from being able to track things like gun-control and gun-owners accurately (a must for any real takedown of a population as heavily-armed as this one is)!
The specifics of the reasoning here is that each agency considers the information they have stolen to be proprietary; so they do not share what they have uncovered with other agencies regardless of the so-called national-security requirements that would obligate them to share all the data. That is why the computers of the IRS, the FBI, the CIA and Homeland Security don't talk to each other, and never have: Because each agency considers its own interests to be paramount over the supposed need to share anything much with any other agency or department.
Consequently, the GPS availability which the census is trying mightily to finally finish becomes very critical to understanding the physical positioning of each citizen in the potentially grand-scheme of the takedown of this nation. Had this compartmented system not been in place so effectively, for so many decades: this entire takeover would have been completed long ago already?
A number of people have been telling me that explanations such as this one are ridiculous, because "we do not have even a remote chance of stopping this nightmare, and besides no one can do anything." I disagree. Here's one such exchange:
Subject: "Jim your rhetoric evades historical truth. The problem began with the illegal Constitutional Convention that created the Federal system. Arguably it began with the Masons organizing the American Revolution. Prior to WW I it was an established fact that the Federal State was the only State. President Rutherford B. Hayes said that corporations owned the government over 120 years ago so clearly."
Kirwan: "I have known this for years; but knowing by itself does nothing toward correcting anything. If I were to take the above statements literally then like you I would need to just get into my formal funeral attire, buy a coffin and get into it because what this is saying is: HEY - IT'S OVER! Sentient beings can only do so much with facts from any quarter: What we must do now, given the realities, is that we have to begin to get our hands dirty and DO SOMETHING collectively ABOUT EVERYTHING! Unless and until this part of this key equation becomes the priority in our lives: NOTHING will ever change, except of course to get worse. The problem outlined above is one that the dullards that live in Ivory Towers have noodled about for literally centuries without ever doing anything at all; except to write long and very boring papers that just collect dust.
The only other 'thing' that many want to inject into this topic is something that many refer to as 'god.' As if that alone will supposedly bring some kind of miraculous solution to this whole terrifying nightmare. But that will not happen because this is something we created by either inaction or paralysis due to being overwhelmed by the minutia in which we have allowed ourselves to be buried for centuries! Americans need to remember that there is no Cavalry coming over the hill to "save" us - or anyone else. Damn the facts and the roadblocks: real people will find ways to free themselves or die trying!"
There are a great many people that have now exposed themselves as traitors to the nation and to the wider world: Instead of wringing our hands and complaining that there is 'nothing we can do' we might want to take those people on in every way possible until they can be formally charged because they can no longer find an audience that will tolerate them! This is in regard to the number of outright criminals who are leading the call to support Zionist Israel at every turn. Pelosi, Cheney, Biden Obama, Clinton, and Emanuel, along with Lieberman and Schumer are just a few of those eye-ball deep in these treacheries surrounding the sixty-plus years of massacres and torture as well as imprisonment which we have made possible inside Palestine alone. (1)
But the same basket of vipers is available on dozens of other topics as well ­ so while we are being threatened and dismembered on an hourly basis, one way to block those actions is to go after those that have created all these vile domestic policies which are in reality aiding and abetting everything else that is keeping the scum on top of what used to be our world. Because if we do not choose to act now: then there will not be another chance to bring them down publicly to answer for what they have been doing to us and to the world for the last ten years, without any challenge to their crimes against humanity!
1) The Zionist Face of American Government

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