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Fear? What Fear? 
By Dr J. Chiappalone MD
In the past, when delivering this message of the Rescue of certain ones from the clutches of Evil, I have been pejoratively called Dr Doom, Dr Death, etc, Indeed, empty-minded fools, just like empty barrels, did make the most noise in trying to drown me out. 
Believe it or not, my biggest obstacles have been Medical Boards and other doctors and psychiatrists, who have even tried, unsuccessfully of course, to deny me my right to earn a living. But I will save that story for another day. 
Someone actually asked me the other day what I was trying to do with my lectures, workshops and writings. Well, I would have thought the answer is rather obvious. 
I am attempting to prepare those who are going to make it out of this Abomination, so that they will make a fearless Transition in the time ahead.
In past writings I have revealed the fact that changes, not just on Earth, but in the whole physical dimension will become intolerable. I enumerated the mechanisms that would make physical life impossible on this planet. Looking carefully, we can see those changes are upon us now, or at least we can see their looming shadows on the horizon. It does not take a genius to extrapolate the endpoint.
There can be only one solution for those who are to continue ­ evacuation of consciousness deemed fit to continue.
Bit by bit I will open windows to the True Reality and the glimpses we gain will hopefully fatally fracture the illusion of this evil Virtual Reality in which we live, in which we are temporarily trapped, and in which we, those of Light and those who seek the Light, have all been grossly, mercilessly, ruthlessly exploited, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychically, and spiritually, life after life, after life. The reason for that is because the Evil Empire cannot exist without our Divine energy. 
If you think that sounds a little like the theme of the movie Matrix, you are on the money. That movie came out a long time after I published my books. It is based on a 
Gnostic comic found, as the story goes, by the Wachowski Brothers in Japan. And what I am writing about is Pure, undiluted Gnosticism, not the rubbish fed up by the churches as unpalatable nonsense.  
Today I want to discuss the subject of FEAR.
Many people reject what I have to say because of fear.
They fear the fact that we all have to die to get out of this physical dimension.
But, wait a minute.
How many of us alive today in human bodies will be alive in 200 years time?
None is the answer.
Forget the Concept of Physical Immortality. That is a scam for fools.
So, where is the fear of having to leave the physical? It is an inevitable step for us all, is it not?
OK, OK, so the event may be in the next few years.
So what?
We have all gone through the process of death many, many times.
It would take me less than 5 minutes to hypnotically regress almost anyone back to their past lives where they will witness their recurrent deaths and rebirths. We have all physically died many times before, yet we still exist.
So where is the fear?
The promise to those deemed spiritually viable is that the New Dimension we will be going into is far better than this physical dimension on Earth.
So, where is the fear?
We are told that the process of transition will be like stepping out of one room and going into another room, without pain, without anxiety. 
So, where is the fear?
We are told in the New Dimension we will be connected with all those we love and have ever loved, and those who love us. That connection will be instantly and forever. So, where is the fear?
(The New Dimension will have space but not time because of instantaneous connectivity. So we will be infinite. Note that this concept could not apply and does not apply in the physical universe. I will discuss this concept in another essay.)
We will have abilities far beyond what we think possible in these bodies. I have described the new bodies elsewhere. So, where is the fear?
We will have all the memories of pain, suffering, abuse and exploitation that we have been subjected to in this dimension completely erased from our memories. So where is the fear in that?
We will not have to ever again suffer the pangs of ignorance and death, of misery, of poverty, of accidents, of disease. So, where is the fear?
One could fill an encyclopaedia with the types of transgressions, exploitations, abuses, anxieties and fears we have all been subjected to in this world. Will anyone one of us really miss them?
We will be free of them forevermore!
Too good to be true? You'd better believe it.
We will truly then be in the best of all possible worlds.
OK, ok, this will only apply to those who have wanted to be good, who have sought Peace and Harmony and Love, to those who have proved they are spiritual, creative and serene, not malicious, murderous and belligerent.  
Well, who would want to be associated with those who are evil or want to be evil or want to remain in the Darkness they have chosen? I have explained how this status quo came about elsewhere.
The failed ones and those created by Evil for evil are the ones who will have great fear once they realize the End is near and very real. At the moment they appear fearless and destructively do as they wish. That is because the reality of the situation has not really hit them yet. But it will, and soon. And then they will want to blow themselves and everything else up. (They did it in Maldec long ago ­ some call it Vulcan - the planet that now remains as the asteroid belt in our solar system.) And if they do, that will only hasten our exit plan which profits us in spiritual ways.
That has nothing to do with us. That has nothing to do with my words. They will have that fear regardless of what anyone says, for that fear will come from their internal personal realization of their own Fate.
They possibly do not manifest it right now because they are living a life of self-illusion, wherein they think everything for them will be OK.
But we know from those who have suffered Near Death Experiences that the evil ones will not be OK. Dr Maurice Rawlings, a cardiologist, and Dr George G Ritchie, a psychiatrist, and many others, have written about their personal experiences regarding this aspect of damnation and perdition for evil ones. Dr Ritchie in fact relates his own Near Death Experience in the book "Return from Tomorrow". 
Whom are the evil ones going to blame for their fate? 
Whom can they blame? 
Alas, they have only themselves to blame.
We are not responsible for them. Emotional and filial attachments do not apply.
We are not the keepers of those who selfishly chose Darkness and Evil with all its avarice and lust and malicious destructiveness. It is they who actively rejected Peace and Harmony, Love and Light.
It is they who have sealed their own fate.
There was hope for all before the Final Bell was wrung ­ and the Final Bell for selection has now been rung. Many, many millions of beings created by Evil have in fact turned to the Light and they will continue an Evolutionary path. The number is known and I will write about this soon. 
Obey the Golden Rule.
Live your lives fearlessly and lovingly, for there is a far brighter future ahead. That I guarantee.
J Chiappalone

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