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Farmer Cited For Selling Toxic
Cows For Hamburger

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Hello, Jeff - Here is another meat story that should make people sit up and take notice.
First of all, dairy cows no longer able to be used for milk are used for hamburger. Many cows identified with Mad Cow Disease had been older dairy cows sent to slaughter for meat production.
Mr. Schumacher, although this case is horrendous, is just the tip of the iceberg.
This article also shows how the farmers who do this are allowed to, virtually, get away with it year after year with just a citation.
I have to wonder how many scores of people have been sickened by "taking antibiotics" and other drugs via meat consumption. There are many people, myself included, who are allergic to Penicillin.
No wonder there are so many resistant bacteria in today's society.
Date: Fri 26 Mar 2010
Source: 13 WHAM TV.com
Federal regulators have cited a dairy farmer in Wyoming [County, NY] for selling cows with higher-than-permitted residues of antibiotics.
A US District judge in Buffalo issued an order Thursday [25 Mar 2010] barring Jerald Schumacher from selling his cattle to be slaughtered for human consumption until he complies with federal limits on antibiotic residues.
Schumacher owns a farm in Wyoming [County, NY], which sells its dairy cattle to an auction yard in Pavilion [NY]. A Food and Drug Administration complaint says he's sold cows for at least a decade with residues of penicillin and sulfadimethoxine in the animals' edible tissue, posing a public health risk.
The agency also says Schumacher illegally gave the cows higher-than-allowed dosages.
The US Department of Agriculture says it has [cited] Schumacher 6 times in the past 10 years and that he violated the law by failing to keep adequate records of which cows were medicated.
Communicated by:
ProMED-mail Rapporteur Mary Marshall
Most dairy cattle at the end of their dairy career enter the food chain as hamburger. It is not usual for a drug residue to be found and if above the limit, to be acted upon. While USDA is under-manned for more diligent food inspections, the program for finding antibiotic residues is reasonably well done. FDA has some very stringent levels regarding antibiotic residues and they do pursue violators. (Drugs must be stopped at stipulated withdrawal times before slaughter. - Mod.JW).
Under the following conditions: 80C for 15 min, sterilized at 134C (3 bar, 20 min.) and dried at 100C (4 hours) penicillin is completely degraded but sulfamethazine remains 80 percent active. People that have sulfa allergies/ sensitivities would likely have difficulty with a rare steak. Most of us do not cook our meat under these kinds of conditions. Withdrawal times are designed to prevent such reactions from happening.
What is unusual is that the case has made the media. More often than not, the media either is not alerted by the proper state/federal authority or the media does not see these issues as important enough to cover.
Antibiotic use in animals is appropriate when done properly. It lowers the cost of our food and keeps the animals healthy. It is not appropriate to disregard the withdrawal times (before slaughter). It is those cases the FDA is pursuing. - Mod.TG
There is an FDA news release at http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm206307.htm - Sr.Tech.Ed.MJ
The state of New York in the Northeastern US can be located on the
HealthMap/ProMED-mail interactive map at
Wyoming County can be located on the map at
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wyoming_County,_New_York. - Sr.Tech.Ed.MJ
Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural Economics Univ of West Indies Please visit my "Emerging Diseases" message board at:http://www.emergingdisease.org/phpbb/index.php Also my new website: http://drpdoyle.tripod.com/ Zhan le Devlesa tai sastimasa Go with God and in Good Health 

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