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Can It Really Be The End Time?
By Dr. J Chaippalone
Headlines from around the world and our own observations of the world around us strongly suggest an inexorably decay of societies and cultures all around the globe, as they expose the overt and unashamed practice of violence, hostility, aggression, pornography, illegal drug taking, anarchy, and hypocritical dishonesty in every phase of our lives as never before seen.
There has developed everywhere, a pathological instability of every facet of our physical existence and a frightening ungodliness that has accelerated the rate of mental disease everywhere. 
And the decay, uncertainty and instability appear to be accompanied by a fragmentation of minds which points, not just to gross anxiety and depression, but also to the very real possibility of an eventual eruption of unprecedented levels of cruelty and brutality, injustices and warfare. Worst of all, the rates of the decay, instability and fragmentation appear to be exponential.
No matter where we turn to, we seem unable to escape the possibility raised by many diverse groups that these are indeed the prophesied Endtimes.
If it really is the Endtime, the next question we need to ask is, "Why should there be an End To this Earth, to this Universe?
Indeed, I have written extensively about this very theme and will continue to do so.
So, can we make any sense of this scenario, or are we forced to remain in a cocoon of uncertainty, of fear, and/or of risible scepticism?
Perhaps if I write about myself, my Source for my esoteric knowledge, some of my experiences, and my writings which seem to make people react one way or the other, (no one seems to remain neutral), we may gain a clearer picture. But, of course, for some, what I now write may confuse their minds even further.
Alas, there are so many points to consider in this short essay, that what follows may seem a little disjointed to some. But, in reality, the subject matter is profoundly complex. As I put pen to paper I am mindful of Frederick Nietzsche's axiom that, "Language falsifies Reality".
First off, we need to consider a few basic metaphysical facts. Please realize these are presented in their simplest forms and in the simplest of terms.
An incident occurred in the Divine Dimension (this Physical Universe is not a Divine Dimension) that spawned, quite accidentally and erroneously, a Mind and an energy which precipitated this course, lowly vibrating and finite matter of this Universe. How and why this happened I have discussed in detail elsewhere.
Because such an event occurred as an error, it is known as the Celestial Error in ancient texts. I have explained this in detail elsewhere also. 
This Celestial Error spawned an Evil 'Mind', a self-aware Consciousness, that was never meant to be, and which became inimical to the Divine Energy. It manifested malevolence, and that is why it was deemed Evil.
This accidentally manifested Mind created the Physical Universe and certain beings in it, who, without modifications to their spiritual anatomy, cannot survive outside of this dimension.
Not all beings present in this Physical Dimension were created by this Evil Mind.
Some were created by the Divine Energy but became trapped in this dimension when it was sealed off by the Evil Mind.
When we talk about beings in this dimension, we must understand the Concept of Duality. 
This states that each being is composed of a physical body, which has been created by Evil to serve Evil in this dimension, and a spiritual being residing within it. The physical bodies have a tendency to evil, as we all note. Scientists, in their metaphysical ignorance, are prone to talk about 'evil' genes and 'selfish' genes as mechanisms for survival, to explain away the utter evilness that abounds and is manifested by the bodies when constraints imposed by the higher consciousnesses within the bodies are loosened. Of course, some bodies house demonic consciousnesses, as we shall see, and these manifest evil maximally and relentlessly, even if most of those around them are not fully aware of the fact. 
No aspect of the physical dimension has been created by the Divine Energy.
But the reason why the bodies are programmed to pursue evil, unless the consciousness within takes control to stop the process, is more sinister than that, as I will explain. 
The spiritual being inside the physical body, any physical body of manifestation, be it human, animal, vegetable or mineral, may be one created by the Divine Light before the dimension was sealed. These I have called the Theomorphic Beings.
Or it may be one created by the Evil Mind with its stolen, recycled energy which has a tendency to corruption, decay, self-destruction and evilness. These are the ones created in their (evil) father's image. 
There are 2 classes of these evil-created beings: 
1 Robotic ones, made with a mixture of stolen and distorted Divine Energy, plus the evil energy. It is from this group that many millions have fortuitously turned to the Light and have had the modifications to their spiritual bodies which will make them viable outside of this dimension. They have been able to respond because of the Divine Energy component with which they were made even though that Divine Energy had been purposely distorted by Evil.
2 The second class is of those created completely out of the evil energy. 
The former I call Robotic Counterfeit Beings. 
The latter are the DEMONS or daemons, and these were created totally for evil purposes which included the exploitation of Divine Energy from the Theomorphs so that the Evil Empire could continue. They were created after the Robotic Beings for the specific purpose of energy extraction from the Theomorphs.
And that is where the word demon or daemon originated. These form the groups of Reptilians you may have heard about. The word daemon has been corrupted since ancient times through mistranslation. These are the ones who are being exposed as the evil, destructive, unjust and ungodly Archons in our crumbling societies today. Of courses, they are hypocrites and mention 'god', their god, almost incessantly. But they are really black-hearted, soulless beings in the true sense of the word.
In truth they are Satanists, for their god goes by another name: Satan. And Jesus, a True Avatar, knew this (See John 8:44). Why do you think He, a Gnostic on this level, said, "My Kingdom is not of this world (Universe)"? And why do you think Satan was able to offer him kingdoms in this dimension if He would only turn traitor against the Light?
BTW, all ancient texts have some snippets of Truth in them. How else do you think they could ensnare truth seekers searching for the knowledge that they had all but lost?
This story of the Error and these concepts were known since the beginning of time and form the Ancient Wisdom, the True Gnostic Wisdom.
So, am I saying that this whole Universe is an evil creation?
Indeed I am!
Now do you see why Jehovah's churches did not want this Gnostic Knowledge revealed and spread to the common masses?
BTW, just to avoid any confusion in your mind, let me state that Jesus did not come to Earth to start a religion. He came here to liberate the people from the falsehood of religion and to bring much needed positive energy. What developed as a church following His murder is a mockery of Truth, established as a direct insult and affront to Him by the evil archons. 
Even all the Wisdom, and in some cases writings, of Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Manichaeus, Zoroaster, Mohammed, and other Avatars, have been distorted by Evil which spawned, in their names, the murderous, inquisitional, bellicose instruments of torture, exploitation and suffering that history reveals only too clearly. But, I digress.
Now you can see why the Evil Mind, which is represented by Jehovah in our region of the Universe, did not want this knowledge to spread. It did not want all to know 'he' was a liar and a fraud, and an impostor, a usurper, when 'he' declared 'he' was the one and only "GOD". In other words, 'he' attempted to keep all those trapped within this dimension in a cocoon of ignorance.
Warning: Do not rush to join any Gnostic societies or churches. They are shams set up by the same archons to trick genuine spiritual seekers. 
Once the dimension was sealed, the controlling Evil Mind realized, after the Light stopped sending in large quantities of Divine Energy in attempts at correction, that it had no more energy to run its Empire. 
The only energy available to Evil was the energy stored in the Theomorphic Beings. Thus, many means of exploitation of the Theomorphic Beings were created. And that accounts for the mechanisms of suffering, abuse and misery of which we are all aware. And that, believe it or not, is the reason for the never-ending violence, misery and warfare since the dawn of time, inspite of attempts by some to live in peace and harmony.
These mechanisms have been cleverly camouflaged on this level as politics, actions to protect one's own kith, kin and property, and, lately, as population control, ethnic cleansing, genocide and manipulative genetic engineering.
In the last 20 years or so, since I formally released this Message on this level, the evil ones have used this Message, in which they do not really believe, to punish nations, to slaughter at will, to pilfer wealth, and to cause maximal suffering so that they can feast on the energy released.
If they really thought for one moment that this was the true time of the Apocalypse, they would tremble in their boots, and not be so dishonest and murderous as they are now. But, that time of their realization will come, and soon. And then verily will there be gnashing of teeth.
Emotional excitation and relentless exploitation, especially of the negative emotions, cause drainage of energy. These mechanisms were directed at the Theomorphs. But now, with the majority of Theomorphs already evacuated, and no positive energy entering the Universe, the Counterfeit Empire is starving to death. This has caused the Sons and Daughters of Darkness to accelerate all the mechanisms they know for emotional exploitation but, all to no avail. 
As their minds starve of energy, their unashamed descend into the depths of Terminal Madness will accelerate. And this we are witnessing even today, as nations such as Israel are threatening to blow up whole continents such as Europe if their terms are not met, and as the Axis of Russia, China and India draw up plans for a Western nuclear conflagration if Iran is nuked. It is a no win situation for those of Darkness while it is a win-win situation for those waiting to exit the dimension.
As an aside, I can come to no other conclusion than the fact, after observing recent headlines, that Israel seems Hell-bent in an attempt to fulfil its own destiny of total self-destruction as described by a little known prophesy made by Isaac Luria of Safaad (Safed) in the 16th century.  
I'll mention the facts that follow here mainly because Israel, the Middle East, and the concept of Jehovah's Chosen Ones seem, on this planet at least, to be to most people, the epicentre for the development of the possibility of total nuclear annihilation of the planet, in the very near future,
Luria was a Jewish scholar and seer. He was also an esoteric Gnostic Kabbalist. He wrote about the inevitable mixing of Good and Evil on this plane and the Error that caused the emergence of Evil. 
He predicted that the Nation of the Children of Zion would one day be totally destroyed by those whom they had labelled 'goyim' (cattle) and who will have awoken en masse to their plight at the hands of the Children of Zion, and will have turned on them as one. These are the words of Luria, a Jewish scholar, a famous Rabbi and prophet, and they were stated in relatively recent times.
Having repeated this prophecy, I want to highlight these very important points:
Not all Jews are Children of Zion
Not all Children of Zion are Jews.
Many who call themselves Children of Zion may not necessarily be so. They may be simply fooled by their outer mind programming acquired by schooling, or peer pressure, or religion, or even politics, in this life and may be, in fact, valued viables.
Some truly non-Zionist Jews are our loving brothers and sisters who, even though they have been subjected to all the horrors of this plane, just like the rest of us, have remained loyal to, or chosen the Light. They are viables and shall be evacuated along with all other viables.
After all, was Jesus not a non-Zionist Jew?
I will write about the abuse of the name of Jesus by Evil hypocrites, the born-again robots, and the Children of Zion in order to trap the gullible, and the unwary into a cocoon of ignorance, with their lies. This includes the Christian Right Movement and the Moral Majority in the USA, who, in their hasty judgment of all others can be nothing but of an evil nature. 
Many good people and genuine seekers of Truth have been trapped in the horrifying ploy of using the name of Jesus fallaciously to pursue total falsehood. The majority are robotic beings who are easily programmed by Evil to do whatever Evil wants them to do, even to be cannon fodder in the numerous conflicts that have always occurred around the globe throughout its history. Thus, Evil uses them not only to make it appear 'normal' that such occurrences happen almost spontaneously, but also to fulfil its agenda of creating an acceptable illusion of struggles and historical 'violent normality'. 
However, do not fall into the trap of trying to judge who is who, and who is viable and who is not. The Light knows how to do its own work. Even the most evil-looking scallywag may be a double agent in this War of Essence in which we are trapped.
Many of the Jews, Gypsies, mental defectives, and the physically handicapped, and others, subjected to the horrors of WW2 were, in actual fact, Theomorphs, exploited for their energy. And this also applies to the ones murdered by the Allies in such places as the fires of Dresden, etc., and the nuclear holocausts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those victims too were mostly viable Theomorphs whereas amongst the perpetrators were the Children of Jehovah. 
Why were such unnecessary atrocities committed? Superficially it was to reinforce dominance and punishment by the victors against defenceless civilians. But, in reality, there was a far more sinister reason, and that was the extraction of energy from the Theomorphs!
Stories told by other visiting aliens that they have learned to live in Peace, Harmony and Love are undiluted waffle, for where there is Evil, and it is everywhere, there is dissension and warfare. I repeat, Evil is ubiquitous in this Universe. The aliens that say this are the same ones who said not to worry, that they would fix our planet. They are various races of Reptilian liars. 
Of course, on this level, once these mechanisms of exploitation were initiated, being simply mechanisms, they could not discriminate who was who. Hence, nearly all in human bodies have been subjected to them.
The Leaders within the Divine Dimension realized something had to be done to bring this runaway evil dimension to order.
Many, many warnings were given to the Children of Darkness to change their ways. But, all the warnings went unheeded.
The Message that Rectification of this Error would occur, in due course, was brought into the dimension by other Supreme Theomorphic Beings from the Divine dimension. And these are known as Avatars in the ancient texts.
They brought energy to balance the dimension until it was time to plan its total collapse. And they told the story of what had happened and what was to happen, for the ones trapped within had a filtering mechanism working on them, a part implanted into the physical bodies by Evil, which prevented recall of former knowledge. That is why to this day we have difficulty recalling past lives and experiences, even though there are mechanisms such as meditation and regression which help a little. 
Recently, I revealed that no more of this positive energy was being distributed into this dimension. It has all been withdrawn except for that carried by a few remaining Light Warriors. And as I said, the Evil Energy is now unopposed and will self-destruct by means of many of its own evil, self-destructing mechanisms which previously were tempered somewhat by the presence of the Positive Energy.
We see these evil mechanisms even today taking shape around the world, and on our Sun, around the Solar System, and around the whole universe.
In previous eras, there have been many, many cycles of beings being thrown out of the physical bodies by catastrophes into sub-dimensions called the Astral and Demonic planes in order to wash away all memory of the tragedy called the Celestial Error and the entrapment of the True Beings. One such episode, the last one to occur in fact, is described as the Great Flood in all cultures.
BTW, the existence of these sub-dimensions, and other similar ones, has been verified on countless occasions by astral travellers and those having New Death Experiences.
In time, physical life was restarted again on Earth and the other planets. The bodies we have here have been designed and redesigned many, many times, Technical advancement was not equal and many other planets have superior technology. 
But after each catastrophic era, Avatars came to renew the Message.
This applies to every corner of the Universe, not just our Earth and Solar System.
In this last era in which we are now living, the Message of Finality has been received by every race and culture in every corner of the globe. 
Thus, we have evidence of it in the I Ching, The Mayan Prophecies, the Sumerian writings, Egyptian pharaoh texts, the Ramayana, The Kali Yuga Forecast, The Night of Brahma, The Hopi prophecies, the Judeo-Christian Bible and the Book of Revelations, the utterings of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, etc., etc. Even fractal mathematics with the 'time wave zero' formula, which correlates with the conclusion of the Mayan Long Count Calender, gets into the act. 
In mockery to the message of the true correction that was to take place, Evil has always spawned false prophets so that those trapped here, on being disappointed, would lose hope. And many did. Many, unfortunately, then sold out to Evil.
Nonetheless, the point to be made is that a constant reminder of an Endtime was given in every era, and often.
The question remains of why there needs to be a termination of this Celestial Error. The simple answer is that it is a cancer on the face of the True Creation, And like any malignancy, if it is not excised, it will eventually spread and kill many other aspects of the True Creation. 
Evil has unfortunately annihilated many Theomorphic Beings in this dimension in the past, simply by draining them totally of their Divine Energy. As we can see with our own eyes on this planet, it uses that pilfered energy for destructive reasons.
In days past, it appears none of the true prophets were accurate in their forecasts of the End. But, in fact, the dates they gave were codes to prepare viables for their own evacuation ahead of the real Endtime. And the final evacuation of Theomorphs occurred in November 1999, as I wrote in the essay "Phase of the Shells" which I published at that time.
Finally, realize that this dimension is a very deceitful one. It has been built by hypocrites for hypocrites. And, as every True spiritual teacher has said, it is an Illusion, a Virtual Reality to fool the senses of those who still have, deep within their psyche, a distant memory of the True Greater Reality.
Viables who are evacuated will continue in a New Dimension.
Those of Darkness, and those who have chosen Darkness, will be placed into Transmutation Vats wherein they shall be reduced to inert Primordial energy. But the process is not that simple. There is Justice to be dispensed and of this I shall perhaps write later.
The Miscreants were warned many, many, many times to reject Evil and turn to the Light. It is they who have chosen to go where they shall go.
So, after your attempt to digest those metaphysical concepts, the question remains: 
"What evidence do I have that this may be the genuine Endtime?"
I have the evidence of deleterious change that we can all examine, and that is both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial evidence, such as: 
The corruption of planets and systems, 
Black holes swallowing whole galaxies, 
Erratic behaviour by our sun and other suns which will scorch the planets soon enough, 
The resultant global warming in our sphere, 
Loss of fauna and flora (viable consciousnesses in them are being evacuated also, 
Wars and more wars, physical diseases, etc.
Ubiquitous and ever increasing Terminal Madness.
No evidence of anticipated corrective mechanisms.
I have enumerated these factors in detail many times before.
These things and the historical pointers to an Endtime we can all research and analyse.
What specifically do I have that pinpoints this time as being the Endtime?
I will relate but a few of the experiences I have had which have been verified by complete strangers, and these may give readers a clue as to why I say it is the Endtime.
I, too, am made of a physical body and a spiritual one. The latter was not made in this dimension.
Since the physical age of 2 (of this body) I recall that my spiritual being has been travelling backwards and forwards into spacecrafts in other dimensions. Why spacecrafts are needed I will discuss another time.
On April 1985, I made such a visit and was able to take a witness. This witness did not share the knowledge that was given out at that particular conference, but nonetheless she was a witness to the fact that the visit to the Mothercraft occurred.
I have since made many trips to this and other crafts, often discussing selection of viables and the plans of the Endtime that are coming to fruition now.
I had written a considerable amount about the status quo of the planet and what is to come. I did this with what is called "a priori" knowledge.
Once I wrote these things, I set about travelling the world to contact various ones and to ascertain that they too had received the message of the Endtime. I did this throughout most continents, quietly, secretly, inconspicuously over 20 years. I had closed my Medical Practice for 20 years to do this work.
One occasion was special however. Friends and I planned a trip to Mexico which was being flooded by UFOs that were giving contrasting messages.
We went on that trip, guided by Joyce Murphy, the Director of a Company called Beyond Boundaries.
I think Joyce was somewhat astounded when I elucidated the story of space beings coming to the folk in Mexico and giving the story of the Endtime which was to be soon, in this generation, with separation of the good from the evil. In previous excursions by her, as far as I am aware, no one had mentioned the Endtime message.
Another group of aliens was telling Mexicans not to be concerned, that all would be well, that they would fix everything that was wrong with the planet. This was in direct contrast to my message. Of course, these aliens, evil Reptilians, have turned out to be liars. BTW, all classes of Reptilians are creations of Evil. 
Joyce is a wonderful person and a trustworthy one. She would indeed be an expert witness to the fact that we obtained my message of Finality from the various groups in Mexico, given to them by certain "good" aliens.
Joyce saw and heard what she saw and heard. It was not made up.
It was after this trip that Jeff Rense, being a good friend of Joyce's, invited me to speak on his program. The rest is history.
To further confirm the reality of what was going on, we were asked, my companion and I on the craft in 1985, to write down the markings on the spaceship's hull for future reference.
As I interviewed an eminent lawyer and his daughter in a town south of Mexico City in the presence of Joyce Murphy and a group of about 20 others, I remembered the markings on the spaceship's hull.
The lawyer and his daughter were being visited by small space crafts which landed on the lawn on the side of their house. These were the aliens talking to them about the Endtime.
Many who lived in houses on and around that street had witnessed the crafts coming and going. And I remember we all examined the circle on the grass made by the parked crafts. No grass grew there inspite of everything the lawyer did to try and fix his lawn.
I then asked them if they could recall any markings on the side of the crafts.
Lo and behold, the daughter, who was no more than 16 years of age, had had the foresight to write down the crafts' hieroglyphics in her diary and they matched those we had from the Mothercraft exactly.
Thus, we had a common source giving a common Message of Correction of this Abominable Error.
Why would a lawyer want to subject himself to ridicule in front of the neighbours he had to live with if his story was not true?
What did he have to gain?
Again, what did the civil engineer, unknown to the lawyer, who gave us the same story, on a separate occasion in a different area, have to gain? He too had been told by aliens of the Endtime. And he confirmed it with us. 
He and the lawyer were total strangers in diverse parts of the country.
Many, many others I spoke to there in Mexico and around the world during my travels had indeed received the Message.
The antecedent occasion for the reception of this Message was that in the Conference I attended in April 1985, on the vehicle which I have called a Mothercraft, (the vehicle was based entirely outside of this dimension), the decision was reached to declare this Message of Finality into this dimension which was to experience the Finality. I was chosen to do the announcing for various reasons, and after returning I broadcast the Message publicly on the physical plane, as well as in the sub-dimensions of the astral and those below.
Apart from those I contacted around the world, there have been many millions who have received this Message of Finality since, by a number of mechanisms that I described previously. No doubt they were the viables who were anxiously awaiting such news, and they jumped for joy.
That it is a worldwide phenomenon, especially since 1985 when I published the Message, no one can really deny.
No one that does this sort of writing gains much in any way. The payment more often than not is derision and ridicule. That was certainly so in the early days for me. But, I think now the times they are a'changing. Everyone seems to sense that something big is afoot! Besides, the threat of nuclear war that could blow up the whole planet is real enough.
What I have to gain now is the satisfaction of preparing some of you for Transfer out of this doomed dimension into the New Dimension.
From whence has come this knowledge I have about the Celestial Error, the ontology of beings, about the aetiology of Evil, the proposed program of annihilation to be followed, etc.? I could not have made it all up, surely?
Sure, some of the dates that I published were erroneous; some of the prophecies were not fulfilled, or are yet to be fulfilled. So what? 
I explained early on in my books that I would be using prophecy as a tool in this War of Essences. Some prophecies I cited just to fool the evil enemy. Some have been delayed. Some were made of numbers which acted as codes, as I described above. To focus on what appears to be inaccuracy is to lose sight of the bigger picture.
There are many, many other experiences I have had which consistently verified the following:
The veracity of this concept of the Endtime in this generation.
That this is the generation that will not know death.
The accurate assessment of the ontology of beings, 
The precise separation of beings into the camps in which each belongs,
And the development of the mechanisms of Finality. 
What more does one want? What more does one need?
I have even giving tips about conditions in the New Dimension for I have been there.
I am not seeking fame or kudos. As the Americans are want to say "I am just doing my job, the job that I came here to do!" 
What anyone else thinks is, for me, totally irrelevant. 
As far as I am concerned, the facts speak for themselves. 
Deep within our psyche, we all have imprinted the Concept of Earth's end!
We all have the Concept of Accountability!
We can deny this, but the fact remains, deep down we know they are there.
So, where does all this leave the New Agers' and their adamant assertion that Evil does not exist?
And where does it leave the New Agers' self-deluding concept that 'Humanity' is about to make a quantum leap into a higher level of consciousness that will manifest as a boundless heaven for all, regardless of whom they are and what they have done?
I realize that for some, this is the wonderful news they have been awaiting over eons and eons of time. This is their quantum leap into the realms of the True Reality and its infinite Joy.
For others my words are like a bullet striking them between the eyes.
And others still will yawn and yawn, in the true spirit of anencephalics.
But, I am telling you, there is no other valid explanation for what is going on. And the short time that remains will prove that.
Finally, don't despair. If you are meant to make the realizations that will enable you to proceed, they will occur within you, even if it takes a little longer as your evil-programmed lower mind (the so-called monkey mind) argues and lashes out at the above concepts which it simply cannot fully comprehend.
I will write about reactions to my words, to my writings and to my voice soon. Those reactions are both diagnostic and prognostic.
© Dr J Chiappalone

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