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Obscure Anti-Supplement Measure
Passed By The House! 

Alliance For Natural Health USA

The Pulse of Natural Health
April 27, 2010
Congressman Waxman Slips Obscure Anti-Supplement Measure into Wall St. "Reform" Bill Passed by the House; Please Take Action to Prevent Same Thing Happening in the Senate!
This "sneak" legislative provision, going far beyond finance, provides a back door way to bypass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), the legislation that governs dietary supplements. Please do not delay. We may have only a few days to stop this in the Senate.  
Vermont "Vitamin Tax" on Dietary Supplements Defeated  
Our Vermont supporters and others defeated the "Vitamin Tax" in Vermont last week--a significant victory for consumers of dietary supplements.  
Wisconsin Dietary Licensing Bill Defeated
The American Dietetic Association (ADA) sponsored legislation that threatened to give Registered Dieticians a monopoly on nutrition services in Wisconsin. With your help this was defeated.
Further Update on our Story - Supplements Gain Exemption From Codex Language in Senate Food Safety Bill
Our account was 100% accurate. Here's why.
Deborah A. Ray, MT (ASCP), Editor
Stuart Kellog, Deputy Editor
Craig Smith, Deputy Editor
The Pulse of Health Freedom. This newsletter is copyrighted material (copyright by the Alliance for Natural Health USA, 2010) but we hope you will forward, copy, or reprint it without prior authorization. Just remember to note the source and date -- Alliance for Natural Health USA, April 6.

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