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Withdraw All Consent - You
Cannot Eat Democracy

By Michael James in Germany
Democracy is usury. It is a lie that serves only 'The Lobby'.
It ate itself a long ago. As if it really existed as anything other than false Manna sent down to us by the gods of manipulation who've kept us in the wilderness since time immemorial.
The time to get angry, and eat the real Food of Life is now. Germany is now as fucked as England. My guess is that almost all of Europe is finished.
It goes without saying that the flagging Controllers of the mainstream media, increasingly devoid of readers and robotically-minded consumers of the jingle-jangle radio mind-deadening popular music and the puerile, stale 'bread and circuses' of human-debasing television culture are in a panic. They've now resorted to television shows that purportedly act to promote young, talented people, and yet humiliate them in a way that has led, in some cases, to nervous breakdowns, and even suicide.
Yes, incredibly, I even know of mentally-unhinged people who still watch television. Still listen to the crap they pump out to housewives who have nothing better to do than fill their minds with Tavistock-produced 'musical' garbage. The television shows I (accidentally) witnessed recently are nothing less than Satanic. The purveyors of such filth deserve nothing less than an airborne ejection over the Atlantic Ocean. No parachutes.
These torture shows, in which desperately poor young people are seeking for themselves a rewarding life in the matrix of deceit are massively popular. In a café last week, I watched an entertainer called Dieter Bohlen reduce a young girl to tears, despite her having sung what I considered a most beautiful and enchanting overture.
This man, Bohlen, a second-rate, talentless singer who registered only one international hit, yet who possesses within himself the arrogance to adjudicate the hopes and desires of young children far more endowed that he, is a criminal of the first order and eminently eligible for the gallows. Most British people would immediately recognise this man as, forgive my vernacular, a "wanker." I would personally hang this offspring of a cockroach myself.
The Germans call this "entertainment." It is gratuitous sadism and degrading to everything that God meant us to be. Other human beings become nothing more than objects of fun, derision or idolatry. We are currently witnessing mass human psychological rape and emotional prostitution on a scale unparalleled in our times. The sheer viciousness and unwarranted vindictiveness unleashed by the Controllers against normal men and women, who are, by nature, concerned only with nurturing their offspring and living in natural happiness with their fellow neighbours has been all but destroyed.
Germany has, in common, with Britain, become a nation of selfish, self-satisfying, fatuously aggrandising, insanely unsatiated pigs whose snouts are not long enough to consume everything they can ingest as of entitlement or their selfish proclivities that incline themselves to be fat-arsed members of the ruling financial and professional parasitic elites. I have now come to despise the German middle-classes as Jew-loving ingratiates whose only concern is the fattening of their bank accounts and their obedience to politically-correct strictures. They are finished.
There are only 6.5 billion people living on this vast expanse of an ever beneficent and ultimately resourceful planet, almost all of whom could live side-by-side in a state no bigger than Texas, have enough to eat, and still mow their lawns on Sunday. The environmental fascists will have you believe otherwise.
Yet our world provides for arable space and Lebensraum enough to accommodate quite comfortably ten times that number. The abortionists (and we know who they are, ethnically and professionally) have murdered untold billions of European geniuses who could have possibly solved all of our problems decades ago. Why are these men and women still walking fleet of foot without hanging from every lamppost in the land?
Our Chosenite friends will always whinge about their alleged holocaust. Let me tell you this: No greater crime, NO GREATER HOLOCAUST, has been committed against humanity than that of the mass murder of little human beings in the wombs of their mothers; and every man and woman involved in this most indescribably atrocious of genocides deserves to have their necks slit from one ear to the other: televised, like a kind of fun show. Big-time ratings. Advertisers take note: and it will happen. (Let's cut a deal. I know some pretty smart media buyers.)
I've heard that they're pumping fluoride into our drinking supplies, poisoning us with airborne chemicals designed to sedate us, forcing ever more pharmaceutical remedies on a kind that is not born of banana-eating monkeys who drop cutely-formed, pellet-like turds from trees on unsuspecting rodents, but a species designed and fashioned in one blinding flash of Divine Genius.
You can kill a monkey. But you cannot kill the Human Spirit.
Don't talk to me about fucking 'democracy'. Tell any child in this Zionist-dominated, IMF-run world nested by Bilderberger and UN parasites that democracy puts food into the bellies of starving children and, should I overhear your lies, you'll feel a blow to your face that will have you begging for the kind of justice you have consistently denied others.
Is this it?
Is this what we call "Freedom and Democracy?" And what do you get to vote for every four years or so?
Asshole No. 1 (same old shit). Asshole No. 2 (same shit, but slightly flavoured with basilica and a few peanuts for the few gullible rabbits with guts of steel). Asshole No. 3 (another Soviet European arse-licker, but plenty of salad dressing in the diarrhoea and a real neat suit).
What if they gave an election, and nobody voted?
What if you claimed your true rights as freeborn Englishmen and got yourselves guns loaded with ammo enough to see you blast this lie of 'democracy' to pieces.
Think about it. Then act. Fail to do otherwise, and you commit national suicide. And, for sure, your children are going to hate you.
And most of them already do.
Mike James, an English republican patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland, now working in an automobile factory. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and prays for a free and independent England, shorn of all alliances with the EU, UK, NATO, the UN, WTO, IMF, Israel and any other treacherous international cabal or entity.

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