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By Jim Kirwan
The first real skirmishes over who will live and who will die in the final conflicts for the soul of the planet will soon begin on this ragged perimeter, where the twilight and the dawn are often mistaken for each other. We are all about to enter that Shadowland which is the last stop for summer-soldiers and yesterday's heroes that thought they might be able to rise with this wave; yet even as they could feel this coming they failed to realize, even as they wrote that they too were involved, in what is fast becoming no ordinary wave. This is a political-tsunami of mega-proportions which is why the part-time-patriots have already begun to distance themselves from the continuing and oncoming consequences.
A major part of why this has finally reached this point is apparently a basic lack of comprehension that surrounds certain key words and concepts inherent in political language. It would seem that some 'Definitions' might help clear the air around some our most intractable misunderstandings. Below are some definitions for the important words that our summer-soldiers-in-print have studiously avoided using. These definitions come from The New World Dictionary of the American Language, Second College Edition © Simon & Schuster 1986
"TREASON: "1. [Now Rare] betrayal of trust or faith; treachery 2. violation of the allegiance owed to one's sovereign or state; betrayal of one's country, specif., in the U. S. (as declared in the Constitution), consisting only in levying war against the U. S. or in giving aid and comfort to its enemies "
TREASONABLE: adj. having the nature of, or involving treason; traitorous
TRAITOR: a person who betrays his country, cause, friends etc.; one guilty of treason or treachery.
LIE: 1. a) to make a statement that one knows is false, esp. with intent to deceive
FRAUD: 1. a) deceit; trickery; cheating b) Law intentional deception to cause a person to give up property or some lawful right"
As a result of the failure of the media (there are no longer any "news-divisions within the major networks) and those that call themselves journalists, to accurately portray the words and actions of those that are in the public spotlight: (Largely because they have stolen whichever office they currently hold) The public tends not to see what is being said and done in their names; for the actual crimes which the recent and current political actions actually are. Most reporters use terms such as "he or she misspoke" or were "inaccurate" instead of saying what the man or woman really did which was to "lie"!
The use of terms like fraud, treason and traitor, carry with them legal consequences if they are used without proof. Consequently editors and managers of most media stories simply forbid (or censor) the use of these terms to avoid any potential legal hassles. However in that process they do the nation and the people a massive disservice. If we still had "citizens" here, instead of only 'consumers' then it would be a crime for reporters and spokespersons not to use the correct terminology for the actions taken routinely in Congress and the Courts as well as in the Executive branches of government. But only citizens have "rights" consumers have nothing when it comes to protection from this behemoth that masquerades as their overlord.
Needless to say I use the above words frequently and yet there is no outcry from those that I accuse of these things, because I'm not large enough to count in the great circles of corruption that altogether compose both the government and the greatest criminal enterprise ever assembled; to screw the people that in theory created them and that in fact are paying for their malevolent conduct, against each and every one of us that is not a member of their governing elites. The question is 'why do not more writers use real terms for what has been going on now for the last ten years'? That's fairly simple; because they are terrified of being blacklisted, or of losing the so-called job they had, whenever this subject came up.
In other words most of these professional writers have been serving as gutless stooges for the same traitors that they're reporting on ­ yes? I suppose that it's understandable for those caught up in the politics of politics not to want to divulge the truth when their entire job is to keep the truth hidden: however that does not excuse the general public from not-seeing through these charades and demanding some actual honest answers and more than a few scraps of candor that tend to fall as crumbs from any encounter where the public is locked-out of every meaningful meeting that might involve anything of actual substance concerning the life or death of so many of those people that will be directly affected by the fraud, by the treachery, and by the virtually unlimited continuing-acts of those determined traitors who are the same people that are supposedly responsible for every major act of this government for the last TEN YEARS!
Words are massively important if the public is to grasp what's really going on with any proposal that this nation is about to undertake; yet we have mostly remained just bystanders, to the major decisions, which this treasonous government has consistently taken in opposition to whatever would have been in the best interests of the people of the United States. Coincidently someone ought to point out that "what is good for the national security interests of the United States" almost always runs directly counter to the actual health, welfare and real security of the people that pay the bills and have most recently become the targets of the government's new war upon what it sees as enemies of this state.
Maybe if we began to demand clear answers from the fraudulent politicians, and began to hold each one of them personally responsible for everything they have already done to us; in the same way that they have now even criminalized our thoughts as well as our token actions against them, as being dangerous to the national-security-state, which no one was ever asked to vote for or against. We simply became a fascist police-state, because that was the best way for the owners to make the most money and create the least amount of resistance from we-the-targets in their War-on-Us!
So while 'DEFINITIONS' are important; actions are far more important. In fact in the end actions are the only thing that really counts, especially now that the curtain has began to come down on the farce that we used to call the United States of America. If there are any rights left then we had better use them now or we'll lose them in the next few months. America is going to need all the 'Good Luck' she can get; not to mention the 'guts' we seem to have lost somewhere while we were hiding from the erratic firestorms' of criminality that have been raging around us for more than a decade now. . . How much longer are we going to wait before we finally "remember who we really are"!

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