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Dead Men Walking
By Dr. J Chiappalone
In every era, in every tribe in every culture, indeed in most individuals there has been, and is, a subtle sense of the numinous.
In an attempt to understand this subtle sense, men and women have dedicated their lives in some circumstances to attain union with this mental sensation which stimulates a sense of yearning, of a communion, and of a return to a wondrous unknown.
But the subtlety escapes some, and in their haste to scoff at the unknown, they in their arrogance of ignorance refute such a sense of the numinous and brazenly declare that we are but an accident of nature, and hedonism is the only style to follow. These are the ones who believe they should do to others before others do to them.
The rest, in respect of their sense of a superior intellect, try in trying circumstances to live by the Golden Rule, of treating others as they would like to be treated. Alas, these are a decreasing minority.
And so it is that those who fool themselves about the non-existence of a superior consciousness or intellect above our own level have set about fooling others with dogma and rules that exploit their victims and trap them further into the darkness of ignorance.
But this state of affairs shall be no more.
A momentous realization is being acquired by all in human form (and by consciousness in all other physical forms on this plane) that there is indeed a superior consciousness that cares for and succours those who seek its Light. That Light is what gives LIFE ­ spiritual life.
Those that do not seek it and those who actively shun it have chosen to live in the Darkness of their own ignorance. And being in that Darkness means they are spiritually dead men (and women) walking on the Path of Perdition.
Thus, this realization announces the Generation of Finality.
As I have mentioned before, on April 14, 1985 I was privileged to attend a Conference on a massive structure that we could call a Mothercraft in an area totally outside of this dimension.
The attendance was by invitation. I was not abducted. And being outside of this dimension entirely excluded the possibility that my mind would play up and think it was some sort of government black operation. Why a government would go so such lengths to fool one individual is itself a most improbable thing anyway.
One of the things I was told at that Conference was that the message of Finality would be given to many people on the planet by a number of communicative means. Thus, some had dreams, others visions, while others astral travelled and were told by other sojourners of this phase. Still others having Near Death Experiences were given this information.
The most striking method of all was found in Central America which I eventually visited. There many people were approached by aliens from spacecraft and simply told in quite a dramatic fashion, telepathically, that the planet was doomed, that the good people were going elsewhere and the bad ones would be left behind and would soon cease to exist.
Nothing could be more dramatic that this, surely?
And yet, we in the West, even though thousand upon thousands have been given this message, slumber on as if making money was the only concern of both body and soul.
It is a trait of the mechanised West that the message was buried as soon as it emerged.
Even I was treated like an unwelcome excentric whose utterings were to be ignored at all costs.
My, but how times have changed.
So, what are the details of this Finality?
Simply put, the points are these:
The Endpoint of a long process of correction of this abomination (the physical universe) has been reached. To understand why I call the physical universe an abomination you will need to read my books.
All Units of Consciousness in all classes of consciousness are to be judged. Those found fit to continue an evolutionary path will be removed from this dimension and go elsewhere. Those found unfit to continue for reasons I have explained elsewhere are to undergo a process of Transmutation in due course.
All consciousness has to leave the dimension. Most will die off; some will be lifted out of the bodies when it is time.
All have been assessed, starting with Yahweh-Jehovah, the expressive evil principle in this Abomination, who will be transmuted, down to the lowest consciousness in the most simple crystal and rock in the Mineral Kingdom. Yes, Jehovah is the Moloch, Plato's Demiurge, and the Chief Demon. Any who read the Old Testament of the Judeo-Christian bible can have no doubt, seeing him described as jealous, vengeful, masochistic, punitive and murderous.
In due course the dimension will cease to exist.
In 1985 at the conference, I was given an approximate timing. The End will have occurred inside 50 years from 1985. I remind readers that Time in this dimension is an illusionary variable (think of Relativity's clock paradox as a small example); hence, it is difficult to be exact with absolute timing.
The process of joyful evacuation of Theomorphic viables was concluded in November 1999. I wrote about this at the time.
The manner in which termination was to occur was this: Positive energy that helped sustain the planet against the persistent onslaught of the evil ones was to be removed in the main. Thus, those of Evil who cannot exist without pilfering the positive energy of others will simply starve to spiritual death. This explains the frenzied search for energy and the exploitation of all populations by suffering, wars, misery, pornography, etc. Such emotional traumas cause excitation of individuals and loss of energy. But, as the number of those with this positive energy is less and less, the evil ones are going mad and becoming more destructive as they starve for the lack of positive energy. This world is descending into the realms of Hell as a result.
There is a percentage of non-Theomorphic consciousnesses which have been deemed viable, and these will continue. They will be rescued soon enough.
The failures are for all intents and purposes, spiritually dead, even though on this physical level they are now unashamedly causing as much trouble as possible and not even attempting to hide their evil nature. They are dead men (and women walking) to their doom.
Viables are witnesses to this Finality. We do not need to engage the Dead Ones in any struggle. There is no point.
We all do have to undergo some trauma in the physical, as the physical end approaches, but we, the ones with understanding of a new Divine future, should be sustained by the Joy of Viability.
And so, this is the next part of the Message ­ realization of what is occurring and preparation for lift off!
Accurate and ample mental preparation of the viables is paramount for the transition, which involves the destruction of the physical and the successful emergence in the new dimension.
For the non-viables, the experience ­ all due to their own choices ­ will cause them to envy the dead.
This ending process means the end of all that is inherited within this evil Empire ­ the end of Pain, Suffering, Misery, emotional Exploitation, Disease, and Death. These things do not exist in Divine dimensions.
As their sense of Failure impinges on the minds of those of Darkness, and those who have chosen Darkness, they will become even more aggressive and overtly evil. They will descend into the depths of the Terminal Madness about which I have previously written. Up until now, many thought they could escape the corrective process. But soon all of them will realize there is no escape. Their savagery will be such that they will want to destroy themselves and the planet in all haste.
The Viables know who they are, just as the Failures know who they are.
And the Viables will seek like-minded people, and will want to acknowledge the Corrective Process which is one of Joy, and they will want to prepare for a smooth transition, thus lessening their anxiety and suffering in these darkest of days to come.
There can be no pretence; there will be no pretence, for each will have the realization of what exactly it will merit.
Each will get exactly what it deserves.
Those who are deemed viable and are to continue are the witnesses for this Process of Rectification of what has been called, in the ancient literature, the Celestial Error.
This is the Solution to Evil all good men and women have prayed for.
What is to occur is the answer to those prayers.
Dr. J Chiappalone
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