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Caring For Our Pets
Dr. J Chiappalone
In times of financial hardship, we all look for ways to save money and reduce our spending.
But some are callous and neglect their animals and pets.
Those who are close to their pets make them part of the family, for very good reasons.
Those who understand what and who pets are would never neglect them. But unfortunately, many do not know the spiritual worth of animals, and therefore neglect them easily, without a second thought.
Our pets are a source of universal, unconditional love for us. They are faithful companions and healers in their own right. Many are the stories of how they can heal the sick and the elderly; how they can even care for invalids (as guide dogs do) and how they can, by their mere presence, extend the life of lonely people. They can also melt the hearts of the most hardened criminals. Many are the stories of giving a pet to a prisoner and turning him or her from a hardened, malicious, abusive being to one of nurturing, love and compassion. This is not by accident.
So, what and who are our domesticated animals, our pets?
We know they are capable of all the emotions we ourselves feel. We know through competent university research that they have a language, that they can think, that they have the capacity to learn, that they are aware of time, etc. Those close to their pets know they have fears, anxiety, depression; that they dream, suffer nightmares, can feel and reflect our own emotions and moods, etc., etc,
Metaphysically, and generally speaking, they are spiritual beings in animal bodies in a process of evolution to become human, for that is the next class of consciousness in their evolutionary cycle. For the sake of clarity in this short essay, I shall ignore the fact that this process has been deranged in this evil universe.
Animal bodies, especially of domesticated animals, such as our dogs, cats, parrots, etc., can house the spirits of our deceased relatives. Hindus believe that relatives return into bovine bodies. The fact is they can return in any animal body.
Why is that? Spirits can lose energy while in a human body due to excessive suffering, exploitation, etc., and instead of maintaining their status quo in Class 4 (Human Class), they regress due to lack of energy.
In other words, instead of attaining a higher plane of consciousness, or re-incarnating as humans again after their physical death, they, due to reduced energy, can only support an animal body, which has only 5 units of consciousness (chakras) unlike a human body which has seven. They do not have enough innate energy to support 7 units. This should never have occurred. It is entirely due to the Evil System and its process of energy extraction from individuals, be they in human, animal vegetable or mineral forms.
Thus, loved ones who have passed on and who lack energy to service 7 units of consciousness are forced into animal bodies, but then are often allowed to be around us as our pets for various reasons.
Many people who are close to their pets have realized an affinity exists with those pets which is inexplicable in any other way. Many will swear that some pets are all too human. Others who have acute awareness can sense that often pets return to them. In other words they are aware that their pet has re-incarnated to be back with them again. I have experienced this many times. And it occurs most prominently when the pet dies suddenly, unexpectedly, from accidental causes.
I will discuss the aetiology of so-called 'accidents' which kill humans and pets on another occasion. We will see that such occurrences are programmed by Evil to cause maximal energy drainage of certain beings, and to stop ones who are effective against the Evil system on this level.
Rene Descartes, the French philosopher, was wrong, and so is the Catholic Church in believing animals have no souls.
Pets and animals in general do have souls. Some, like humans however, are of a robotic consciousness. I have discussed this subject elsewhere. They are beings on the evolutionary path. Animal bodies can contain the spirit of any of our relatives, parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, deceased children etc., who desire to be near us but who can no longer sustain a human physical body for the reasons I have mentioned.
Those people with clear clairvoyant vision (of which we are all capable) can often see the consciousness of relatives in their pets.
Some who have Near Death Experience report seeing their departed pets in spiritual realms.
Thus, you see why pets love being with us so much.
Thus, you see why they shower us with unconditional love, loyalty and support.
Thus, you see why they are so forgiving and are eager to help and heal us.
One who understands these things would never be cruel to pets, or neglect them or throw them out to starve and die. One with such understanding would never put them to death for any reason other than to compassionately alleviate further suffering in extreme circumstances.
We should consider cost of care as we would for our human children, punitive veterinarian costs notwithstanding.
Thus, re-evaluate your relationship to your pets, and think of what and who they could be. Treat them as you would your children and other relatives. If they are returned consciousnesses, they have returned to be with you with all their good points and none of the bad ones they had as humans.
Knowing this, treat them with love and respect, and place them way up in the list of your priorities. Do not neglect them. Do not be cruel to them or starve them.
Who knows, you may be in such a body at some stage before the final bell rings.
This leads to consideration of animal husbandry and slaughter for food ­ a form of cannibalism in the true spiritual sense, if you take note of what I have written above.
This cannibalism was promoted by Jehovah and his Reptilians, and he demanded blood sacrifice, of the "goyim", as well as the animals in the not too distant past.
Passages in Ancient texts about it being OK to eat animals are fraudulent interpositions made by these cannibals who, on other levels, clone, breed and eat humans too. The 1993 movie "Fire in the Sky" based on the true experiences of Travis Walton, is an accurate depiction of that aspect of the Evil Reptilian reality.
In summery therefore, be mindful of pets and animals in general.
They too are being selected for viability in the Evacuation Process that I have previously mentioned.
They too can be victims of the Terminal Madness of the Endtime. In fact, erratic behaviour of animals is becoming more evident every day, everywhere.
They too will experience the anxieties and traumas of these coming calamitous days, and they will look to you as the owner to nurture them as best you can.
They are our brethren.
Do not let them down.
J Chiappalone
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