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Neurotoxin, Carcinongen
Aspartame Is Now - AminoSweet

Betty Martini
Namaste Vol.11 Issue 4

Marketers invest great treasure in the trademarks and product names they strive to fix in our memories. Very rarely do they change them. Can you imagine McDonalds changing to Happy Hamburgers, or Rolls Royce becoming Rugged Roaders?
On the other hand, con-men do it all the time, changing names as they do their socks to hide bloody histories. They set up legitimatesounding front organizations, too, the better with which to rob us again.
A tsunami of bad publicity and ground root outcry has destroyed the public acceptance of the and sales are in the toilet. Netherlands producer, Holland Sweetener closed its doors and in the USA Merisant, went bankrupt a year ago for $230 million. Aspartame set an all time high in volunteered consumer complaints to the USA's Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which once published a list of 92 reactions to it including 4 types of seizures, blindness and death. Yahoo lists 7 million aspartame sites, overwhelmingly condemnatory.
The very word "aspartame" is a curse, as consumers know the devastation, disability and death this wicked chemical brings to innocent consumers.
What to do? What to do?
Juliet had the answer: She cooed to Romeo: "'Tis but thy name that is my enemy O, be some other name! What's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet; So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd, retain that dear perfection which he owns without that title. Romeo, doff thy name, and for that name which is no part of thee take all myself."
Aspartame Set to Change its Name
Someone at Ajinomoto, Japanese maker of the poison, has read Frankenstien Foods.
What will it take to make you sit up and listen?
"A new technology. A new food group. Amazingly, the next time you read "artificial flavor" on a food label, you should be aware that a component of that new genetically engineered food additive may be embryonic kidney cells from aborted human fetuses..." Pages 50-74.qxd 28/03/2010 23:27 Page 50 http://www.namastepublishing.co.uk Namaste Vol.11 Issue 4
Shakespeare, so they'll now call it AminoSweet. With that alias, again they intend to fool us, sicken us and murder us. They will have to buy enough advertising, bribe enough phoney "experts" and use corrupt front organizations to endorse their junk. Crime will march on and aspartame, not to be called aspartame, will retain that dear toxicity which it owns without that title.
Dr. H. J. Roberts, world famous author of over 25 books, reports in his encyclopedic 1,038 page work, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, on the treatment of hundreds of aspartame victims in his practice, and lists lupus, MS, diabetes, seizures, migraines, rashes, sexual dysfunction, blindness and dozens of other reactions to the multiple toxic breakdown chemicals resulting from aspartame consumption. Discussing the name change the doctor explains: "The inference is erroneous, it's the methyl alcohol that sweetens aspartame, not the amino acids."
The last time the Food & Drug Administration published their list of aspartame reactions was in 1997, the reports where submitted voluntarily by victims in America, the results can be read in the 14 page document from the FDA see here: http://www.mpwhi.com/92_aspartame_s ymptoms.pdf Over ten thousand complaints were tabulated which reported 92 different vile consequences from consuming the chemical, including death. Since that year the FDA has not updated their aspartame report, and now denies it ever existed!
Now the FDA, dominated by the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, will not take any aspartame complaints. Washington D.C. consumer attorney James Turner, who with the renowned Dr. John Olney, battled to prevent the original approval of aspartame, stated: "Ajinomoto adds further to the deceitful record about aspartame calling it AminoSweet. It is twice deceptive. One: the amino acids have nothing to do with sweetness, and Two: they are trying to hide from aspartame's despicable record of safety hazard and political dishonesty."
The eminent and award winning Dr. Mirando Soffritti of the Italian Ramazzini Institute, which is devoted to cancer research, conducted in 2005 and 2007 aspartame studies using over 2,000 rats. (This cost a LOT of money!) The clear and undeniable conclusion, in Dr. Soffritti's own words was "Aspartame is a multi-potential carcinogen."
Famous Dr. Leonard Coldwell, author of 14 medical texts, declares: "They sold us aspartame as a sweetener, knowing it causes cancer and an endless variety of neurological diseases and countless symptoms. They greedily inflicted a known poison on the world of fellow humans, murdering them. Now that their crimes are known, they change the name of their profitable toxic concoction. It's Genocide!"
Today it's well known that aspartame has a methyl ester that immediately converts to free methyl alcohol as it's metabolized. The Trocho Study in Barcelona in 1998 exposed the fact the formaldehyde converted from the methanol, embalms living tissue and damages DNA. Dr. Alemany said the NutraSweet Company tried to assassinate his character when this study was completed.
The methanol is such a serious issue today that when Ajinomoto set up the AminoSweet web page, they completely left off the methanol. In the meantime, Proposition 65 in California states, "that any product coming into this state with methanol or formaldehyde must carry a cancer warning." You can see why Ajinomoto wants to change the name and leave out the methanol issue.
The UK Aspartame Awareness Campaign (UKAAC), has accused the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) of failing in their duty to protect the health of the British people, by approving aspartame - which contains 10% methanol - in the UK market for use in food, at levels which UKAAC calculate to be 35 times higher than is safe. Jim McDonald of UKAAC commented; "Methanol is a severe metabolic poison and the only safe amount for a human to consume is ZERO.
Some unfortunately believe free methanol to be the same as natural methanol from fruit and vegetables, which our bodies can handle without harm.
Natural methanol is always accompanied by an inhibitor, usually ethanol or pectin which interrupts the metabolism of the methanol to give the body time to eliminate it, a simple non-scientific verification of this is; If natural methanol did not have inhibitors, all vegans would soon be very, very ill from methanol poisoning.
The methanol from aspartame has no inhibitors and is therefore undeterred from following its destructive metabolic pathway which is - methanol > formaldehyde > formic acid - It is the formaldehyde and formic acid which cause tissue damage and methanol poisoning.
The UKAAC has called to the FSA for
1) The immediate banning of methanol from the food chain.
2) All GPs and medical professionals to be made aware of the possibility of their patients suffering from methanol poisoning."
Dr. Woodrow Monte who wrote the journal article Aspartame: Methanol and the Public Heath said: "Methanol may be natural, common and chemically placid. It may have many convenient friends and protectors but this belies its true nature. Methanol is a Trojan Horse Pages 50-74.qxd 28/03/2010 23:27 Page 51 Namaste Vol.11 Issue 4 http://www.namastepublishing.co.uk which harbors the cause of some of our most tortuous maladies.
Methanol begets formaldehyde which changes to formaldehyde hydrate, a two headed monster capable of altering, in degrees imperceptible to our healing arts, the very stuff of which we are made, a change that only nature can know."
Jim McDonald of the UK Awareness Campaign together with representatives of Mission Possible UK and Mission Possible France had a meeting with Food Standards over the issue of this deadly free methyl alcohol and the allowable daily intake. Then came the experts on the methanol in aspartame with more damning information incorporated into this report to FS: http://www.mpwhi.com/statement_for_fo od_standards_october_2009.htm
Aspartame and Neotame
Aspartame is also an adjuvant like squaline and mercury in vaccines. All adjuvants cause the same things, MS, lupus, ALS, autism, etc. These are very serious problems with aspartame.
Now we have approved, another aspartame product. I sent the formula to Dr. Jeffrey Bada. In reports he did on aspartic acid and phenylalanine, two ingredients of aspartame, he stated that when they are heated you have the conversion to the dangerous D amino acids. Dr. Bada called me after looking at Neotame's formula and stated: "All the aspartame people did was scramble the formula." There you have it - don't consume it!
You would think things couldn't get worse but Ajinomoto seeks FDA approval for a new sweetener. It's called Derived from the same amino acids as aspartame and vanillin which have been shown to interact. http://www.foodnavigatorusa. com/Product-Categories/Sweetenersintense- bulk-polyols/Ajinomoto-seeks- FDA-approval-for-new-sweetener Here is information on the interaction and you can also look at the studies on Google: http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame/ aspart.p4 is a substitute for natural vanilla produced synthetically as a by-product of the paper industry and treated with chemicals. Often when reading ingredients, where you expect to see Vanilla, you will see Vanillin. You can Google Vanillin with aspartame and note how often it is combined. One woman had serious neurological problems and thought she wasn't using aspartame until she realized the Vanilla coffee was in reality, vanillin with aspartame, but only the Vanillin was labeled.
Senomyx - NEW Genetically Engineered Food
To add insult to injury, we have other additives on the market, many of which have safety hazards of their own. Here's a new one If MSG wasn't bad enough, this new one is a flavor enhancer. The FDA says it will be under artificial flavors and does not have to be labeled. Robert Cohen who performed research in the 1970's on the hormonal effects on the brain and behavior has investigated the new horror Senomyx and wrote: "We are witnessing the dawning of a sci-fi food revolution. A new technology. A new food group.
Future foods will need no salt, sugar, or artificial sweeteners. Instead, sensory perceptions will become warped by modern science. Brains will taste things that are not really there. Illusions. Deceptions.
Memories of taste which are now artificially induced.
Foods of the future will contain "flavor enhancers" which fool human taste buds into perceiving the sensations of sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and bitterness.
By combining cloned human embryonic kidney cells with human adeno-virus. How far into the future will these new biotech wonders appear in our food supply? The next time you read "artificial flavor" on a food label, pause to consider what you've read here today.
Senomyx is presently developing new products with many of the world's largest food manufacturers including Campbell's and Coca Cola. In fact, if you eat Nestle's foods, your taste buds are being artificially stimulated by biotech products developed by Senomyx. You may now know what you are eating, but I take this opportunity to paraphrase 17th century author Miguel Cervantes, who wrote in Don Quixote: "'The proof is in the pudding.'" http://www.mpwhi.com/senomyx_being_ added_to_sucralose.htm Read Dr. James Bowen's entire report at http://www.wnho.net/splenda_chlorocarb on.htm
To be safe do not eat processed foods. In the movie Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, the producer interviewed Diane Fleming, in prison serving 30 years for poisoning her husband with methanol. Yet, this Pages 50-74.qxd 28/03/2010 23:27 Page 52 Sunday school teacher took three polygraph tests and passed them all. The police seized a sealed gallon of windshield cleaner, a methanolbased solvent, and used it as the basis of his case.
A test was done to see if the Gatorade her husband drank contained some of this methanol from the glass cleaner. Negative! But no written report was presented to the jury, otherwise Diane would have been acquitted. The detective who investigated told me personally that she was innocent and if he hadn't been promoted and removed from the case, he would have stopped the indictment.
Several physicians wrote affidavits that Charles Fleming died of aspartame. Then along came a toxicologist and said the actual cause of death was creatine, which Fleming mixed at triple the recommended concentration in his drink. Creatine produces a toxic reaction with aspartame.
Diane's trial lasted but a single day, her defense attorney was incompetent, and so she has been in prison for 6 years and there no more appeals. Some TV networks want to interview her but the warden has forbidden interviews. We need all the help we can get to free this innocent woman.
To write to Diane Fleming, not more than 5 pages, you send it to #1127555, FCCW 8D, Box 1000 212B, Troy, Virginia 22974-1000. USA www.mpwhi.com, www.dorway.com and www.wnho.net Aspartame Toxicity Center http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame http://www.mpwhi.com http://www.dorway.com http://www.wnho.net
Special Tribute to DR Betty Martini, D.Hum Activist Extrordinare
The Namaste Team have been worked with Betty for 12 years, during which time she has become a great friend and source of inspiration. Betty flew to England twice to lecture on aspartame. On one occasion, she was met off the plane and detained for three hours without charge by British immigration at Gatwick airport. Someone had signalled ahead of her arrival and warned immigration. They took her papers and began questioning and cross-examining her about who she was going to meet, how many activists there were, where she had got her money from to do her campaigning, to which she promptly replied; "My husband's pension."
Eventually, she was taken to a doctor to be checked out, they had noticed she was taking medication. The doctor took one look at the book she was carrying "Aspartame Disease a World Epidemic" by Dr John Roberts and the truth of the whole story flowed out. Betty wasted no time in educating the doctor who was horrified as he was also a consumer of aspartame. Upon which he told immigration to let her go!
During all the years we have known her, Betty has never once given up on her crusade to eradicte from the world this deadly toxin, marketed as a sweetner, known as aspartame. Betty's rise to fame began when she spoke at the World Enviromental Conference.
Anonymously someone published a letter on the internet entitles the Nancy Markle Story - the story of the World Enviromental Conference as though the author were Betty Martini. This letter got emailed round the world. As a result, Betty recieved so many emails from sufferers who previously had no idea what was causing their symptoms, the sheer volume crashed her computer.
Betty unlike anyone we know, has dedicated her to what she sees as her duty to expose aspartame and stop the misery that it is casuing so much suffering throughout the world.
Thanks to Betty and her voluteers all around the wolrd, the warnings of aspartame's true identity has been revealed. So much so, the inevitaable result is, those who have intended to create harm, have now RENAMED aspartame as AMINOSWEET and, not only that, they have brought out other toxic sweeteners.
Dr JH, Roberts writes:
"...Without the dedication, tenasity and magnitude of Betty's heart and unwavering strength many, including ourselves, have got to know about the poisons that have, in our view, been deliberately laced in our food and drink.
In l970 Betty Martini established a model for the American nation by creating Physicians on Call, a network of five Emergency Care clinics in Atlanta, Georgia, staffed with medical doctors 24/7. Services were without cost to the indigent people. With a deep interest in traumatology she worked to build a trauma center in her mother's name, Eve Geller, who lost her life to breast cancer, unfortunately this did not materialize. She ran for Mayor of Atlanta in l973.
May 1996, The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, I wrote: "I presumed to have known the nature of consumer "activists" from encounters with several remarkable persons of this genre...but Betty Martini of Atlanta proved the ultimate prototype for such involvement.
A Roberts' Angel Betty first surfaced - or more accurately, bubbled up - during 1994 when she joined the ranks of "Roberts' Angels." This term, a takeoff on the television series Charlie's Angels, was concocted without my knowledge by two "Angels" in Dallas and Chicago who attempted to warn the public about the potential hazards of products containing the chemical sweetener, aspartame. This tribute reminded me of the line in Hamlet: "A ministering angel shall my sister be."
Betty initially confined her activities http://www.namastepublishing.co.uk Namaste Vol.11 Issue 4 Pages 50-74.qxd 28/03/2010 23:27 Page 53 Namaste Vol.11 Issue 4 http://www.namastepublishing.co.uk to assembling "kits" of literature detailing the hazards of aspartame. These contained copies of more than a dozen articles and letters published in various journals, periodicals, and my position statements dealing with the potential complications of aspartame products in persons with diabetes and hypoglycemia, pregnant women and young children.
Betty also produced flyers on the subject and personally distributed thousands of them to any-and all interested persons. Concomitantly, she managed to get April declared as "Anti-Aspartame Month" in Georgia.
I found it difficult to judge the motives for these multilateral activities by a unique personality who drew a martini glass with bubbles alongside her signature. Moreover, Betty's engaging next-door-neighbor behavior, coupled with a delightful Southern accent, captivated members of the media to a degree I had never observed.
I finally concluded that Betty's determined efforts were totally altruistic and constructive...rather than reflecting an ego-boosting search for fame or the promotion of some product. She seemed to embody President Clinton's remark about the great need for a love standard rather than a gold standard. As a physician-researcher who had not received a cent for my studies, I was sensitized to these matters.
In the process, I also became intrigued with this Atlanta native who had evolved into such a formidable self-propelled whistle-blower. Indeed, someone had given her the "thorn in the side" award of the tongue-incheek National Association of Goodness (NAG).
First Encounter: I first met Betty in Hollywood, Florida. She was preparing to fly there, at her own expense, in order to visit the and asked me to meet her there. I had no idea what this enterprise was about.
The facility proved to be a converted store that displayed dozens of health related features, photos and exhibits. All underscored dubious decisions made by the FDA that the museum's founders regarded as improper...and on occasion, schizoid.
The FDA also arbitrarily refused to approve Stevia, a natural sweetener long consumed throughout the world by diabetics and persons with hypoglycemia.
Betty acknowledged that many considerations influenced FDA policy in these matters, some of which escaped her as a lay person. But she had seen enough to be convinced that consumers needed lots more corporate-neutral input and help. I had no inkling about the enormous energy and wide scope of this short blond dynamo until she went into high gear in two realms.
One was involvement with aspartame, described below. The other concerned the injection of synthetic growth hormone into cows for the purpose of increasing the supply of milk, even though no shortage existed. This product was made by the Monsanto Chemical Company...by coincidence the corporate parent of The NutraSweet Company.
Betty was shocked by the ramifications of recombinant bovine growth hormone based on an enormous amount of information she had already gathered. One aspect pertained to the increase of insulinlike growth factor, which might be carcinogenic. She proceeded to enlist concerned persons all over the globe in this venture of righteous indignation.
Atlanta Encounter I was to receive an honorary fellowship from the American College of Physicians in Atlanta during March 1995. When Betty and here husband Don learned of this forthcoming visit, they suggested that I meet some of their friends involved in ...more intriguing bait.
This sojourn reinforced the impression of a remarkable woman. Some hallmarks included: great cook, a devoted wife and mother, a conscientious bible teacher (2-3 times weekly), a lover of cats (especially Arbuckle) and a one-of-akind advisor to neighbors and friends.
An eager student of cancer and cancer therapy resulting from her personal battle with breast cancer - a fact heretofore unknown to me. I delved into Betty's previous activist background as subtly as possible. She had run for Mayor of Atlanta in 1973 against Maynard Jackson Betty had established "Physicians on Call," a program that provided quality emergency medical services on a 24 hour basis. Jimmy Carter, then Governor of Georgia, wrote her: "I'm proud of what you're doing."
She had attempted to establish a state-of-the-art hospital for trauma in Atlanta. Unfortunately, Betty encountered stiff resistance from the medical community.
She had single-handedly exposed fraud in Georgia's insurance industry. Betty placed a 10-foot-high and 50 foot-wide billboard near the State Capital that cost $3,500 a month. It contained her lament about the huge increase in health insurance rates, including her own. The billboard stated:
The message was signed, - an obvious swipe at the company's trade mark, the Rock of Gibraltar. These efforts culminated in sweeping reforms of the State's insurance laws.
Betty indulged in highly-effective humorous tactics during her battle against Prudential. They would be utilized in subsequent campaigns against aspartame and bovine growth hormone. She devised a consumer-protest scum remover that carried the label: "Prudiculous Scum Remover: Combats Premium Schemiums, Kitus Blarneyitis and Pestilential Prudentialitis." The latter referred to "a deadly plague spread by an infection agent...the only cure is cancellation."
Pages 50-74.qxd 28/03/2010 23:27 Page 54
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