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Who IS Alex Jones, Really?

When Has Jones Told Truth About Israel?


An Open Letter To Alex Jones


Alex Jones To Ted Pike - 'Don't Criticize Jews'


Zionist GateKeeper Cleans, Monitors Jones Wiki Page?


Christian Media Research Site Hacked


The Man With The Bullhorn


Alex Jones Goes Ape


Cointelpro Tactics


Trained In Cult Tactics?


Jack Blood Blasts Alex Jones


Blood - Alex Jones Is Dangerous To Freedom - Pt 1


Blood - Alex Jones Is Dangerous To Freedom - Pt 2

Is Alex Jones Linked To The Ultra Zionist Bronfmans?
Alex Jones - Who Knows Whom?
Alex Jones - The Bronfman Connection
Jeff Rense And Taking Back America
More Disinfo From Alex Jones
Alex Jones And 911 Truth
Is Alex Jones A Zoinist Shill?
Why Is The ADL Promoting Alex Jones?
The Austin Gun Rights Rally
Jones Crashes Austin Gun Rally,
Then Lies About It On His Show
Jones Wrecks Pro-Gun Rally, Then Lies About It - Vid

Texans (TAG) Apologize For Jones Behavior

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