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Christian Versus Zionist Jew
By Karl Schwarz
Many Christians and Catholics are just now waking up to the extent of ADL - Zionist Jew attempts to pervert our religion and theology.
In typical fashion, the Zionist Jews resort to deceit and attempts to label outspoken Christians 'anti-Semitic' for daring to expose the attempts of Jewry to manipulate our religion while even denying the validity of the New Testament. They excel in the misdirection of black is white, lies are truth, stupidity is knowledge, and war is peace.
These are the same people who want the word Christ eliminated from Christmas and our holidays. I have advocated for many years it is time for us Christians to rename all of the Jewish holidays so they get the hint what overstepping bounds means.
I figured out many years ago that any religion that attempts to cast Jesus Christ as a low-life has something evil in its heart towards Christ and towards Christians.
Brother Nathanael Kapner, a former Jew that converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity, has just released an excellent article on how some Catholics are dealing with this awakening to Jewish deceit and manipulation in the area of theology and religion.
Before I moved out of Arkansas, my ex-wife and I were members of Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, AR. That church grew so fast that it has spun off many Ecumenical churches so people did not have to commute so far, and the church did not have to build larger facilities because it had run out of room to expand.
The church created a hospital many years ago in Haiti and many of the doctors within the church membership regularly traveled there to provide free medical services. Even right now, many of them are there helping with the post-earthquake disaster that is unfolding in Haiti.
What attracted us to the Church was its adherence to what the Scriptures say in the literal sense. They had three teaching ministers that made very serious presentations in the Sunday sermon that were educational. It was not the fire and brimstone type of delivery, but it was blunt and to the point. It also had a very effective program for children and teens.
I remember one Sunday the pastor informed the congregation that if anyone in the audience was pro-abortion they needed to detach and leave the membership of the church. The position of the church was adamant, abortion is murder and no man, no feminist woman knows when God determines that the fetus is viable and is a unique human, a unique soul. I had felt that way for years: Who is any man or woman to pretend to interpret what God's position is on the matter of abortion and the viability of a new life? I had watched for years as many women I knew had abortions and then suffered the rest of their lives for it. The parallel was and is clear to see. I had also watched as many feminists were using abortion as a form of birth control and 'irresponsibility management'.
Over time we learned that there were 9 ordained ministers who chose to be members and not as preachers at that church. They headed other national and international ministries such as Family Life Conference and Dad, The Family Shepherd, both very effective in creating better marriages, better families.
Another thing that attracted us to Fellowship Bible Church was its strong Community Group program. That is where 5-10 couples would meet at the home of one of the members and the Bible studies were done. The groups numbered in the hundreds and many of the members became close friends as a result of the sharing and fellowship that happened.
As fate would have it, my ex-wife and I wound up being assigned to a Community Group that few had the courage to be in. The other church members referred to that group as "Top Gun" because the head of the group was Dave and Sandy Simmons, both ordained ministers. Dave was the founder of Dad, The Family Shepherd and Sandy was the head of women's ministry for Fellowship Bible Church.
Some readers may remember the name Dave Simmons as three times NCAA All American at Georgia Tech, and then his pro career as middle linebacker for Dallas, St Louis and New Orleans. Dave was a giant of a man, but died tragically in an auto accident in Tennessee in 1997. I lost one of my dearest friends that day.
The group was mainly doctors, two oncologists, an orthopedic surgeon that was the co-developer of the Boston Knee for joint replacement, a thoracic surgeon, a reconstructive plastic surgeon, a neurologist, and a family practitioner. The average IQ of this bunch was probably about 160, well above the human norm. All of the women were, God forbid, housewives!!!!! They were all elated to be housewives and able to properly raise the children and make a loving home.
Even preparing for a Community Group meeting was like preparing for a test at the masters or doctorate level in college. It was no walk in the park.
The group also had 4 families of Christian Jews that knew the Talmud and Bible better than any layman I had ever met. Either the husband or the wife was the offspring of very high level Rabbis in the US. They were disowned by their parents for choosing Jesus Christ over the hateful teaching of Talmudic Judaism towards Jesus Christ as the Messiah.
In one of the Community Group lessons, the family practitioner MD explained to the group why the Talmudic Jews reject Jesus Christ as their savior. They expected another form of Messiah. The Jews expected either a Great Rabban (teacher) that could explain to them the Torah (Old Testament), their Talmud (the Jew's interpretation and Laws derived from the Scriptures) and their self-appointed supremacy meant, or, they expected a Great General that would free the Jews from captivity and over time conquer the entire Earth to live under the boot heels of a communist - fascist sort of world order, ruled by the Jews, of course.
Sound familiar to the current time? The Zionist Jews' lust to control every facet of government, banking, media, and the political and social discourse of the world as the piss-ant minority they are? What nations deserve to be attacked by the US and UK because Israel wants it that way? Sleaziest nation on the face of this planet, yet none of us are to question their methods or their actions. They suck at math, facts and truth, but no one is allowed to question anything they say or do.
Capital markets thief Michael Milken is arrested and out came the 'anti-Semite' label. Bernie Madoff ripped off Christians and Jews alike, yet out came the 'anti-Semite' label from ADL's anti-Christian Abe Foxman.
Many diehard Zionist Jews were offended that God would send a savior for all mankind, not the answer to their self-appointed supremacy and blood-lust hatred for their fellow man. They did not get their Great Teacher or their Great General. They did not get their way, and we now have over 2,000 years of bitching, grousing, whining and deceit from the Talmudic Jews. That in a nutshell is why the Jews reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Their Talmud is so schizophrenic about the matter that it skips right over the prophecy of Isaiah 53 that the Messiah would come among them, be rejected and killed by them.
If you have never read that chapter of Isaiah, please take the time to do so. I think you will see why the Talmudic Jew scribes and rabbis do not want to touch that prophecy with a ten-foot pole.
The Jewish Talmud has real problems with two parts of the Old Testament, the first being the prophecy of Isaiah 53. The other can be found in Genesis 1:26 when it states: "Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."
You see, it is the Official Talmudic Jew position that God did not have a Son. He did not send his Son to live among us and fulfill the prophecy that the Jews would reject him and kill him. The Official Talmudic Jew position is that their Messiah has yet to come. You see, the Talmudic Jews have a real problem with the notion that all of mankind is to rule over this planet, not just the Jews. They have tried to stretch this to mean that God made all men in the likeness of the Jew, but most people clearly see the error in that self-serving interpretation by the Talmudic scribes and rabbis.
I asked these four families of Christian Jews what their deepest reasons were for leaving Judaism, at great personal family cost to themselves, and choosing Jesus Christ as their savior. To a man and woman, they were unanimous that they had awakened to the sheer self-serving nature and hatred for their fellow man that Talmudic Judaism teaches to its followers. It is an elitism, an arrogance, a self-appointed supremacy that does not exist and has never existed in any theology except that of the Talmudic Jews. Out of that have come the Khazar Zionist Jews (that are not Jewish by birth, ethnicity or genetics) and their positions. Their arrogance is so vile that even Jews want to rid Judaism of them and focus on the theological aspects instead of the Khazar Jew secular glory of power, greed and self-entitlement.
Don't hate the Jews, pity them. Until they have the designation of Christian Jew and have accepted Jesus Christ they are doomed to Hell and total annihilation. I am convinced these Khazar Zionist Jews do not have a prayer of salvation. They are manifest evil.
They lead the world in lies, pornography, child pornography, pedophilia, flesh trafficking of young boys and girls for sex, owners and operators of brothels, illegal human organ harvesting and smuggling, arms smuggling, drug smuggling, commercially abusive business practices, stock fraud scams in the capital markets. They are the key proponents of abortion, homosexuality and same-sex marriage, and just about every 'ist' and 'ism' you can name. The list goes on and on, folks and the originators are primarily the Talmudic Zionist Jews.
All one has to do is open their eyes and read, and think. Hardly a day goes by that one of these Zionist Jew thugs is not arrested somewhere on this planet for the pure sleaze they call their business and livelihood.
As for you blind and 'plank in your eye' Zionist Christians, you had better wake up. In Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Nazareth these Zionist pigs spit on Christians they have such contempt and hatred for all non-Jews. For all of this talk about Arabs and terrorism, their actions even towards Israeli and Palestinian Christians proves they are the most socially despicable people on this planet.
Learn to recognize evil for what it is. Learn to recognize what a real terrorist looks like and sounds like.
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