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Reagan Legacy Was The SOS
By Karl Schwarz
One of the things I like about the Rense website is that they post all of the news that is worth reading.  Seems the New York Times beat Jeff to a marketing lingo thing of 'all the news that is fit to print', but unlike the NY Times, the Rense website does not qualify as bird cage liner  at the end of the day.
I do not know who J. Speer-Williams is but he has recently provided some good commentary for the Rense website.  He wrote an interesting piece recently about what a crock of crap the "Reagan Legacy" is and I am just adding information from an insider in this essay to drive that point home.  
As one can easily suspect, there is something fundamentally wrong with the political discourse in America.  It is no longer a discussion about national priorities, destiny or what is right versus wrong.  It has turned into a cacophony of nitwits espousing opinions that have little, if anything, to do with what America is, needs to do and where it is headed.  
In a way, it is not leadership we are seeing on the TV.  It is about who has the podium to espouse their idiot ideas.  Rush Limbaugh has become very wealthy espousing the virtues of Reaganomics and the Reagan Legacy.  Yes, there is a legacy but it is not the one Rush talks about so glowingly.  Rush loves to promote the two Bush idiots as Reagan disciples, but adherents of any pretense of 'Reagan legacy' is the last thing the Bush family represents.  
Change we can believe in?  What a shallow marketing ploy, yet many idiot American voters fell for it in electing Barky.  
Many Americans did not pay attention to the warning of the Arkansas newspapers in that Clinton wrecked Arkansas, and then tried to total America.  Luckily, Slick likes to chase skirts more than get down to the serious business he talks about.  His words are dirt and most Arkansans have known that for over 30 years.
Oliver 'Just following orders' North has done quite well, especially in sidestepping the bigger issues as to what Iran Contra was really about and has had lingering side effects to this day as the cancer it is within the American soul.  
One of the biggest complaints I have about Washington DC is it does not have any institutional memory.  All it has are agendas and handpicked stooges as mouthpieces for those agendas.  These media moguls can pick the sleaziest butthead they can find and with a big paycheck and lots of air time turn them into an American Icon that stinks to High Heaven.  In the absence of that memory, they keep making the same mistakes over and over again and the hole just keeps getting deeper for America.   
As a psychologist would say, they fail to profit from experience and are therefore quite stupid and insane.
Bill O'Really is one of the Reaganites and specializes in putting down anyone daring to come forth with a better idea.  Sean Hannity has his head up his ass so far I think the brain damage is now permanent.  Even Neal Cavuto and Maria "Buttaroma" Bartiromo get on the boob tube and shamelessly tout stocks that are three-days dead and stinking up the market, hoping they can lure suckers back into the net worth killing-field of Wall Street.
Glenn Beck provides great information and commentary at times and then backtracks like the character Arthur Beale in the movie 'Network' after he was informed by the PTB that he had 'messed with the natural order of things' for Corporate America.
I can speak firsthand on these matters for several reasons.  In addition to heading a design-build company during the Reagan years I was also working with Prudential Bache Securities in dealing with the record high US interest rates.  Secondly, once I converted from being a Conservative Southern Democrat to Republican, the RNC was begging me to run against Clinton for Governor of Arkansas.  They begged me to run against him in 1984 and again in 1986 before Arkansas made the governor terms 4-years each rather than two.
My office was in Washington DC for 7 years.  Few Americans can make that claim and see the inside as I did.
I had to smile recently reading Joe Bageant's latest piece "Taking Tea with the Lizards".  
I agreed with every word he wrote, with one exception.  "Joe, in Washington DC they are referred to as Lounge Lizards because that is what they are." They just love their photo ops and power drinks and power meals basking in their Power Lounges, at our expense.  DC does indeed stand for District of Criminals and it is littered with cold-blooded reptiles that like hot lights.  Some are just sleazy, slithery and slimy, while others are venomous.
I have never met more despicable, shallow, worthless, self-inflated as to their importance people in my life than I did in Washington DC.  They are literally eaten up with the dumbass and punch-drunk power as to their importance to the rest of the world or even to Americans.   One has to think about the absurdity of these idiots in DC holding themselves up to the world as the example to follow to truly understand how screwed this planet is with them at the helm.  
One of my closest friends in RNC headquarters was William J "Mr. Mac" McManus.  He died in 1999 at the age of 99 and knew Washington DC like the back of his hand.  He aptly described what the real Washington DC is like.
"It operates on the Three 'P's", power, pelf and pussy and where one stands in the pecking order in this town depends on how they arrange those three 'P's."  I watched closely for 7 years and he was absolutely correct.  I have seen nothing come out of DC since 1996 to make me change my position or even think about changing it.
I have spent a lot more time in the political trenches and in NYC and DC than most Americans.
For older readers, ask the question (and for younger readers pay attention and get an education):  Why did Iran refuse to release the US embassy prisoners they had taken in 1979 and waited until Reagan was sworn in?  The answer is quite simple in that the CIA wanted Reagan in office and their hand-picked moron CIA-legacy nitwit George H W Bush sitting as Vice President.  To get the backing from the Powers-that-be, Reagan had to put Bush into a position of power.  We can thank the CIA for that, or more appropriately resent the Hell out of them for doing that.
There was the Iran Contra offering on the table and Carter did not stop to think about how a US President can whore himself out in the 'proper way'. We have seen that whoreing-out-thing clearly with GHWB, Clinton, Village Idiot Bush and now Barky Obama.  Reagan whored himself out, too, and lost the control of the Oval Office the day he did.  After that, he was an advertising spokesman, not a President of a great nation.
This is the same Bush family that was financing the Hitler Nazi regime while 'trading with the enemy', crashed the US economy in 1989-1991, again in 2001-2008, and still to this day prove to the world that they are complete liars, thugs, nitwits and elitist morons.  That Clinton could beat Bush with "It's the Economy, Stupid!" was one of the darkest moments of American Presidential history, but it goes much deeper than that.
Iran Contra was run through Arkansas, hidden on the books of an Arkansas agency named Arkansas Development Finance Authority, or "ADFA".  I turned down the chance to be the President of ADFA when I looked at their books and how they were concealing Iran Contra.   Slick Willie Clinton had the goods to blackmail both Reagan and Bush, but it goes even deeper.  Slick Hillary Clinton was riding shotgun over at the Rose Law Firm and handling most of the ADFA legal work.  Get it?  Yeah, hide behind attorney - client privilege, even when engaged in criminal activity that is violation of both US law and International Law.
Were there really Communists in Honduras that threatened the very survival of the US?  No, there were people there rejecting American hegemony over their land, government, economy, just so the US could be kingpins in bananas and other agricultural crops that grow quite well in tropical climates. That is where the phrase "Banana Republic" started, when locals threatened the banana kingdom of some in the US.  
Most Americans think, due to media bias in reporting, that the dastardly Islamic extremists came to power in Iran and sort of pissed on America's feet.  That is the media and DC version of it but they are careful to not let Americans wake up to the fact that the CIA engineered a regime change coup in 1953 and put Shah Pahlavi in power to piss on Iran's feet.  He killed, tortured and maimed hundreds of thousands of Iranians, because that is exactly what the CIA and US wanted him to do.  Getting the picture?  You need to.  
Nor do Americans seem to grasp that the US armed Saddam Hussein with deadly biological and chemical weapons so that they could kill many Iranians in the Iraq - Iran War.  Saddam and his scientists did not invent that stuff, the US gave it to them and even sent Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld over to seal the deal with Saddam; Neocons as brokers for WMD.  Getting the picture? If you do not, it is time you did.
Then the US wanted to point the finger about WMD at Saddam when it was convenient to do so to take the Iraqi oil and natural gas from them.  Get it?  Reagan and George H W Bush were already setting the stage for Desert Storm many years ahead of time.  They had to wait for the Iraq - Iran War to be over first.  Check the chronology, it pays to do so.  
Even before Desert Storm happened, the US aided and abetted Kuwait oil theft from the southern oil fields of Iraq.  That was to piss off Saddam and goad him into invading to collect the $7 billion or so in oil the Kuwaitis and US people stole from Iraq.  Former US Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie is still under a gag order so she cannot spill the beans and tell the truth about why it was so important to frame Saddam Hussein.  
What is $7 billion or so in oil profits in the right pockets compared to the opportunity to go back in, slaughter over 1 million Iraqis and take all the oil.  It is more fitting than Americans know that Iraq is awarding the oil contracts to just about everyone but the US and UK after the lies these two nations told the world to justify an illegal war to steal oil.
The US has parked in Iraq and they intend that Iran is next.  Remember, they are also parked in Afghanistan on the other side of Iran, too.  Get it? About time you did because this has been going on since 1953 regarding Iran. The year 1979 is when the Iranians made it clear they had had enough of the US and UK.  
I have met many Iraqis in Europe and all of them had a better life under Saddam Hussein before the US and UK showed up with their lies and agendas. Makes an intelligent person ask the right question:  'the terrorists are exactly whom?'
Just as that bogus 'Desert Shield' and 'Desert Storm' were being fabricated by the first Bush Administration, US Special Forces were posing as Kuwait Navy personnel and firing on both Iraq and Iran to see if the US could kill two birds with one stone.  Get it?  You need to; it is all about oil, gas and US - UK hegemony in energy.  
They lost years ago.  They lost when they dreamed up 9-11 as the excuse to attack Afghanistan to take over the pipeline right-of-way.
Why did Iran throw out Shah Pahlavi in 1979?  Well, it has to do with Iranian oil and natural gas, just like it did in 1953 when the CIA ousted their leader because he nationalized the oil and gas and kicked out the US and UK oil companies.   Getting the picture?  If not, it is time you did. There is potentially a full-blown nuclear war on the near horizon.  The Iranians are intent that all Iran oil and natural gas is rightfully theirs, for their economy, their citizens, not a bunch of greedy Ivory Tower whores and policy-wonk nitwits in London and DC.  
Saddam Hussein was building a European-style nation by making sure Iraqis would benefit from having control of Iraq oil and natural gas.  That was their only sin against America, but then they did not kneel properly to Israel hegemony and demands.
Israeli Neocon Edward Luttwak spilled the beans even before Desert Storm happened.  This is from one of my email updates in December 2005, 'Enemies Within our Gates":
Start insert -
If you refer back to the comment made by hardliner Pro-Israel Neocon Edward Luttwak as to why Saddam must be attacked (in 1991, not 2002), that Saddam was a threat to the Middle East status quo and then compare to Baker's comment regarding Germany being an enemy under "the war was actually only an economic preventive measure" the picture should become a little clearer on what I am trying to emphasize.
"Saddam is not like the Saudi Princes who spend the bulk of their lives outside of their country, and who fritter away the Kingdom's oil profits on prostitutes and bottles of champagne in Paris.  No, Saddam is building railways!  Creating electrical networks!  Highways and other important elements of a serious State infrastructure!  After eights years of war against the Iranian regime of Khomeini, he desperately needs to demobilize his Republican Guard, which incorporates so many of this technical elite, in order to rebuild the war-devastated country.  These people are his technicians, his engineers.  If they are put to work in the way Saddam wishes, they will rapidly make Iraq the most advanced power in the region, and we cannot allow this to happen."
- End Insert
Yeah, anyone with an IQ over 100 can clearly see the perils of using a nation's oil and gas to benefit their own people, and rubbing Israel the wrong way.
Were the Carter Administration economic policies so stupid that US prime interest rates had to go to 21% and US Treasury bonds up to 14%?  No, that was a feint by DC and Wall Street to launch a war of economic hegemony against Russia and even US allies.  The objective was to make damned sure the world was flooded with US dollars and all oil and natural gas trading would be done in US dollars.  Get it?
Carter was a niggardly (defined as stingy) spendthrift compared to Bill Clinton and Barky Obama.  
Have you ever wondered what the true definition of inflation is?  It is when the US government is willing to pay more for money than you are.  
Think on that and remember well that Reagan was attacking Russia in any way he could.  
By increasing the US interest rates up to 21%, and US Treasury bonds were readily available from 11.5% to 14%, money flooded into the US dollar and that made it easier to wage economic war against Russia and also any country the US chose to do so.  It was all about imperialism, hegemony, US dominance in a unipolar world that has not been that way since 1991.  This is now a multipolar world and will never be unipolar again short of all out nuclear war and the US luckily wins.  Problem with that scenario is there are now multiple factions within the multipolar world that would all fire in unison at the US if push came to shove.
Due to those high interest rates, that were part of US policy to bludgeon any nation daring to get in the way of the US - UK OIL AGENDA, many Americans lost all they had.  Businesses, homes, marriages failed as the US economy came to a standstill.   
Why did Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski create Al Qaeda in 1979?  The correct answer was to destabilize the Russia CIS region of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.  Why?  So the US could try to steal all of that oil and natural gas and control world energy supplies.
One more time, from my presentation in New York City on September 11, 2004, '9-11, Confronting the Evidence':
""September 10, 2001: "Those who control the oil routes out of Central Asia will impact all future direction and quantities of flow and the distribution of revenues from new production," wrote energy expert James Dorian in Oil & Gas Journal, published the day before the terrorist attacks.""
If you have not seen the video, watch it.  The US cannot deny any of it because I was in the inside while they were planning this totally bogus Global War on Terror.
Why did the Reagan Administration back the Afghans during the 1980-1988 Russia - Afghanistan War?  To block the same pipeline that the US invaded on October 7, 2001 to take over and still cannot get it done.
So, if the Reagan Legacy was such a good thing we can blame the entire current fiasco that is America on Ronnie Reagan.  DC is that stuck-on-stupid folks.  Big Oil is who wanted the change from Carter to Reagan, then the first idiot Bush, and downhill from there.
Take a long hard look at America's decline over the past 30 years and see it for what it is - 30 years of failed leadership and wrong agendas in our national capital.
When the sins are many, expect no help when the chips are on the line. America changes course or America is going down.
Do not hope or think for even a second that either the DNC or RNC has a plan to change course.  They are in too deep.  It's called treason, lies and war crimes.
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