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Six Great Quakes To Come   
By George Ure
Had a chance to chat with Clif briefly today about the predictive linguistics and what's ahead for the balance of this year. For one thing, he's had time to look at the data again and nope, although Haiti is a terrible mess, and there's some linguistic fill beginning which could link 'diaspora' to the Haiti quake, a review of the data says no, the diaspora/people moving about due to changing circumstances really is 220-million.
True, there's some linkage of Canada and fast-track immigration for refugees, and the rising use of the term 'diaspora', but there's a lot more to be worried about later this year.
The problem is that as we look at the data, there are at least six great quakes due during calendar 2010 and possibly many more. After six, we stopped looking - not a pretty sight. We assume you know a 'great' quake is one with magnitude 8.0 or larger, but in a social sense, Haiti is a 'great' quake based on extreme loss of life.
From the period (approximately) July 7th onward, the data features six clusters of data that will be larger than the global horror that followed the 2004 tsunami. And - sad to report - the data suggests that 220-million will be moving around just on the [american continent] which means additional quakes can be expected this year of larger magnitude including some hints that one will be on the US West coast.
Among the problems with predictive linguistics technology is that it's not precise. How people use language is drifty on a good day. Although the US quake(s) seems to be California'ish, it could be as far north as Vancouver Island. Such is the imprecision of the data. No, can't narrow it down to the Long Valley caldera, Yellowstone, or something as simple as that.
What is clear is that our 'context shift' is 'terra entity', we can't offer any further insight except to say that the data also suggests that by the end of this year, we may see more than a billion people involved in diaspora else; particularly India/Pakistan/China and there are some indications that dislocated people will stream north toward Siberia/Mongolia as a result.
You might ask "Why wasn't this in the Shape of Things to Come report? Fair question: not trying to hide anything...remember, though, we've been saying for the past 9-months (roughly, could be longer) that looking into the data from late 2009 onward for quake activity was pretty much pointless. Gets to be too much. Our accuracy is occasionally very good with isolated near-great quakes like our call on the May 2008 China event, but even if we had been translated into mandarin prior to the May 'wedding quake', would it have modified anyone's behavior or saved lives? Likely not.
Add to that the problems we had sorting out the 'print through" on the Lacey Peterson trial/Redwood City (Sept. 2004) quake which preceded the Dec. 2004 tsunami? The Peterson trial was interrupted by the Redwood City quake and some linguistics (courthouse emptied) were fulfilled, ;leavings us to scratch our heads and pondering "Damn...where's the land driven back to previous age, 200-thousand dead and all that language?" Showed up - all right - about 120 days later.
All of which is not supposed to make you feel better - or worse- about what's ahead in the second half of this year - our timing sucks when there gets to be overlap, print-through, and multiple images of the same thing. Go look at how clear the Wedding Quake hit was before and after the event. (Scroll down to the May 12, 2008 entry "Oh, THAT Quake...)
So whether we get a half dozen seven-oh's this year with huge loss of life or a series of 8's and larger is really outside the scope of this project. Not much anyone can do about it, except have food, water, seeds and a mindset that will allow you to start over and prosper under the most adverse adverse conditions imaginable which by year-end maybe upwards 1.4-billion people will experience..
Best we hope for is to be wrong and it will be media buzz only - always hard to distinguish from physical/objective reality. Our fishing grounds are internet fora, which oh, by the way, may go down in late summer as a global phenomena. So yeah, in addition to working on his survival pod-boat, Cliff's looking at a satellite-based internet system.
Mine's been in for a couple of years seeing this period coming. Oh, might want to mark down your home/residence's lat/lon by GPS and keep it handy for a couple of years. If it starts changing outside the 2DRMS error of SA(ASM if you're in green), it'll be time to gear up.
Why, I bet hardly any of your friends noticed the proximity of Haiti's quake to the news stories about how the "Earth's magnetic north pole marching toward Siberia at 37 miles per year" did they?
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