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Global Warming Is A Grotesque Scam
By Karl Schwarz
Did you hear the joke about the Al Gore sycophant walking all over the Arctic during Christmas - New Year's break looking for open water (and drowning polar bears) to prove Global Warming?
He stumbled across two polar bears and Bear 1 looks at Bear 2: "Should we eat him here or take him home?"
Bear 2: "Nah, if we take him home the big ones will just take him away from us".
Fact: Polar bear numbers have increased enormously since the 1950s. In many parts of Canada, along with the cold alerts, they also have Polar Bear Alerts and people have to stay inside while the game wardens dart the bears and relocate them further north. More bears, larger territory. That is how nature works.
The UK is firmly in the grip of Global Warming!
Not! That nation is now in the grip of the worst winter in almost 100 years. There may be sort of a biblical warning in that photo. Note that Ireland is green and Britain is locked in ice and snow. Talk about Luck of the Irish!
Albert Einstein is credited as saying: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results."
These false religion Church of Climatology folks fit that description to the proverbial 'T'. If Einstein was right, and he was, these Global Warming proponents are complete idiots and quite insane. Al Gore has been very quiet as the temperatures have been plummeting, so maybe he needs to start spouting his drivel again and raise the temps, the hot-aired CO2-emission scam-artist windbag that he is.
However, his minions are becoming absolutely shrill in their desperate pleas to get everyone to think it is time to don the bikini and sun out on the patio because is it 'so warm'. That is while Siberian level temperatures are sweeping much of Russia, the UK is turning into an annex of the North Pole, and many parts of the US are facing the worst cold weather in about 100 years. China is receiving the largest snow falls in 60 years. Much of the UK cannot even get to work because, as usual, the UK is never prepared to deal with a damned thing.
All across the Northern Hemisphere the world is locked into record cold weather, bitter temperatures, but according to the 'experts' what we are seeing is the effects of global warming. Yeah, right, and I saw two Sasquatches doing the tango out in the snow last night and when I looked out a window to the South there were two more doing a ballroom waltz out back.
These 'sky-is-falling' global warming proponents are doing everything, any excuse, to cover up the fact that the elite IPCC team lied and lied and lied some more. When they could not get the numbers to fit, they just faked them to sell this colossal scam to the world. That is now a known fact, they lied, and they faked the numbers to sell this nonsense to the world.
Don't fret over those summer-time polar bear photos perched on the block of ice floating in the water. They did not drown and polar bear populations have increased since 1970, no decrease at all. The entire Arctic is a block of ice in the worst winter in close to 100 years. Canada and many parts of the US are being slammed with bitter cold weather right now and even down into the panhandle of Florida snow is expected this weekend. Orange juice prices are already escalating because severe damage or loss of the crop is imminent. Yeah, that sounds like global warming, NOT!
Normally temperate areas like Little Rock AR are expecting 10F and -20F chill factors this weekend. North of there is much worse and in some places the temperatures plus wind chill factor could be quickly lethal.
Winds are fierce this year in many areas, too. I live about two blocks from a grocery store and on two days this week I was hit with winds so strong that I was either pushed backwards or forward progress was stopped still in my tracks. I weigh 180 (plus the groceries) and have never been halted by winds. Of course, when the air temperature is like 20 - 25 F and the winds are 60-80 mph, the chill factors become hard to calculate. Suffice to say, it is very cold.
Reputable scientists say that CO2 in the atmosphere has barely changed in the past 150 years, well before cars or electrical power stations. The ice core records do not lie, Al Gore does. The scientific facts are there to find, but don't ask Al Gore and his Gorettes to show you the way to the truth.
Many reputable scientists are more concerned that we are on the verge of an Ice Age. Are you aware that most glaciers on this planet are growing, not shrinking? That is a fact that is easy to check, but don't ask the Climatology Scam Artists to show you the way.
Well, here is what I think of Al Gore and his experts.
In DC, they call an expert - 'a drip under pressure'. This winter will shut up many of the global warming morons that either do not know what facts are or cannot get their facts straight. Right now the entire global warming scam and all of their 'drips', er, experts are under pressure to convince you that the current deadly frigid cold weather and knee deep snow is the result of global warming. That is insanity in its purest essence and also.... desperation. The paint has peeled off their great lie and their great scam.
The founder of the Weather Channel was John Coleman. Watch this video closely and pay attention to the facts. You will not hear these facts from Al Gore and the Gorettes. They don't want you to know the truth, just their lies and accept those lies as the truth.
It is a scam folks. Bundle up and pay very close attention to your next utility heating bill! And, watch out for polar bears, they are moving South.

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