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McCain Anti-DSHEA Bill Is Death
To Your Health Freedom
Natural Solutions Foundation Emergency 
Health Freedom Action eAlert

Dr. Rima Laibow, MD
Dear Health Freedom Supporter,
This is an Emergency eBlast concerning the three serious emergencies we are facing right now, today:
Emergency #1. Health Freedom eAlerts Being Blocked! 
Emergency #2. McCain Bill, Implementing Codex for Supplements, Gutting Health Freedom Must be Stopped!
Emergency #3. GMOs contaminating our Food Supply! This must stop NOW!
Emergency #1:
This text-only eAlert in an attempt to pierce the wall of censorship that has become increasingly apparent blocking your Health Freedom Action eAlerts over the past several weeks. Ever since the ground breaking  2010 Health Freedom War Council our blasts are blocked, censored, and blatantly interfered with. We have recently been alerted that AOL, Verizon, Yahoo, Gmail and possibly other email service providers appear to be preventing our urgent messages from getting to you, our subscribers. This despite the fact that emails are only sent is to supporters who have individually chosen to receive these messages, ("opted in"). Yes, Natural Solutions Foundation blasts are being blocked, in violation of your right to freedom of information! 
Why? Because we are truly the Voice of Global Health Freedom and we are very effective! You know you can rely on our information, and so do the Powers That Be, the ones that do not want you to have that information. It really is that simple. 
When you receive this email, we urge you to send it to everyone you know since our ability to reach our huge email list is being blocked, we believe, intentionally.
This urgent note is from General Bert Stubblebine, the Natural Solutions Foundation President: "Mouse Warriors, we need your ACTION now! Please follow the plan we've put forward in this eblast. This is a long message, but we need you to follow it through. Your health and freedom are, quite simply, at stake!"
We are researching solutions to this cyber censorship which are effective and which we can afford. We fully expect to be on top of the problem in the very near future, BUT it is imperative that you become the Voice of Health Freedom now since several urgent issues require our full throated battle cry. TODAY!
Emergency #2:
Sen. John McCain is introducing a horrific bill, the "Dietary Supplement Safety [sic] Act of 2010Åç (DSSA) designed to end your access to high potency supplements by giving the bloated, corrupt and dangerous FDA MORE power to destroy supplement access. This bill is absolutely NOT to be confused with DSHEA, the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (1994), which says nutrients are food and, as food, you can have them in any form ­ and any amount ­ you like. If we allow DSSA to pass, we will be living ­ and dying ­ under something very much like the European Food Supplements Directive's anti-supplement restrictions, implementing Codex Alimentarius' dietary supplements and nutritional restrictions, to the "T" - effective as close to immediately as the Fraud and Death Administration can manage it. Listen to the Dr. Rima Reports as Dr. Rima interviews Sarah Schones, MD, a German Immunologist practicing natural medicine in Germany: . Food Supplements are going the way of the dodo in the EU. The US is clearly next unless we act now ­ in massive numbers, once for each member of your family, at 
Your legal right to access supplements and herbs will, quite frankly, be a thing of the past. As we predicted years ago, the end of the first decade of the new millennium was intended to be when we lost our Health Freedom. Will you let that happen?
For several years, the Natural Soluitions Foundation has kept you abeast of the battle for our food, our health, our freedom, indeed, as we documented and discussed in our 2010 Health Freedom War Council last month, our very lives. We have predicted that the FDA's Big Pharma Phriendly policies would bring Codex-style restrictions home to us as "safety" when, in fact, they are nothing short of health tyranny.
Take away high potentcy nutrients, herbs and other nutritional aids and what do you have? Pharma triumphant and health freedom defeated - a total rout, and the end of the DSHEA freedoms we rely on. Since the unanimous adoption by Congress of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) we have seen a blossuming of advanced, leading-edge, high potency nutrition sought out by hundreds of millions to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We've warned these freedoms were under sustained attack. Senator McCaine has just escalated the attack.
Once again, the Natural Solutions Foundation brings you the important stories - we warned you, within hours of McCain announcing his intent, that this was happening,http://vitaminlawyerhealthfreedom.blogspot.com/2010/02/mccain-bill-poses-threat-to-dshea-and.html.
We call upon you to act now! By clicking here,http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/t/1128/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=26714, you are joining those who have acted upon this important information and have begun to awaken the public to this threat. It's time to move to ACTION.
Read more about this dangerous bill here - http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4608
Here is the Action item which you must take now, once for each member of your family, IF you value your health, your supplements and your freedom.
We are in active contact with our friends in Congress and with key opinion makers, seeking powerful alliances to stop the McCain bill and its companion "Food Safety [sic]" Bill, s510. It would appear that the ploy (you might call it a "conspiracy") is to combine the two "Food Safety [sick] Bills into one, combining her worst features of each, of course.
We will keep you posted as the story unfolds, but there is literally no time to wait or waste. This MUST be nipped in the bud so deeply that it never arises again! THIS IS WHEREPUSH BACK TURNS INTO TAKE DOWN!
McCain: Pharma Tool, Globalist Fool.  But, as foolish as he may be, his bill poses a major threat to you right now!  (Question: if pro is the opposite of con, does that mean Congress is the opposite of Progress?) 
The only thing they listen to is numbers; we proved that when we Pushed Back with over 2.8 million emails, against the planned, mass, forced "Swine Flu" vaccine - and the threat evaporated. Let's do it again! Let's set a goal of 1 million emails to the Senate, 1 million emails to the White House and 1 million emails to HHS Secretray Seibelius, 1 million emails to the Senate "HELP" committe where the dangerous companion to McCain's bill, S510, the (sic) "Food Safety Bill" has been stalled since our Push Back campaing in December, will be joined shortly by this latest assault on our freedom.
That's a lot of emails, right? Well, our email system allows you to send an email to your Senator, Pres. Obama, Sec. Sebelius and HELP committe chair Harkin with one click of your freedom mouse.
Further more, take the action once for each member of your family and pass it along to everyone you know who uses, has used, or might some day use supplements. That's how we can make this Push Back effort go viral and become effective Take Down!
We need to innundate the Senate HELP committee, since Tom Harkin said in November, in response to the over 150,000 emails that we generated in one weekend, that "DSHEA governs the law here, not Codex standards" and that the provision in S510 allowing FDA to "make recommendations including whether to harmonize with Codex does not signal any intent to move in a different direction on DSHEA"
Now it's time for Senator Tom Harkin to keep that pledge and stop the McCain Anti-DSHEA Bill!
See: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4014 for Senator Harkin's comments.
See: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4608 for the dangerous terms of the McCain bill.
Emergency #3:
One more thing: after Monsanto lost a court case in which the judge said that it has to have an environmental impact study before it can commercialize its GMO alfalfa (the fifth largest grain crop in the US), the USDA obligingly provided that study, and, predictably "found" that GMO alfalfa was safe, despite the known hazards to people, babies in utero, organic farming and diary operations (indeed, entire industries) and the biosphere.
What a surprise, with former Monsanto executive Vilsek as the Secretary of Agriculture.
OK. Gloves off. It is time, and past time, for a total ban on this insane technology. Click the Action Item link below, once for each member of your family, to tell the secondary power structure of the US [the Congress and the White House] that we, the primary power structure, absolutely reject this dangerous aberration and call for a total ban on GMOs before there are no unmodified plants, animals or people on the planet, and Monsanto owns the world food supply.
Why should you take the two Action Items above?
Why? Because your freedom depends upon it. Sen. Mc Cain's new bill will bring Codex to your supplement shelf ­ and make sure it is empty!
And here is my Open Letter to Forbes Magazine about their pro-vaccine stance
Does it suprise you that Forbes named Monsanto as its Company of the Year?
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow MD
Natural Solutions Foundation
The Voice of Global Health Freedom
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