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Man-Boobs And Celebrity Death
By Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg
Pop culture gives me plenty of ammo to say "I told you so." This is illustrated by recent events in LA-LA Land:
1.. Actor Jeremy Piven (Entourage) claims Soy Milk caused him to grow "Man-Boobs." I suspect it did.
2.. Again with Piven... he claims he got mercury poisoning from eating Sushi. Yeah, it's very likely.
3.. Finally, the tragic death of Brittany Murphy. Her unfortunate passing was due to sudden heart failure, likely a result of trying to be too skinny... in my opinion.
Now just one example -utilizing Piven or Murphy- of each of the 3 subjects that I have written about in the past is not much of a sampling to "prove" my position on Phyto-Estrogen, Mercury, and sudden death due to mineral deficiency; however, because these are "celebrities," the sample might be extended like "dog years," eh?
One celebrity is worth at least 7 regular people, so being "celebrities," Piven and Murphy must count more and so increase the sample. Besides, even God looks at celebrities more favorably... by a factor of at least 7 to 1. It's a fact... look it up... umm, I'm thinking Deuteronomy?
Anyway, before we discuss Piven's boobs -oh, and I can't wait- lets review what I wrote several years ago regarding a women's proper poundage and sudden heart failure -experienced by many- in a Newsletter article I produced on the subject of Osteoporosis:
--from http://www.alienview.net/ALLT1.html#phossy--
.. Weight loss over 40 - In 1969 and on my way to Viet Nam, I recall being lectured by my brand new Minny-Pearl-look-alike Mother in Law from Lizella, Georgia with a 3rd grade education...remember Deliverance?
Anyway, she said, "Ta be healthy, da Lord 'spects us to gain 10 or 15 pounds... after the Change" (menopause)...
Well, I thought that was the stupidest thing I had ever heard! What a phony and self-serving rational not to keep fit, I thought!
Though, guess what Folks? She was right, I suspect... well, maybe not that the Lord "'spects" it, but in an efficacious physiological sense.
The point? The constant dieting typified by yo-yoing 10 or 15 pounds up and down means you periodically deprive yourself of life-critical minerals.
Yes Virginia, there are 70 to 80 life-critical minerals & Trace minerals, and they are used by the dozens, like a convoluted series of falling dominoes, to accomplish the most "insignificant" task!
Blinking your eye, for example! You couldn't do it, otherwise.
Understandably, many of these trace minerals have been leached from the soil we grow our food in and are not replaced. Consequently, we don't see many of them in a "normal" diet, where they are absolutely critical, still.
Additionally, as you age, the extra 10 pounds of fat cells around your middle produces more natural estrogen stimulating a healthful "OsteoBlast activity." OsteoBlasts are Bone-Building Cells, remember. Lastly, crazy as it may sound, you, hauling that extra 10 pounds around, makes your bones stronger rather like lifting weights.
Sure! I'm all for being thin... but not if you have to starve & practically kill yourself to be TOO thin! Not if you have to starve -read "injure yourself"- to keep that last 10 or 15 lbs off ... especially if you're eating the right natural raw food in moderate amounts and combining it with moderate weight-bearing and low-impact exercise!
Then, my friend, if you level off 10 pounds heavier than you were in High School? Well, that's right were you should be, eh? Consider yourself lucky & tell your husband to shut his self-serving pie hole because your dainty, nicely distributed 10 pounds is in line with a woman's good health... and quite unlike his 30 pound "beer-gut"!
Regarding dieting to remain too thin... trust me, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, or the name-escapes-me-main-babe on "Grey's Anatomy,"... plus any other self-destructive women using starvation diets and/or "nose-candy" (when they are) to stay ungodly thin... These women will all develop Osteoporosis at a young age and likely have heart failure before 50. What price "celebrity," eh?
ITEM - Don't confuse "starvation diets" (Bad) with "fasting" (Good)! A one to three day fast every month or so, if done in accordance with proper protocol (www.alienview.net/ALLT1.html#fast), is one of the most positive things you can do for your toxically compromised body.
--end of excerpt--
Additionally, there's this snippet from another old paper of mine about mineral deficiency caused by sweating out a soup of trace minerals, plus the effects of dangerous Phytates and Oxalates consumed via Soy & grains. These bind to, remember, and ultimately remove minerals and trace minerals which are not replaced. Apply the preceding to a condition of being unnaturally thin through extreme measures, like Brittany, and you have a recipe for sudden death!
---------------from http://www.alienview.net/ALLT1.html#champ------------------------
Visualize this scenario. Take a 50 year old marathon runner & vegetarian who, like many vegetarians, eat a lot of grains containing Phytates & Oxalates binding to and eliminating many critical minerals & trace minerals. Finally, he is jogging through his neighborhood and otherwise being as devout a disciple of the famous marathoner Jim Fixx as he can.
Like Fixx, this middle-aged obsessive thinks supplementation is a foolish waste of money only producing "expensive urine." In his uninformed mind, longevity is all about physical fitness and caloric intake, only.
Well, like Jim Fixx at 52, he has a heart attack and drops dead in his cul-de-sac, WHILE RUNNING.
Yes, reader, our intrepid marathoner drops dead while his overweight, 65 year old neighbor, lounging on his porch smoking cheap cigarettes and chain-pounding Ding-Dongs casually remarks to his wife... "See Honey, I told you that running crap would kill you."
Ironically, in this situation the surviving neighbor is right.
Here's how.
Like Jim Fixx...
...who set the stage by not supplementing with the Essential Big Minerals or the 70 or so, equally critical, trace minerals...
...who likely ate a high wheat & cereal diet with the grain protein, "Lectin" that is PRO-inflammatory & adversely effects digestion.
...who likely ate a Hi-Gluten diet of Bread & Cereal that reduce Calcium & Iron absorption.
...who likely ate a high oxalate and phytate diet of bread & cereal, binding critical minerals and trace minerals...
...who drank distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water with all the trace minerals removed, resulting in even more minerals and trace minerals being leached from your bones & organs...
...who consumed lots of unfermented soy binding with even more essential minerals...
Who... for years, reader, sweated out a "soup" of difficult to be replaced electrolytes and essential minerals during his self-abusive long-distance running activities! In particular, consider, he excreted potassium, one of the most critical heart nutrients extant, readily, when he copiously perspired!
FYI-A decrease of potassium (Hypokalemia) can profoundly effect the nervous system and increases the chance of irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias), which, when extreme, can be decidedly fatal.
...Folks! ...Just like our De-mineralized Jim Fixx! An obsessive jogger is dead in his cul-de-sac after only a few years of chronic mineral deficiency blithely provoked in just the manner described!
It's easy, even expected given the preceding, to drop dead from a heart attack!
Consider: true to form, after Jim Fixx died, his number one disciple Brian Maxwell increased his effort through physical fitness without supplemental minerals... and he fell dead in his early 50's, too! ...Seems uninformed celebrities can drop like flies.
In parallel, high-toned athletes, so many it does not require citation, have dropped dead mysteriously in a similar fashion! But Gee... lets go find an innocent and beneficial herb, like Ephedra, to blame.
Ephedra killed a few hundred people who abused it! Corporate vetted and FDA sanctioned Vioxx, on the other hand, killed at least 28,000 when taken as directed. There's irony so thick it can suck off your panty-hose!
--end of excerpt--
So, to stay skinny, I suspect Brittany, a latter day Fixx, would starve herself of trace minerals for long periods while sweating out potassium & more trace minerals exercising. This is what resulted in her sudden death... I'm guessing... and I am just guessing... ...but I think it's a relatively informed guess.
Maybe its just me but I think Brittany looked fine in 1995 at her more natural weight, back when she was in Clueless... in fact many of these "forced-skinny" girls only look kind of creepy, singularly un-alluring, and certainly not very healthy. I don't get it...
Now don't misunderstand! I don't recommend it, but for any of you misguided young ladies who feel the need to stay on a perpetual diet to maintain a weight 10 pounds below the minimum weight for your height... PLEASE do the following or risk death, little pilgrims!
1.. Take a "Plant-Derived Colloidal Trace Mineral Complex" with a minimum of 70 trace minerals.
2.. Take a Multi with "Organic-Chelated" minerals like Citrate or AAC (Amino-Acid Chelated)...NOT INorganic salts like carbonate & oxide. It must include, or you must add, a MINIMUM of 400mg of Calcium Citrate or AAC & 400mg of Magnesium Citrate or AAC.
3.. Take some highly digestible protein daily like a Whey Protein Isolate Smoothie and 3 or 4 lightly poached or very soft-cooked eggs. When you starve to lose weight & don't get enough protein, you lose muscle, SO, you lose heart muscle too.
4.. For some absolutely critical fiber & even more critical "Simple-Plant" Omega-3, (ALA) take 2 or 3 tbls of fresh ground Ghia Seed if money is not a problem... or a couple of tbls of fresh ground Flaxseed if money is a big deal.
FYI : I think every man, women & child should also take some form of the MUCH more powerful "Complex-Animal" Omega-3's, (EPA & DHA) from medicinal oils like fish oil, krill oil or cod-liver oil <<HOWEVER>> after taking Ghia Seed for Omega-3, adding more FAT from Fish Oil to get even more Omega-3 would be a hard sell to your average Paris Hilton wannabe.
Anyway, Ghia seed is about 3 times the price of Flax Seed with essentially the same % of Omega-3 & it is also excellent fiber!
The advantage of Ghia Seed is you can eat it without grinding it first (although I grind it) but the "biggie" is there is no Phyto-Estrogen in Ghia as opposed to the extremely high amount of same in Flaxseed.
Phyto-Estrogen in Soy, by the way, is supposedly the reason Jeremy Piven has grown Man-Boobs.
Anyway, grind both ghia or flax in a coffee-grinder yourself...the Omega-3 (ALA) in commercial PRE-ground flax seed will have too much oxidation... again, in my opinion.
Pre-ground Flaxseed is OK if it is "De-Oiled" (so, no Omega-3 fatty acids to go rancid)... you only find this in the top quality, expensive Fiber Formulas & "Super-Food Complexes" where you want the ground flaxseed for its excellent fiber contribution - not for its Omega-3.
5.. Take additional potassium if you are extreme-dieting, sweating & exercising or losing a lot of body fluid other ways... that means everything to include bleeding, spitting, tears & vomit (Hey! Somebody hold my hair...)!
"WARNING" - because of an antiquated, semi-silly law most supplements can't have over 99mg of potassium (symbol K) in each dose. This is because potassium (K) can be toxic if you take too much. Also it was felt that supplemental K was not necessary because it is one of the 3 numbers on the label of all artificial fertilizers... along with nitrogen & phosphorous. See? Every form of food gets potassium directly or indirectly from fertilizer.
The problem is a person currently needs about 4700mg (recently up from 2000) of potassium daily, so 99mg of K in your Multi is silly & pointless; HOWEVER, you shouldn't just go out and take 4700mg of K in supplement form without running the risk of taking too much if you already eat a high K diet of raw fruits & veggies (one med. Banana has 450mg of K).
So, if you are on a diet (especially some crazy starvation diet) & sweating a lot, then a good compromise is to take about 900mg to 1500mg in 3 divided doses of 300mg to 500mg at meals.
Remember this "K" dosing is not an exact science because you readily lose potassium when you sweat, bleed, or spit, and you need more K if you consume a lot of sodium (salt) - so there are variables that need to be considered.
Bottom line, a bulimic long distance runner in south Florida who eats salty pop corn while crying at sad movies and then throws-up... should take more potassium.
Supplemental Potassium is likely not needed if you lead a relatively normal life, with moderate exercise and a diet with lots of veggies, nuts & a small amount of WHOLE fruit (never juice).
Now, on to Piven's eagerly anticipated "Man-Boobs."
I don't think anyone has the definitive "dead-lock-nut" when it comes to explaining the effects of large amounts of Phyto-estrogen (plant-derived estrogen) in one's diet, especially a Male's.
The problem is we are already CONSTANTLY bombarded by Xeno-estrogens in plastics, car exhausts, cleaning products... it is even "out-gassing" from your computer... oh heck, fill in 2 or 3 hundred blanks and you just scratch the surface!
Now the Phyto-estrogen (PE) proponents will tell you that there is a substance in PE that, in fact, helps scavenge up harmful forms of estrogen, but that doesn't mean just go consume all the plant-form of estrogen you want without the possibility of some negative side effects... like being a guy with fun-bags, eh?
Additionally, high PE intake has been associated with an increase in cancer while the PE in moderate tofu consumption has been shown to reduce prostate cancer...gee, what to do?
Granted PE in Black Cohosh & tofu can be helpful for women going through menopause, but I think the data is there suggesting that everyone, especially babies, and children should avoid a crazy soy diet, morning, noon & night, comprised of the dangerous, "Fractionated" Soy Protein ISOLATE.
FYI : Fractionated - "Pieces-Parts" not found in nature...not a "Whole-Food".
These Soy "Franken-Foods" are found in Soy-milk, Soy baby formula, Soy powdered Protein, Soy (burgers, hot-dogs, bacon, turkey) & virtually ALL processed foods. Piven was drinking 3 quarts of Soy milk daily.
As I've been writing for years... the PE in 2 or 3 tablespoons of fresh ground flaxseed or a small amount of tofu (which is a Whole-food, not fractionated) likely won't hurt you. Though, on the other hand, if you go crazy with phony-baloney Soy ISOLATE I think you can have another "Eric Cartman" on your hands or sport Man-Boobs like Jeremy Piven. "I'm too sexy for my shirt..."
On Piven's Mercury Poisoning from fish:
Dr. House's name-escapes-me-main-babe -not "13," the other one- says there is no way to be poisoned from the trace amounts of mercury in sushi... OK, but all the top holistic Doc's, to include the #1 holistic practitioner on the web, Dr. Mercola, says that virtually all fish has mercury and that many of the bigger fish can easily poison you.
Mercola, to show how wide spread and serious the problem is, has also published the latest verification data on his website ... but hey, if the "House babe's union script-writer" said it, then it must be true, eh? They wouldn't lie on TV!
Anyway, there are brands of wild salmon, etc., specifically tested and found to be mercury free... but you have to investigate carefully.
BTW, don't let these mercury worries extend to Krill or Fish oils...the mercury is repelled by the oil so it is generally found only in the flesh of the fish. No, you only have to worry about toxins like PCB's, etc. in fish oils. So, your brand of medicinal oil must be Toxin-Free, and say so on the label!
So anyway, that's it for now... but yes, "small samples" notwithstanding, we can learn from the "Stars."
Uh... by the way, you know I was just kidding about that Deuteronomy thing, right? You'd only think God must look on celebrities more favorably.
Alan Graham
That's enough. Well be.
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