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U.S. - Israeli Complicity In Terror Plots Exposed,
FBI, Media Cover-Up Flight 253 Plot

From: Mathaba@mathaba
Uncomfortable facts are emerging from the terror plot on Delta Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit
First Posted: December 31, 2009. Last updated: January 2, 2010.
High-level help in yet another terror plot is emerging, along with U.S. F.B.I. and D.O.J. cover-up of the facts and outright involvement. History is rife with examples of intelligence agencies setting up terror plots - sometimes with unintended victims and consequences - and the Delta 253 terror plot is the latest such plot to have gone wrong.
Evidence is mounting of U.S. and Israeli complicity in this latest plot. The father Alhaji Umaru Abdul Mutallab of the young terrorist, is an accomplished Nigerian banker and ran the national arms industry (DICON) in patnership with Israel, Nigeria has extensive intelligence links to Israel.
The young man, son of the above, who tried to blow up the plane is a 23 year old Nigerian named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab; he has attended the British International School, Lome, Togo and studied engineering at the University College, London and was a master's in international business degree student at the Dubai campus of an Australian University.
A wife of his father, is from Yemen, and frequently travels to the United States, and Umar Farouk Abdul-Mutallab holds a Nigerian passport with a mutiple entry visa to the United States, which is valid until June 2010.
The young man fell out with his father, and chose to visit Yemen and mix with islamist terrorists, to join with those he believed to be at the opposite end of his father's allegiences (money, USA, banking, arms industry). He will not have known that those terrorists in Yemen are supported [link] by Israel's MOSSAD.
From there the young Mutallab sent a text message to his family in Nigeria renouncing them, which led his father, who is received as a VIP by the U.S. embassy in the capital Abuja, to visit that embassy to alert the U.S. of his son's activities in Yemen, on November 19.
As a result this information is shared by the U.S. embassy with U.S. agencies, resulting in the son being placed on a terror watch list. For this reason, the son cannot show that passport or he would be unable to board the Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam, where he flew after returning via Nigeria from Yemen.
(It is claimed by U.S. media that in Yemen he even met up with some of those released without charge from Guantanamo. 92% of those held and tortured by the U.S. for many years, were innocent of any terrorism, 6% were involved with the Taliban in Afghanistan, and at most 2% were said to have anything to do with Al-Qaida. We can trust the U.S. to have released any real terrorists, and to continue to hold any innocents.)
Instead of thus trying to fly on his compromised passport, the disheveled and poor-looking Mutallab is escorted by an expensively clothed Indian-looking man of around 50 years of age, who tells the boarding gate check box that Mutallab is a Sudanese and needs to board without a passport, and that "we do this all the time." Mutallab is silent and obedient, the Indian does all the talking.
The check in staff at the gate, naturally refuses, but takes the pair away to see their superior to deal with this case, and the entire conversation up to that point was overheard, unfortunately for the conspirators as it turns out, by successful Michigan lawyer Kuret Haskell, who is sitting a few feet away with his wife Lori, on their way home to the U.S. after a visit to Africa.
Naturally, as all things at European airports, all movements of all people are recorded on CCTV video, so it would be easy to track and identify the "Indian" accomplice of the bomber-to-be. Yet, as happened in London with the infamous 7/7 bombings, this material appears to be withheld from media and the public, and we are told to believe "authorities" there that there is no Indian and no accomplice.
Remarkable too is that these security companies involved with European airports are often Israeli, and run by ex-military or ex-MOSSAD Israeli agents, on the pretext that the threat is from islamist terrorists, an area Israel has experience with, but which then does not allow for checks against Israeli MOSSAD "false flag" operations, with ever tighter measures implemented against the public.
Meanwhile while the public is subjected to ever more discomforts and irrational fake security measures whilst keeping the terror threat alive, but military jets, private aircraft, and CIA-rented aircraft freely enter and leave European and other airports, often without any security checks or searches, with "VIP" passengers thus able to enter and leave countries often without any visa, as we learnt from the "extra-ordinary" rendition of U.S. abducted prisoners through Europe.
Back to the terror plot under examination. Shortly after the young Mutallab terrorist and his wealthy VIP "Indian" handler disappeared down the corridor to see higher-ups, the passengers along with the Haskells, boarded the flight. As there was no delay for departure to wait for the terrorist, it is evident that clearing the terrorist with the higher-ups took a matter of a minute or so - the "Indian" obviously has a high-level pass (CIA, MOSSAD or high level security clout).
Then the flight proceeds over the Atantic Ocean with no peculiar events, except for one man sitting somewhere in front of row 19 - the row the young terrorist is seated in - who films much of the flight on his cam corder, always facing back wards toward the terrorist, whom he is recording with extensive video footage. This passenger too, we are not told about, are not to ask about, and we do not get to see his video.
In a CNN News program, passenger Richelle Keepman states, "There was a man that, when we first took off, I noticed about 10 seats ahead of us to the left-hand side. He had a camcorder. I thought maybe this was his first flight and [he] was just excited. And then, when the actual incident occurred, I looked up, and he was the only one standing and filming the entire thing." In another CNN article, she states, "I don't know why he was standing up [when] we were supposed to be seated, and he was filming it."
The Haskells are sitting 8 rows behind, in row 27. Kurt Haskell does not notice the young terrorist again until shortly before landing, when passengers have already been instructed to buckle up for landing. A stewardess walks past mumbling something about the smell of smoke, and sure enough fire flames errupt from around the seat of the young Abdul-Mutallab, who is subdued immediately by passengers, the small and now wounded man offering no resistance.
Throughout this incident however, the man continues recording the terrorist, calmly and without interruption. Very unusual behaviour, as observed by many other passengers on board this flight. Then the pilot comes onto the intercom, somewhat nervously, to briefly announce an immediate landing, and the plane is floored, but then remains on the tarmac for 20 minutes before anyone is allowed to leave.
This 20 minute delay, is only something that can happen at a U.S. airport, the inefficiency of security and systems in the U.S. are well known to the world, both pre-9/11 and after it. Anywhere else in the world, such an aircraft with a subdued terrorist on board, would be evacuated immediately, and anywhere else in the world, passengers would be told to leave all baggage behind. Not so in the U.S.A.
After that 20 minute delay putting all passengers at danger of further fire as it had not been established that the aircraft was safe or that the fire had not spread out of sight into the skin of the craft or toward the fuel tanks, or bombs that may be stashed and detonate, the passengers are made to sit with all their luggage for around six hours as they are slowly interviewed by FBI agents and others.
After around an hour, dogs that arrived, sniffing for explosives, loved the smell of explosive substances in an Indian looking man's bag (Haskell confirms this Indian is much younger than the one in Amsterdam, who was not on board the flight) and this Indian is taken away in handcuffs. Yet, after this too, we no longer can hear any information about this Indian or what happened to him.
After that incident, an FBI officer makes an extraordinary announcement to the passengers, which Haskell recounts to popular alternative media investigative journalist Alex Jones during an extensive interview [link] also detailing his FBI interview, moving them to another location for the remaining 5 hours, and out of sight.
Although very important and reliable witnesses with essential testimony, the Haskells are not contacted for several days. Then the FBI pays a visit to their law offices, show them various photographs, attempt to impeach them, and fail to produce any video from Holland or anywhere else for that matter, fail to show full body photographs of the terrorist, only facial shots. They clearly are fishing for how much the Haskells saw, and not for the (Indian) accomplice(s), at least one of which is obviously working with the full protection of the authorities.
The FBI has changed its story 4 times, first denying the existence of the Indian man arrested at Detroit airport, later claiming he was from another flight, since this news item was first posted by Mathaba. The Haskell's testimony remains unchanged, persistent, and is not going away with this now all over the Internet.
Other parts of the story can be guessed at or surmised, for example, that the "Al-Qaida" claims are the work of MOSSAD with its agents in the CIA, and are designed to garner public support for stepped up U.S.-Israeli involvement in the recent war between the Yemeni government and those terrorists, which have consistently been supported by London and covertly by Israel. Or that the young terrorist thought he would really be blowing himself up and that the well dressed 50-ish year old Indian escort of his was a high-level "Al-Qaida" officer sent to help him and that he was really on a jihad mission and destined for Paradise. Or even that he was hypnotised or drugged. That his handlers knew full well that smoke and burns would only result as they ensured the device would not work (a would-be suicide-bomber can never test their equipment in advance, for obvious reasons), and that they would have a wall-to-wall TV worldwide coverage of the ongoing threat of Al-Qaida, terrorism, and of the "need" to take away further liberties in order to defeat it.
The timing of the latest terror threat could not be more convenient for the US terror and war industry: only two weeks prior president Obama was refused an extension and expansion of the infamous Patriot Act rushed in after 9/11 and since then used extensively for spying on the American populace. At the time the administration was only granted a 60 day extension until February. The broadcast of a "live" terror attack on an American aircraft will ensure that the CIA gets everything they ask for next time round. It will also boost the calls for a direct American involvement in Yemen, where the Obama administration has started a proxy war through Saudi Arabia, and it will give the security industry the green light for installing the body scanners they trialled in various countries amidst concerns of invasion of privacy. Amsterdam Schiphol has already announced their immediate deployment - this news item incidentally also notes a dutch investigation concluded that it was American security officials at Schiphol, who cleared the passengers to board the flight.
The cat is now literally out of the bag and cannot be put back. The awareness of people of all walks of life, like the Haskells, who are able to observe and think logically, ensures that sound conclusions are drawn on at least some issues such as this one. Several gaping holes are blown in the official version of events: the failure to produce the airport security video from Amsterdam Schipol, the "video passenger" on the plane, and the disappearing Indian(s). This awareness offers some faint glimmer of hope that one day enough people will put their trust, support and money into true news media networks such as Mathaba to stay informed rather than continue to swallow the misleading disinformation and continuously forgive the 3-letter money slave media (MSM) networks for their repeated and ongoing failures to cover news and issues that matter.
Mathaba urges any other witnesses at the airports at Amsterdam and Detroit as well as any passengers or crew from the Northwest Airlines flight, or anyone else with direct information to come forward via our secure contact form and to share that. Mathaba is the only news agency with a secure contact form so that witnesses and whistle-blowers can provide information without fear of being traced by their government, terrorists, or hackers. General contact is also available. We ask that you supply your contact details so that we can follow up and verify, and assure you that we honor the journalist tradition of confidentiality - whatever is told to us in confidence or not to be on the record, is not disclosed. We hope that more good citizens will come forward to back up existing testimonies or offer any further information that may help.
Note: For those wanting to delve deeper into the details of facts, opinions and logical deductions surrounding this case, the links in the article above serve as good starting points for further research. 

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