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Bits & Pieces
Part One of Two

By Jim Kirwan
Words like traitor, treason and crimes-against-humanity only receive the weight they deserve in relationship to who has directly and obliquely profited from the crimes they represent and who among the rest of us have been directly targeted for elimination with extreme prejudice.
When those that have committed these crimes are also the acting and official government officers and-or government agencies; whether they are acting officially or as players in black-ops operations that were created to conceal their actions: This detail alone compounds the malevolence of the crimes themselves. If criminal charges are not pursued then the treason at the very heart of each crime is exponentially expanded to include all those whose silence has led directly to the place where this world is now.
The guilty are demanding that the public just look-the-other-way; preferably sealing off our corrupted past from any future investigations into any aspect of the crimes that have clearly continued for the last decade. We have murdered over two million civilians in Iraq alone, since that war began in 1991 and there has never been any official explanation for what we politely call collateral damage: Despite the fact that we refer to them as 'Road-Kill' on the way to Empire. However this thought that we can"never look back" or that the way out 'for all of us' is simply to go forward into some non-existent bright new day, is just another horrific addition to the original crimes involved.
In fact the only way out of this ancient Labyrinth of Lies is to officially unearth the crimes of the past and to follow wherever the evidence will lead. The millions upon millions that have died must be accounted for because we cannot maintain any reverence for human life while simultaneously allowing ourselves to remain lawless and immune to the slaughters that we continue to be totally immersed in creating.
There are many things worse than death, but only if we understand the differences between those violations of 'trust' that can lead to 'betrayal' between individuals: In this case the same problem also occurs in the relationship between those that governments were formed to protect and serve: Versus those compacts, between people and authority that were shattered in favor of both criminal profits and global power over the rights of people everywhere, to exist or to prosper.
The difference between the personal level of betrayal and the massive scale of treason now operating here, cannot remotely even begin to describe the magnitude of the injustice or the slaughter of millions of innocent people when this ideal is used to look at what has happened between synthetic nation-states and their people around the world: Thanks to the American example of gross-criminality by the US government over the last ten years; this perversion of all that our original laws were written to prevent has become the only real 'fact-in-evidence' that is currently never considered as part of any equation-anywhere!
In all the years of research and the questions that have yet to be asked, much less'answered' by anyone in the requisite positions to do anything about the thousands of unanswered facts: a few things stand out. One of those things is that perhaps it is time to look this otherworldly beast directly in the eye and order it to back-off; while asking others to do the same; each in their own way.
Once a public begins to understand what greed and unwarranted terror combined can do, when these unholy weapons are used against people by the same vicious powers of 'Exceptionalism' whether the practitioners are Americans, Zionists or self-styled globalists, matters not at all. The betrayal, the treason and the lies have all combined in these vile and cowardly plans to attempt to cull the global population, to ruin the planet itself and in that process to finally complete the assassination of civil societies the world over. The audacity of this 'plan' is so monstrous-on-its-face that the public's incredulity alone has kept it from becoming even a small part of hardly any public knowledge.
Perhaps the hardest thing for most of us to ever accept is that there could actually be a total betrayal of us all, by the same people and organizations that were supposedly created to do just the opposite of what they are now doing in every inconceivable way to hasten their Endgame that will end our way of life. Here's a snapshot of what they have planned for us in 2012.
This whole enterprise has been in overdrive since the end of WWII; using and twisting every institution, every pillar of the society, and every possible formerly beneficial conduit to undermine and destroy the fabric of not just this society but all of humanity as well.
In the fifties a trial run was begun using something created as The House Un-American Activities Committee and together with Senator McCarthy's very-public and very-fascist public hearings; the depths of the public's real and secret fears of the government could be and were measured; to gauge just how much resistance there might have been to illegally used government power "in defense of national security." Needless to say they loved what they discovered, which was that individually Americans were basically afraid of their government whenever the words national security were even mentioned (in that case this was as the two became associated with the word communist). Shortly after the hearings I was in the Air force and saw first hand just how much purely trivial correspondence was rubber-stamped into secrecy for no other reason than to justify the false and ridiculously elevated view that so many of the lifers in the military at that time had of their own supposed self-worth.
The process was further tested by the paranoia of Nixon and his National Security advisor then; our very own international war-criminal now: Dr. Henry A. Kissinger. By Nixon's time the word "CLASSIFIED" had become a huge weapon in the hands of traitors to seal the fate of this generation of nearly mindless Americans, and with them almost any possibility for any kind of a grass-roots revolt against the powers that be right now. The way that Nixon was "allowed" to resign instead of having to face the impeachment he so richly deserved told everyone that looked with open eyes, the truth of what had by then become the critical last step needed, to complete this sell-out of the public and the rise of the so-called New World Order.
That "last-step" was the undisclosed fact that Nixon had threatened congress with complicity in what he had done; and that if his impeachment went forward then they would all be implicated in his fall-from-office. Because we did not prosecute Nixon for his crimes, we got Ronnie and his Death Squads, his Arms for Hostages, and the massive expansion of the so-called war on drugs which finalized another income stream for the massively secret-black-ops in perpetuity. The damning consequence in all of this treason came to rest in massive complicity between a more than compliant public and a fully corrupted government that would with the ascension of Bush Junior become the much-feared fascist police state that we are today.
With these crimes safely hidden by the public's fears of anything SECRET or even just CLASSIFIED the real destruction was free to begin to do its worst. This came to us in the form of total destruction of the remaining chards of representation that might still have existed anywhere within the government; as anyone found to be listening to public had to be defeated and removed. To this end the remaining shells of the major political parties were finally hollowed out and their remaining die-hard influences removed.
Today those political-parties and most of the major organizations have been not just compromised, but have in fact become one of the leading weapons against us all, in the current battle to save something from this war that seeks to end our lives, as certainly as it seeks to end our means to survive on any front. Today the same political-blather is cited and "reported on" as NEWS, when in fact it is nothing more than an alibi for treason and for murder-by-proxy on a massive scale. The only job that the political parties and all their many remaining tentacles-of-treachery concern themselves with are concerned with fraudulently misleading the public whenever possible and lying to us when all else fails; about everything that is being done in and by this government to each of us-one by one!
YES we have been had-BIGTIME. Now the question seems to be what if anything do we plan to do about it?
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