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'We Have Been Here Before'
By Jim Kirwan
The "We" above refers to the human race. The Book of Life can be changed if we remember the memories that were true before we allowed them to be corrupted by our failures to 'pay attention'.
The world faced a similar situation once before that wiped out about a third of the known world; it was called The Black Death. That event that directly preceded that Renaissance triggered a backlash that gave the world a new paradigm. Unfortunately shortly after the Renaissance began it became corrupted by the same greed and power that had ruled so brutally throughout the medieval world. But make no mistake, we have real options today and we must "use them or lose them" as the saying goes, or these options shall be lost forever. 'Life' by its very nature is persistent and will seek to live, regardless to the costs associated with its individual members.
In this struggle much has made of the battle between the Darkness and the Light and we know that this is not just a metaphor for what we all have to face at the moment. This current impasse is about what each of our lives is based upon and that has to be far more than prophecies or promises, and on even more than any religion can offer. If anything is to ever change in our lives, then life-itself has to be based on actions taken to physically change the criminal-world that too many have been feeding for centuries.
Greed, corruption and hate can never be enough of a reason for being: Just as 'being alive' can never be a passive act alone. To fulfill the promise inherent in each of us our lives must contain the proactive acceptance of taking risks from time to time, because 'taking-chances' is as much a part of life as breathing. This is the price which 'anyone that lives' must continue to pay for if there is ever be a better tomorrow, for any one of us.
Whether what we need is just found in rumors-on-the-wind or in the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome or even if it comes from something as obscure as a collective thought-form that has been hiding deep within the psyche: Whatever it might turn out to be will carry with it the belief that those with the guns and the podiums can absolutely be defeated!
Before the programming of the young began to close the doors of opportunity, to all except the few that see through their propaganda, even the children knew the truth about the lies we live by now. When societies no longer lived in those early city-states where involvement in public affairs was mandatory: We broke the voluntary chain of collective responsibility that came with living in any real community; and that led us to stop getting involved in "other people's problems." This situation that we face today represents just how far humanity has fallen from where we ought to be-that we can now let millions die of thirst or starvation or from simple neglect; because we fail to see that their problems are our problems; because everything on this earth is directly connected to everything else.
"ALLAN NAIRN: Well, the biggest issue is there are more than a billion people hungry in the world. It recently increased by a hundred million or so because of the Wall Street-induced financial collapse, but it was at about 900 million during the days of top prosperity, as defined by our current economic system. That's completely intolerable. Until everybody eats, no one should live in luxury.
You know how much it would cost to feed those billion people? Less, much less, than was spent on just the bailout of Citibank. No one in the US, no one in any party leadership, talks about shifting those resources to do that. In fact, the President could do that with his own executive authority. For a deeper, longer-term solution, you'd have to change trade rules, you would have to change the IMF and the World Bank, so that farmers in currently hungry areas would have the same opportunities and protections that US yeoman farmers once had back in the age of Jefferson, when the US protected its farmers. But a president or even a rich person like a Gates or a Carlos Slim or a Buffett could instantly feed half the world. The World Food Program, every few months, comes out with a desperate bulletin, saying we've got to cut back the calorie rations because we're not getting enough for this or that program.
You know, in US politics, people face a bitter choice. You can't vote for the-with a two-party system, you can't vote against murder, you can't vote for ending starvation. So they say, "My god, I guess I'll go for the Democrats, because if I don't, they're going to move my Social Security to Wall Street, they'll end gun control, they'll end women's choice." So you end up backing these direct mass murders and the allowing of babies to have their brains deformed due to lack of food. That's not tolerable.
I agree with those lunatic tea party people: we need a revolution. We need-now, they're talking about a revolution to put a white person in charge. I'm talking about a revolution for change. Nothing radical, really. Just enforce the laws, those US laws, the murder laws, and shift a few dollars from people who merely want it, people like us who-you know, we live in luxury; we have all the food we could possibly eat in many lifetimes-and shifting it to people who need it to keep from being stunted, who need it to keep breathing, people-we can do that. You know, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan." (1)
It is actually 'up to us' to begin to live in the real world again-that world where personal responsibility and dedicated actions really matter again. Everything about this place is false; from our governments all the way down to our own individual ways of living life or facing death.
We are not children that need to remember only the good things in life, as if our lives could somehow be contained in a neat and ordered book of "safe memories" that can be protected from the randomness and dangers that are as much a part of our existence as the light we see each morning that comes unbidden with the dawn of each new day.
For most of us our 'personal book of memories' is often tattered, torn and sometimes damaged by the lives we have lived; and yet despite the regrets which such a metaphorical album might contain; these things do in fact contain the truth of our own existences, and to know them is to know that we have been able to live with both success and failure to varying degrees.
The solution to this nightmare is really still up to us to begin to change it. We must begin to live in the real world again; that world where personal responsibility and determined actions of the individual really matter. Everything about this place we're living in is fake, from our governments to our individual ways of life-no wonder we're so miserable! We're not the automatons which the New World Order wants us to be; just living for some 'undeserved-payday' that we stole from someone else's life. We have allowed this place to become an artificial theme-park built on the blood-drenched sands of other people's misery, of illicit profits supported and maintained by starvation, by thirst and by disease. That is not living. This is the life of the scavenger-vultures of capitalism in their most visible form.
This world belongs to everyone that lives in it and if the majority refuses to demand the freedoms that their own birthright gave to each of them; coupled with the right to choose their own lives, their own thoughts and their own dreams without the constant companion of "a Big Brother" inside every waking moment of their lives-then the only way that his can happen is if the world comes together and destroys the powers that created these artificial chains of control, and sends them back to that particular hell from which they obviously have escaped.
If this criminally-created surrender of us to them, is ever going to be blocked, then it will be because ordinary people in their millions will have begun to rise up in their billions for what is their by right of birth as full members in the human race. This is the truth that the New World Order does not want you to know, much less the knowledge that goes with it which is that not only can you do it-according to everything that is sacred about life or death: it is your duty to at least "try."
The monsters want us to fear the shadows while they feed us with crude suspicions with which they have tried to suffocate us; but those same shadows can also hide our collective strengths, while we prepare, perhaps to threaten their collective future.
I've lived in the shadows most of my life; not by design but because apparently 'life' had other things in store for me. It seems like it has been centuries but those shadow have only sharpened the truth which the light can bring to anyone that looks for it. Without the shadows the light is too bright to see clearly and the darker it gets the more visible is the light. Then there are all those cracks in everything that the shadows actually obscure: "that" as Leonard Cohen says "is how the light gets in." If we pass up this opportunity then just like the song says we're going to be busted in the blinding lights of "Closing Time"! (2)
Think about it and you'll begin to see just how many ways there are to use the shadows and the cracks to turn this nightmare upside down and end it as the threat to all of us that it really has always been.
1) Obama Has Kept the Machine Set on Kill ­ video & text
2) Closing Time - Leonard Cohen, video
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