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American Air Security Is A Farce
By Karl Schwarz
Only in America could 'romance' be confused with 'terrorism' and shut down an entire airport for hours and completely screw up domestic and international air travel.
Yep, only in America do they hire the most ignorant nitwit dumbasses they can find to man the TSA slots and over and over again create havoc, no security whatsoever at America's airports.
This article just appeared in a UK newspaper.  These are the pictures and the raw video of the Newark New Jersey TERROR SCARE that recently brought that airport to a grinding halt.
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1241551/The-kiss-literally -felt-round-world-Man-shut-Newark-Airport-hours-giving-woman-goodbye-kiss.ht ml
One has to consider the irony and sheer stupidity of this to get it straight in your head.  The Obamaites knew the alleged terrorist was on the Amsterdam to Detroit flight but did nothing to stop it.  Hmm, that stinks to high heaven unless they already knew it was a false-flag bogus terror threat.
They are not talking at all about the fact that the man's mother LIVES IN YEMEN and he may have been there to see her, not Al Qaeda.  Nor are they talking about the fact that his Nigerian father is intimately involved in Nigerian defense matters with Israeli Mossad and defense contractors.  
Then in New Jersey the man kisses a woman goodbye and leaves the airport, so shut the entire place down and back up domestic and international jets while TSA plays "Where's Waldo?"  Think on that a moment for the day may come that your life, or your freedom and liberty, depends on thinking clearly.
There is a single word that fits this recent Newark fiasco:  Absurd.
The underlying question is how is it they have the security set-up so lax that he could have gone around it and kissed her goodbye?  Think on that one because it is a MAJOR FLAW in their layout at that airport.  The problem was not the man kissing her goodbye.  He was not the problem, the problem is the TSA and all of their pretense plans of 'defending air passengers'.
I have seen many of these TSA people up close and personal.  If Americans think they are the frontline defense of America to protect and defend air passengers, America needs to get head out of ass before the brain damage is permanent.  These morons could not defend a neighborhood lemonade stand from a water balloon assault.  Some of the TSA retards cannot spell 'Mom' or 'Dad' frontwards or backwards, but yeah, dey be defenden you.  
I was in the Atlanta Hartsfield airport one day headed to Europe and a TSA goon was groping the breasts of a 14 year old Belgian girl that was traveling alone.  She was understandably both offended and horrified.  She spoke Flemish and French, very little English.  I told him to take his filthy hands off the girl's breast before I sent him on an emergency room run to the hospital.
He stepped back and drew his gun on me, at which time I told him to go for it.  He glanced around and hundreds of people were glaring at him just like I was.  He had to take an "emergency break" he forgot to take earlier in the day.
She waited for me and thanked me.  We were both on the same flight and as it happened she was seated next to me for the next 8.5 hours from Atlanta to Paris.
In broken English she asked me how any man could do such a thing to a girl as if she was a terrorist?  It was hard to apologize to her for the actions of the TSA and its improper conduct towards her.  I would not blame her if she never returned to the US.  
I have a friend in the US who is Danish.  Her sister will never again travel to the US to visit her sister.  She had been in and out of the US many times visiting a family member, but the TSA strip search of her was the last straw.  It is not about protection, it is about demeaning, defiling and humiliating people.  Complete retards are at the alleged front line and they are idiots.
Give an idiot authority and there is no other possible outcome but idiotic.
On that same business trip and returning to America, one would have to have been there to appreciate the banality of those supposedly 'defending America'.
I was in line boarding the return flight and had to hand my passport to the 'TSA Interrogator' at the Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris.
TSA: "Why are you traveling to United States, Mr. Schwarz?"
Karl: "I am a US citizen and I live there.  Do you not recognize an American passport?"
TSA: "Where do you plan to go in the United States?" Karl: "Uh, Atlanta.  That is a valid US passport of a US citizen.  Where I go in the US after that is frankly none of your business, here or there."
TSA: "We have the right to ask that question." Karl: "No, you have the right to ask a foreigner traveling on a visa that question.  Not a US citizen holding a valid US passport."
TSA: "Have you had your carry-ons with you at all times prior to boarding?"
Karl: "Except when your people were rummaging through it, yes."
TSA: "Do you harbor any terrorist intent towards the United States?"
Karl: "No.  Question, have you caught any terrorists on this gig?"  
TSA: [blank stare]
Karl: "I didn't think so.  Give me my passport."
This increasingly intrusive, belligerent, asinine system is not about protecting you.  It is about controlling you, defiling you, demeaning you, bullying you and herding you like an animal.
And soon with backscatter X-ray scanners to strip-you-virtually-naked (TSA pervert and pedophile paradise) and shred your DNA at the same time (and remember, these machines were ordered many MONTHS ago), you'll be defiled and demeaned on a whole new level.
Yessir, bend over, relax and fly those friendly skies....
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