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Zionism - The Worst Plague
In The History Of Mankind
By Ed Ward, MD


Your rights end at the tip of my nose and vice versa. All else is zionist fascism and blasphemy of god, constitution and mankind. And if that ain't good enough for you - Fa Q and See Below Me!

Zionism places 'the chosen' as more equal than anyone that doesn't support their dogma and justifies the destruction, control and even murder of 'the heathen' for any BS scam reason imaginable. blasphemy against god/nature/mankind. Murdering scumbags suffices for me. However, the Jewsih religion is the ONLY major religion to note its Zionism.


Zionism = The Worst Plague in the History of Mankind: The Mass Worship of God and Religious Elite's Blasphemic Rulings.

(Since 'Conception' a Body Pile of Billions - Every Minute of Everyday the Body Pile Grows as the Blood Money Flows. It makes repulsive visual reality and it just goes on.)

My God's Better Than Your God. My God's Better Than Yours.

My God's Bigger and Faster and Shinier Than Yours

So, if I get this religious blasphemy right. Jesus would be damned because the didn't go to Allah's Mosque. Ghandi would be damned because he didn't go to Jesus's church. Good people that did all they could to live their lives as Jesus/Ghandi/etc would be damned because they didn't go to the right blasphemic church?

Well, that isn't God, at least any God I've ever read about. It's BS, blasphemy and evil. That God is Damned by everything I know about good, right and fair. My God is a tad different. If you were Ghandi, Jesus, etc, or just one that throughout his life did all they could to live as they did - You In Baby and Thank You, if there were only more of you. Anything else is blasphemy of all I know about of God and God's Will - His words never start in deceit and lies and never end on them.

BTW, God = God, entity, energy, nature, karma, appropriate etc. And if god is just energy, nature, karma or nothing - I'll still be happy with the way I lived my life.Just don't start no sh!t, won't get no sh!t and if I can help you - seem to be deserving - I will.

It's Not Rocket Science, or even that hard, most of the time.

No crusades, inquisitions or wars needeed. No churches needed. No tithes for church's opulence/pastor's living - as if someone else is closer to my God than Me. Hilarious. My bond is between God and me, and there there is no blasphemic or amener middle-man-parasite needed.

The biggest waste in all of mankind's time is the difference between what we are and what we could/should be.

See the history of a miniscule portions of zionist control in US.

Proofs of a Conspiracy against all Nations/Religions - Published in 1793 as the zionist cults were forming here in US.


Take a look at 'Operation Northwoods'. The Basic Start a War and by murder and treason - CIA Basic Plan - 911


The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, by Bill Moyers


Israel Zionists and US Fascists Murder USS Liberty Crew in War Plot - Operation Cyanide and the 303 Committee Vigilant Guardian, Global Guardian, 

Dead in the Water

During the Six-Day War, Israel attacked and nearly sank the USS Liberty belonging to its closest ally, the USA. Thirty-four American servicemen were killed in the two-hour assault by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats. Survivors were placed under threat of prison for revealing the atrocity.

Excellent BBC Documentary. 


Google 'Ed Ward MD' for many more...

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