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What If?
By Michael James in Germany
What if we could live in Freedom without Fear of speaking our minds
Without Fear of prosecution or false imprisonment
Upbraiding the Enemies who live amongst us without litigation
And the prospect of being hauled before the Sanhedrin?
What if God walks amongst us and is our Friend?
What if those who Presume to govern us become our Servants
And listen to the yearnings of our hearts' own desires
To live in a world free of usury, Zionism and economic servitude
So that our children have a Future and will never be slaves?
What if God walks amongst us and is our Provider?
What if we were Free to earn by the sweat of our brows
Bounty enough to provide for our wives, our families and our friends
Without the Usurious Theft of the produce of our Exploited Labours
Purloined by those who feed upon the peculation of our Dignity?
What if God walks amongst us and gives succour to our cause?
What if we were to see among homeless Europeans and Americans
Our negligence to challenge the Lies of the Bolshevik New World Order
And the environmental Eco-Fascism born of a Hatred of Mankind
Serving only to aggrandise the Parasitic Elites and Satan's Bankers?
What if God walks amongst us and brings Tears of Shame to our eyes?
What if we were to rail against abortion
And seek Justice against the murderers of beautiful European children
Thus filling this vastly resourced and under-populated world
With the inherent ingenuity of those who would save us?
What if God walks amongst us and cries for our loss?
What if we rekindled a Love for our own Kind, Kith and Kin
And fight for the restoration of our Independence as Free Nations
Detaching ourselves from the Demonic Burden of World Governance
Destroying with the shout of a billion voices the Tower Of Babylon?
What if God walks amongst us and gives Fire to our Invective?
What if we had the Courage to be the Freemen we were Destined to be
And raised our voices as of One
To vanquish the tirade of Mischievous Lies that pervert all Reason
And share the Truth amongst ourselves without either Fear or Favour?
What if God walks amongst us and helps us to free our minds?
What if we had stood against the Evil of Cain and the Ashkenazim
Against the profiteering wars instigated by the Snake of Judaism
That by cunning turned all that was the Gold and Silver of European Man
Into base metals derived from the alchemy of suffering and mass murder?
What if God walks amongst us and forgives us for our duplicity?
What if we brought to the Flames of Justice those who have conspired
To rob us of the Paradise that was Ours from the Beginning of Time
Avenging the Deceivers who led us unto the Edge of the Abyss
Forcing The Destroyers and Usurers to make recompense for their crimes?
What if God walks amongst us and embraces us as our attorney?
What if we were to open our eyes
To all the Hideous Falsehoods we were taught from the day we were born
Reminding our men-in-arms as to their real constitutional loyalties
Paying no observance to the mediated Mouth of Filth in our homes?
What if God walks amongst us and continues to tell us the Real News?
What if we were to expose Their Lies to those who have ears to hear
And pay not one more dime to the Pharisees
And withdraw our consent from the State
And declare Personal Secession?
What if God walks with us on the Path of Liberty?
What if you were to be the tinniest spanner in the works
For a million tiny spanners maketh an entire machine irreparable
Bringing the entire Demonic System to a grinding halt
Until it is called upon you to fight?
What if God fights alongside you as your Leader?
And what if God requires that you be your Own Leader
Then teach others to do the same unto themselves
So that Freedom from Tyranny will be yours
And your Children shall inherit the Earth?
What if?
Mike James, an English patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and is surreptitiously working towards a free and independent England.
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