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Turkey's Human Compassion
Applauded In The West

To Ms. Caroline Glick
Jerusalem Post
This is an open letter that is being widely circulated among many influential academics, writers, politicians, activists, and other professionals in numerous fields, all over the world. All who read it have full permission from the author to re-publish it anywhere they please, or to otherwise further circulate it among their associates and acquaintances.
Ms. Glick:
I am writing to you from 'the West'. There is a certain degree of pathetic human empathy in watching someone expose their ongoing faith in their delusions, even as those delusions are crashing down around them on every side. I felt such empathy for you as I sat here only a few moments ago, in a small town in the United States, and read your recent article from the Jerusalem Post entitled "Column One: How Turkey Was Lost". (Isn't modern technology both amazing and wonderful, in its ability to both spread the truth, and expose blatant lies?). In this article you complain about the inability of the Turkish people to continue to witness Israeli atrocities without responding with simple and decent human compassion. As I read your imperious delusions, I just could not help but feel some degree of awareness of our shared human pathos, and empathy for your 'brave' refusal to acknowledge the stark and true reality of what is happening around you.
With the staggeringly horrific rain of death cast down (in "lead") upon the trapped and defenseless civilian population of Gaza, the Zionist State of Israel has fully exposed the naked face of the horrifically self-centered cruelty and barbarism that lies at the heart of the blatantly racist and evil project that Zionism has become. You should be advised, madam, that with the advent of modern communications technology, the entire world saw, with our own eyes, right out in broad daylight, what you did. You, (and all of 'humpty's' horses and men), have no power, madam, none whatsoever, to erase the indelible images of this horrific reality from the minds of hundreds of millions, adding up to billions, of people.
Through skillfully clever manipulations of older communications technologies, the Zionist enterprise 'got away' with Sabra and Shatilla, though even after these 27 years, many of us have not forgotten. You dodged responsibility for your other repeated atrocities against innocent people. You have slaughtered thousands of innocent people with relative impunity, people whose only 'crime' was human compassion for your victims, and the misfortune of living within reach of your self-centered and murderous cruelty. Apparently you became so arrogant in your impunity that you came to assume that you could exert control over the Truth forever, no matter what you did. You thought you could commit mass murder, right out in the open on the world's stage, and still get away with it, even in this new age of democratic mass communications that is completely beyond your power to control.
But as you are now learning, you were wrong! You went one atrocity against humanity too far this time, and millions upon millions of people have awakened to the ugliness of the racist thirst for ethnic cleansing, even to the extent of genocide, which lies at the root of the very ethos of Zionist Israel. Did God himself again command his 'chosen people', Ms. Glick, to commit genocide, this time against the innocent Palestinians? It is clearly written in the holy legends and mythology of Judaism itself that God himself commanded that His 'chosen people' should slaughter the Canaanites, that they should murder every man, woman, and child among them, and even all their livestock, in order to possess the 'promised land'. Do Zionist Jews still claim authority directly from God for the murders you commit?
It is tragic now, and steeped in maddeningly ironic frustration among sympathetic people, to watch the Jews, who only a few decades ago commanded the world's outpouring of excruciatingly pained sympathy for their suffering, as they now bring the inevitability of more suffering down upon themselves by committing against others the very same types of atrocious genocidal crimes that were committed against them. Who could ever have thought that the Jews would take up the methods of mass murder under which they had so recently suffered at the hands of the Nazis?
Just so you know, Ms. Glick, your foolishly deluded, (but oh-so-neat), 'us against them' division of the world is nothing but a rapidly dissolving illusion. Many millions of us here in the United States, in numbers that are growing every day, (right here within the ramparts of the bastion of 'the West'), have come to see Zionist Israel as the wantonly criminal state that it so clearly has become. Did you really think that in this day and age of modern mass communications technology, you could commit this horrific criminal bombardment of a trapped and defenseless civilian population and the world would not notice? Did you really think the world would not feel the pain of deprivation wrought by the cruel blockade of 1.5 million people into an open air prison?  One can only shake one's head at the sheer 'chutzpa' from which this degree of deluded folly has grown.
Rest assured, Ms. Glick, that by the same 'magic' that brought your article before my eyes here in a small town in the US, millions upon millions of people, all over the world, (a hundred times more people, and more, than there are Jews in the entire world), have directly witnessed what you Zionist Jews did, and we will never forget. (No more than we could ever forget what Hitler did to you).
Although it seems clear enough that you, and other apologists for the criminal State of Israel, have not yet embraced this ineluctable reality, it is clear enough to billions of people that the horrific crime against humanity perpetrated by Zionist Israel against the innocents in Gaza will be long remembered as a watershed event in the History of the World.
Though the Jewish Lobby yet exerts powerful control over the US Government, and over the traditional American mass media, and in academia, please be advised, madam, that through our access to modern democratic media technology, millions upon millions of people in 'the West' are as repulsed as are the people of Turkey by the base criminality, now fully exposed in Gaza, of Jewish Zionism.
My heart is heavy with the staggeringly tragic irony in this. I can only pray that Jews will awaken from the evil folly of their mass-psychosis, which has clearly robbed them of any vestiges of their moral compass, before they are served their just desserts for what Zionist Israel has done.
R Zwarich
Residing in the USA
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