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Welcome To The Masquerade
By Jim Kirwan
Since the days of Lyndon Johnson that began almost forty-five years ago, with the assassination of JFK, the American public has been a reluctant participant in a Masquerade Ball wherein everyone with a titled position has been playing a double or in some cases even a triple part in this charade.
The major problem for the public has been that they cannot seem to tell the players apart; even with the now clearly marked lists of criminals that had been thought to be part of the defense of the nation-the public just cannot seem to understand the specifics of what is and has been happening throughout all the years since LBJ became the Dictator-despite the last nine full years and hundreds of thousands of articles about every facet of this Masquerade.
First: Everyone among the most affected must understand that party affiliations are transitory and misleading tokens that signify nothing of value to anyone in the electorate. The political parties in the United States are simply different wings of the same private club-with no real differences between any of them. The professionals covet the real power behind the offices they seek, and almost none of them care about what the public might think about what they do for themselves as officeholders in the country. These people are like Vampires that survive on the blood-money they are able to steal from the public in a hundred different ways each and every day. The "issues" that supposedly matter to the rest of us are just so much useless paper to be disposed of in order to increase their "take" from everything we do to try and survive.
The government and the constitution has been dead and buried since the 1968 obscenity of the 'Democratic" convention in Chicago-and nothing that has been done since has been able to push back this theft of our FREEDOM to speak or to demand redress for our grievances with the continuing fascist police-state that has existed since those police riots shut down that convention.
Secondly: Since the era of Ronald Reagan, the government has become a full partner with the criminal-enterprises that run the gangs and the now the thoroughly corrupted US Department of CRIMINAL-Just-Us that has locked up their competition in the drug trade while becoming the Vulture that protects the Hyena's and the Jackals that have been bred to control all aspects of what was once a society. Their cover story remains hidden behind the Office of The National Intelligence Director:
This is who and what tried on 5-5-05 to mandate the National ID Card, and who has continued to oversee what has now become known as Viper-Teams of thugs whose job is to harass, torture and arrest any potential terrorists that they might 'think' are dangerous-without any proof beyond the suspicions of a bunch of mental retards in Darth-Vader body armor. These Viper-Teams began as early as 2005.
"A VIPER operation began early Tuesday and lasted through the afternoon," reports WVEC. "As many as 60 people with the TSA, the tunnel police, Coast Guard, NCIS, FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Norfolk Police and Virginia Beach Police are part of the security checkpoint that's occurring on both ends of the span. This is the first checkpoint at the CBBT [Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel] since the teams were created in 2005,"
Yesterday a story came out that underscores the depth of what is being done to us now, making full use of these Viper-Teams and their controllers.
"Three armed felons tried to rob an El Paso, Texas Police Officer (he's in civilian clothes) in front of a bank. The plan was to grasp his back pack and get away on a stolen motorcycle. The well prepared Police Officer shot all of them, managing to kill 2 at the scene. The 3rd one was shot in both arms. Gun used: a 40 cal pistol."
Extremely graphic link (1)
A respondent to this story commented: " Had you or I shot them, we'd be sitting in jail charged with carrying a concealed weapon and three counts of second degree murder for excessive use of force. Is this a great country or what?" This was my response: "No we'd be DEAD, right beside them ~ for SUSPICION of TERRORIST ACTIVITY~ which has now become a FELONY, punishable by death-on the spot, courtesy of the Viper-Teams, from HOMELAND INSECURITY!" These teams are human versions of the predator missiles that we use overseas to murder ordianry people wholesale.
This is just one of the indicators of how far the system has deteriorated under Obama who was selected 'NOT' to CHANGE America but to insure that the changes already made become permanent! A second example of the lawlessness being currently enforced by the government itself, through blind indifference to rising crime rates and gang activity: Reinforced by government sponsorship of the gangs and drug distribution-just underscores what happened in Northern California recently, when a fifteen year old girl was gang-raped, beaten and tortured by at least ten individuals, on school grounds, outside a school dance.
"And now it is those 400 students and the rest of the 1,600-strong student body, along with their teachers and community leaders, who are wrestling to make sense of what happened. It doesn't take much to trace the cause, they say.
Take the poverty-driven frustration of inner-city Richmond, a youth street culture that glorifies thugs and applauds degradation of women, and the desensitization of young men through violent video games, music and language, and you have a template for trouble.
"This is like a lot of schools, where most of the kids are good kids - and then, we know which ones are going wrong," said Charles Johnson, one of Richmond High's security specialists.
"You wouldn't believe the stuff we have to put up with those few who go wrong - guns, dope busts, fighting," Johnson said. "We know that courtyard, and we've been waiting for something to happen there.
"I'm sorry it had to be this terrible."
Johnson, teachers and students at least partially blame the attack on the lack of lighting, sturdy fencing or security cameras on the courtyard, which abuts a rough neighborhood on the northern end of the campus on 23rd Street. Signs for the Norteño and Crips gangs are scrawled in huge letters on a wall near the driveway leading into the courtyard.
On Saturday, district officials confirmed plans to install higher fences around the entire school before next summer, and to firm up security in general - but the challenges will still be steep. Johnson also blames the attack and much of the school's troubles on nonstudent "outsiders" - as several of the attack suspects are - who regularly trespass on campus, and they are much less respectful of authority than the students themselves.
But as much as anything, the attack stems from the way the roughest young men treat women, Johnson and the others say. And this is a problem that extends far beyond the East Bay campus' borders.
"This attack was about street culture, and the need to change that mind-set," said Jay Leonhardy, a nationally recognized community organizer who heads Richmond's Youth Works, which steers at-risk kids into work and education programs. "It's not something you change overnight, and it is not unique to Richmond, Oakland, Portland or Los Angeles. It's everywhere" Read more (2)
This pathetic excuse for human behavior is becoming more and more frequent and will soon become one of the new standards of behavior in the FAILED WORLD ORDER. This is what we encourage in the places where we send in the troops - so it should come as no surprise when there is a backsplash over here.
There is no more valid excuse for the failure of personal responsibility in relationship to anyone's 'FREEDOM' than this particularly hideous CRIME of barbarism. I've been thinking about this since it happened, but without those people that supposedly "live" in Richmond actually willing to do anything whatever about this - then what remains to be said? How can anyone argue with imbedded-violence and a long-standing hatred of women; backed up by entrenched APATHY?
The "Masquerade" and our failure to decode what's really happening to us under their near absolute control over the population is responsible for all of these obscenities that are now becoming commonplace. Any population that is forced to live without Freedom is not a free society at all ­ but only an isolated group that 'exists' in semi-permanent denial whenever it comes to the truth behind the events of these war-torn days, at home as well as abroad.
We can fight the lawlessness, the theft and the corruption but without FREEDOM what is living worth?
1) *WARNIUNG GRAPHIC* Armed robbers try to rob off-duty cop
2) Richmond Gang Rape Seen as Inevitable

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