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40,000 Get 'Serious Virus' In
Ukraine - At Least 30 Dead
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Hello Jeff - Indications are pointing to an explosion of the Swine Flu, especially since the vaccine is delayed and most of the world has no vaccine at all (if it even works) to slow down the spread. It seems chances are also now favoring a viral recombination/evolution into something more virulent.
In the US, we are now seeing human-to-human transmission of tamiflu-resistant strains.
A-H1N1 is also spreading around the globe in animal populations, most notably in increasing swine herd infections, and poultry...like the infected turkeys in Chile last Summer and then last month in Turkeys in Canada.
I think Dr. Henry Niman is correct in his assertion that once people see the virus spread and kill, they will demand vaccine but none will be available in most areas.
This could, indeed, lead to a full-blown panic...allowing the government to implement
a wide-range of unpleasant options. This may be a very "hot" cold Winter.
40 000 Contract Serious Virus In Ukraine, 30 Dead
By Andrew Moran
Digital Journal
As the world enters the [influenza] season, another possible virus emerges as 30 people in the Eastern European country of Ukraine have died from this latest flu [virus infection].
Each country is dealing with their own cases of the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus infection and many have even [under]taken vaccination, but is H1N1 the only flu out there? A viral infection in Ukraine has taken the lives of 30 people and at 1st it seemed like an ordinary flu but after a week the symptoms worsened.
Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports 40,000 Ukrainians have contracted the disease and at least 100 are in the hospital. Tests are currently being conducted and all that is known is that it is not the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 strain of influenza virus [but see comment below].
A large number of schools and childcare facilities are being shut down, especially in the city of Lvov [Lviv in western Ukraine - Mod.CP]. Also, government agencies are handing out surgical masks and gloves to people in the western part of Ukraine.
However, Russia Today is reporting that it is A/H1N1 or Californian Flu [i.e., the A/California/7/2009 strain from which the current pandemic vaccines are derived - Mod.CP] and the total number of deaths is closer to 40.
Prime Minister Timoshenko [of Ukraine] stated, "Express-tests cannot provide a hundred percent verification of the virus; they give only 50 percent accuracy. That's why blood [samples from] those who died were sent to special laboratories for further testing, and only this morning it was confirmed that at least 11 deaths were caused by the A/H1N1 [pandemic 2009] virus."
The Ukrainian government is calling for international aid to help fight their epidemic and President Yushchenko believes the country needs more than USD 6 million to battle the epidemic.
Communicated by ProMED-mail
ProMED-mail also thanks Sharon Sanders for bringing this outbreak of an undiagnosed influenza-like illness to our attention. It now appears, contrary to an initial denial and continuing uncertainty, that the outbreak is likely a consequence of pandemic A (H1N1) 2009 virus infection. ProMED-mail would welcome further information from any informed source.
The HealthMap/ProMED-mail interactive map of Ukraine can be accessed at: http://healthmap.org/admin/prolink.php - Mod.CP
Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural Economics Univ of West Indies Please visit my "Emerging Diseases" message board at: http://www.emergingdisease.org/phpbb/index.php Also my new website: http://drpdoyle.tripod.com/ Zhan le Devlesa tai sastimasa Go with God and in Good Health 
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