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US Communism, Food, Healthcare
("The Little Paper")

By Mary Sparrowdancer
Copyright © 2009
All Rights Reserved
"Their aim was to gradually change the nature of the Party's activities while keeping the old name." -- Anton Pannekoek, "Social Democracy and Communism," 1919, 1927
The word "conspiracy" has been reduced, with the help of Hollywood and mainstream propaganda to mean something that should be dismissed, ridiculed, and equated with lunacy ­ as though it does not and never has existed except in the minds of those who have lost their minds.  For well over 100 years, however, conspiracy has been used by an elite few to reshape the U.S. government away from our original Republic in which individual rights were honored, into a regime of coercive State power backed by corrupt communist monopolies of power that have given themselves the ability and right to "take" any of our private property and private wages from individual owners and redistribute the wealth elsewhere, including to failing monopolies.  The most recent State threat is that of forcing Americans to turn their private wages over to the corrupt insurance industry, which will in turn funnel dollars back into the broken medical "healthcare" industry.  Karl Marx wrote, "the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence:  Abolition of private property."
Although the takeover of the United States during the "Progressive Era" (the 1890s to the 1920s) was a bloodless coup on the surface, more careful inspection reveals that some of the Socialists and Communists hiding under the anonymous cover of "government agents," were and are known for ruthlessness, bloody savagery and un-American acts of terrorism against Americans that one would better expect to witness in a Bolshevist police/military state.
The stated goals of the Socialists and Communists as recorded in the minutes of some of their meetings held in and around New York City during the early 1900s have included abolishing all U.S. conspiracy laws that stand in the way of their desired monopolies, destroying the Constitution, creating an unconstitutional and historically illegal income tax on Americans' labor, gaining control of the government and media from the inside, establishing a compulsory public school system through which children will be indoctrinated to communist propaganda, and they have established barbaric eugenics programs in the U.S., the likes of which the rest of the world has yet to duplicate, although Hitler tried.
It was the industrialization of grain agriculture that should have eventually given us a very clear clue of the identity of those taking over the United States from the inside.  Our clue should have come from the flag of the former USSR, which contained the symbols that represented communism: a hammer and a sickle.  The hammer represented industrialization and the sickle represented agriculture. The combination of industry with agriculture is one of the ten steps toward achieving a communist state as outlined by Marx and Friedrich Engels in the Manifesto of the Communist Party.
Unlike the Russian Bolshevik party, which was a majority faction of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, those pushing for communism here in the U.S. have consisted primarily of a minority of highly educated, well-funded people and some had been recent immigrants. In their meetings they first used the Marxist ideas when stating their goals but somehow lost sight of the working people and shifted goals and agendas to create monopolies of power for themselves.  When monopolies are so large that they can create the laws that govern us all and they can control Congress and the White House with their money, it is the monopolies that become a form of uncontrolled "shadow" government that the People cannot address.
Major organizations, publications and newspapers embracing communism were centered in New York City and other NY areas, a major point of entry into this country.  From there, they moved outward, while enjoying the freedom of speech offered from time to time in this nation. The Big Apple, it seems, was apparently rather Red.
As the Socialists and Communists put their plans in motion, they did not mind waiting generations if necessary to see their efforts come to fruition.  It was well-known to the elite few that establishing a completely new government regime would take a generation or two to accomplish via quiet subversive conspiracy and propaganda.  According to a 1985 interview between G. Edward Griffin and former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, Mr. Bezmenov stated there are four steps needed to transform the thinking process of an entire nation into Marxism/Leninism:
1.  "Demoralization," which takes 15 to 20 years, and is done through the public school system, obliterating individualism, giving the children a standardized and limited education, exposing the students to Marxist/Leninist ideas (possibly hidden behind the name "democracy"), and preparing the students to be loyal cogs in industry.
2.  "Destabilization," which takes two to five years, during which Marxist/Leninist ideas are applied to defense and the economy.
3.  "Crisis," which takes only weeks in order to bring about a drastic change in the power structure and the economy.
4.  "Normalization," in which the masses are led to believe that everything is fine, despite the fact that nothing looks the same.
Horace Greeley was the founder of the very popular New York Tribune, which featured articles written by Karl Marx.  Greeley was a staunch supporter of Land Reform in the U.S., and he supported political moves that called for the redistribution of land, especially for those Greeleyidentified as the poor.  When the Homestead Act of 1862 was passed, it helped lay the foundation for industrialized agriculture in the U.S.  The Act resulted in a massive redistribution of land as well as a more even distribution of the populace westward, away from the crowded and poverty stricken eastern cities.  Those two accomplishments of redistribution represented two more steps toward Marxist Communism as outlined in the Communist Manifesto of 1848.
The Sixth National Convention of the Socialistic Labor Party was held in New York in September of 1877.  Present were comrades representing socialist groups that were already being established in many other parts of America.  Some of the early plans for taking control of the media and schools (two more suggestions recorded in the Manifesto) appeared in the minutes of that meeting, and are as follows:
"Whereas, in many places in this country, especially in the larger cities, there are newspapers, workmen's halls, schools, etc., founded by socialists, and which now are dependent upon the support and self-sacrifice of our comrades;
"Whereas, these undertakings have, during the course of years, withdrawn themselves from the control of the party, and exhibit in their workings only ordinary business motives, not allowing membership in the party to influence them in the engagement of employees, we declare the recovery of these enterprises within the control of the party as desirable and attainable.
"In the meantime the members en masse should use their influence to secure the engagement of intelligent, capable and honest party members in these institutions in preference to others."
By June, 1900, the agenda of the Socialists and Communists was heating up.  Statements in their meetings were becoming stronger and their anti-Constitution ideas were becoming easier (for them) to accept.  Speeches were emotional and applause was reverberating throughout their meeting halls.  Minutes from the Tenth National Convention held in 1900 in New York City contain some of the following plans, including that of Number 13, which lists the goal to repeal all conspiracy laws and allow all "combinations" in order to eliminate competition.  According to The Law of Torts, (Melville Bigelow, Harvard Law School Library, 1907) in order to put an end to competition, "most combinations in trade have for their object monopoly."  According to Socialism, an Examination of Its Nature, (Richard Ely, Prof. Political Science, University of Wisconsin, 1894), "Socialism is a theory of monopoly"  Many of the following listed objectives and resolutions are taken directly from the Communist Manifesto.
"10. The United States to have the right of expropriation of running patents, new inventions to be free to all, but inventors to be remunerated by
national rewards.
11. Progressive income tax and tax on inheritances; but smaller incomes to be exempt.
12. Compulsory school education of all children under fourteen years of age, instruction in all educational institutions to be gratuitous and to be made accessible to all by public assistance (furnishing meals, clothes, books, etc.). All instruction to be under the direction of the United States and to be organized on a uniform plan.
13. Repeal of all pauper, tramp, conspiracy and sumptuary laws. Unabridged right of combination.
17. Uniform national marriage laws. Divorce to be granted upon mutual consent, and upon providing for the care of the children.
1. The people to have the right to propose laws (initiative) and to vote upon all laws of importance (referendum).
2. Abolition of the Presidency, Vice-Presidency and Senate of the United States. An Executive Board to be established, whose members are to be elected, and may at any time be recalled, by the House of Representatives as the only legislative body. The States and Municipalities to adopt corresponding amendments to their constitutions and statutes.
6. Uniform law throughout the United States. Administration of justice to be free of charge. Abolition of capital punishment.
WHEREAS, The Socialist Labor Party of the United States is so far chiefly a propagandistic party;
WHEREAS, It is a good means of agitation to participate in municipal, county, State and congressional elections; therefore,
Resolved, To recommend to the members wherever one or more labor parties are in the field, to support that party which is the most progressive; that is, the platform and principles of which come nearest to ours, and at least recognize the conflict between the class of capitalists and the class of laborers; but members shall not be permitted to participate in the founding of new parties"
Elsewhere in the Tenth National Convention, perhaps suspecting a fox in the henhouse while desiring instead a Comrade in the White House:
"We are not fighting for co-operative commonwealths, for any abstract idea of human brotherhood.  We are fighting to enthrone ourselves in power, and after that we will see what we will do. [Applause.]"
And elsewhere in the same Convention notes:
"Comrade Simpson says that he agrees with Comrade Meyer of Detroit, and in the same breath he disagrees with himwe take our stand and we say this: when we say democracy, we mean Socialist democracy"
According to a June, 1909 volume of the International Socialist Review, "It is as easy to get a new constitution as to get an amendment to the existing oneA century old constitution binds us!...What we requireis not verbal changes in our outgrown constitutionbut a completely new spirita new constitution."
The reason Communists must have as their goal the destruction of the Constitution, is that the U.S. Constitution (The Law of the Land) does not permit a Communist government to govern this country.  The Constitution is a power check that protects individual rights.  While a Communist (going by the name of Democrat, Republican or any other name) might swear by Oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of theU.S. in order to be seated in a coveted position of power, a Communist cannot and will not abide by that Oath.  He or she cannot and will not uphold and defend the Constitution.  The Oath will be a lie of meaningless words and the Constitution will be treated like any other piece of paper, something rather commonplace at this point in time.
By the early 1900s, the Communists had succeeded in putting a Comrade in the White House, who, acting as a dictator then helped them establish Marx's income tax on Americans' labor, thus now redistributing private wages that belonged to the laborer to others who the State felt "needed" them.  This was unconstitutional and historically forbidden in this Republic.  He also created a banking monopoly called the "Federal Reserve," and established State terrorists called the Internal Revenue Service who would enforce and carry out the confiscation, redistribution and abolition of private property.  The U.S. also witnessed the finalization of the compulsory state "education" of all children in all states throughout the nation.  The "demoralization" phase was well underway as the dreams and individuality of the nation's children were snuffed out, their creativity dampened while they were given an abysmal "standardized" education that would prepare them to become a nameless laborer working 9-5 for industry.  Changes and amendments were also made to the Constitution to better suit Communist goals, and the Communist party gained complete control of the media.  At that same time, the nation's diet changed when Americans began to rely upon the "standardized" grain-based diet of Marx's industrialized agriculture.
The man who would be America's dictator and would champion the communist causes from the White House, the man who would bring America into the "Crisis" of the First World War which also resulted in a very curious and horrifying influenza pandemic that spread throughout U.S. military camps and then the world, the man who would then be among the first to illegally suspend the U.S. Constitution when he outlawed Freedom of Speech to prevent Americans from speaking "unpatriotic" comments about the new U.S. government, was Woodrow Wilson, 28th President, 1913-1921.
Wilson's actions infuriated other true Democrats, including former Senator Joseph Bailey, an apparent firebrand from Texas who wrote to the New York Times (NYT) stating that Wilson was not a Democrat, but was a Socialist hiding under the name of "Progressive Democrat" in order to confuse the public.  Nearly every person in the Wilson administration was a Socialist, Bailey wrote, stating, "they stigmatize every man who believes in a faithful observance to the Constitution as a 'reactionary,' and they denounce those who defend the right of private property"
Other comments about Wilson in the NYT include the near feverish delight and praise that he received from some socialists when he decided to take America into World War I.  One NYT headline proclaimed, "Socialists Declare For Wilson And War," although the socialist party was no longer united at that time due to the war.  The party had divided into at least two opposing factions with some socialists seeking peace, and others wanting war.  In one meeting, speaker after speaker denounced the pacifism sought by other socialists as they supported Wilson and the War.  William Edlin, president of the Jewish Socialist League stated, "I am ashamed that so many of us have failed to perceive the grandeur of the position taken by our most illustrious President, Woodrow WilsonOur Russian comrades must be urged to hold out to the very end for a general peace which is based on international justice, as formulated by our great and honored President, Woodrow Wilson."   (March 2, 1918)
In another NYT article, "Jews Pledge Full Aid to the Government," Mr. Edlin warned other socialists in NY that regardless of Socialist doctrines, they should be prepared to stand by the U.S. in order to help their comrades in Russia.  He is quoted as saying, "It is all very well to be Socialists and to cling to the doctrines of socialism if one wants to, but conditions of the war make it imperative upon us now to give our every energy, every thought unhesitatingly to the United States."  (April 15, 1918)
The NYT also quoted similar sentiments from "Dr. N. Syrkin, a leader of the American Socialist Zionist movement."  In another article, "Dr. N. Syrkin" is listed as a "prominent Jewish leader."  The headline of that article states, "A Great Mass Meeting on Russia to be Held Tonight at Carnegie Hall."  In another article, he is said to have received a death threat from the Black Hundred, a counter-revolutionary band of assassins centered in Switzerland.
The movement toward socialism and Communist industrialization was not strictly "Jewish," however, as there were and are many known "Christians" involved as well as atheists and agnostics.  Wilson, for instance, was a Christian and his father was a Christian minister.  Interestingly, the Roman Catholic Church took a stand against communism and socialism, ostensibly because it was felt that the responsibility of the individual to help others who might be in need of help ultimately belongs to the individual, rather than in a communist State that forcefully "takes" private property from one individual and then redistributes it to someone else.
Wilson pushed The Espionage Act of 1917, making it illegal to interfere with the war effort.  Not quite satisfied with that, he then pushed for an amendment to The Espionage Act, called, The Sedition Act of 1918.  This made it illegal for Americans to speak any "disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language" about the new United States communist government.  It also gave authority to the Postmaster General to censor mail and deny U.S. mail service (another monopoly) to anyone identified as a dissenter.  A fine of $10,000 and/or imprisonment of not more than twenty years put some treacherous fangs into this new law that protected Wilson and the other Communists from the horrors of free speech. Thus, the very group that used free speech to achieve their goals had decided to revoke that right to others.
Among those who would be arrested and sentenced to twenty years in prison was U.S. Representative, Victor Berger, himself a Jewish immigrant from former Austria-Hungary, and a founder of the Socialist Party of America.  Rep. Berger verbally opposed the War.  (His conviction was later overturned.)
Characteristics of the now morphing pseudo-Communists began to emerge as they revised Marxism, changed the U.S. Constitution and begat a strange chimera that blended Communism and communist monopolies with U.S. Capitalism for personal power and profit.  Politically, they have denied individual rights of others to own private property and to have free speech, while they have given to themselves endless rights to do, say and take others wages and private property as they so desire.  This became possible after they achieved their goal first verbalized in the Tenth National Convention:  "We are fighting to enthrone ourselves in power, and after that we will see what we will do. [Applause.]"
There were two epidemics that took place in the United States during portions of the so-called Progressive Era, both apparently worsened by communist media control and their removal of our right to free speech, as well as the lack of appropriate journalism to transmit real, truthful news to the people.  Many Americans were aware of the Influenza Epidemic unfolding around them in 1918 because they were witnessing the horrifying sudden deaths of their healthy young loved ones, but the press was keeping quiet about it.
This pandemic was an infectious, hemorrhagic, pneumonic plague, sometimes causing crackling air pockets to form just under the surface of the skin as the lungs were destroyed and air leaked into tissues.  Some patients bled copiously from the nose, mouth, eyes and other orifices. Damage to the eardrums was also noted, as well as muscle damage, and death came quickly as people who had been robust and healthy only 12 hours earlier turned a dark shade of blue and then drowned from the blood and fluid from the pneumonia in their lungs.  The nearly black color of the cyanosis of the dying caused rumors that the "black death" had returned.
This plague, which doctors were saying was unlike anything they had ever seen before, is said to have begun in a crowded military camp in the U.S. where young draftees from many parts of the nation had been mobilized for Wilson's War.  From that camp, it was then spread to other over-crowded camps throughout the U.S., before it entered into the private sector.  While corpses were being stacked upon corpses and cities were actually shutting down, the news monopolies and advertisements in them told people not to panic, "chew your food well," and "don't wear tight shoes," and that everything was fine, although nothing really looked "fine," especially where corpses had been stacked to the ceilings.
Because no rational information was being given to the People, no one knew what was causing this horror.  According to The Great Influenza, a book by John Barry, some thought the family dog might have been the cause and many had their beloved dogs slaughtered.  After the young troops' deployment overseas for Wilson's War, the troops apparently then spread the Influenza through the world, thus giving us another reason why America should follow the Founding Fathers' advice, and not fight wars on foreign soils.  Entire villages were wiped out, and it is estimated that up to 60 million died.  It is said that the world has never before seen a pandemic with a magnitude such as that one, but theWilson administration curiously seemed to look the other way while the influenza was being spread via the young soldiers.
In addition to this terrifying plague, there was another epidemic sweeping the U.S., but many remain unaware of to this day because it has not received a great deal of publicity.  This was the pellagra epidemic, which actually began in 1902.
As recorded by the US Census Bureau, industrialized corn production went from 7.5 hundred million bushels in 1870 to almost 27 hundred million bushels in 1900.  Just as communism focuses on the importance of the State and its redistribution of wealth to the masses than it does on the individual, mass production in industrialized agriculture cannot waste much time concerning itself with the quality of any particular product. There was a problem with that mass produced corn.
The new "progressive" farming goal was to grow a limited variety of grain and cereal crops on vast tracts of land.  Chemical fertilizers were used to force crops from the exhausted earth without concern for that impact.  Heavy machinery replaced the once important farmers who, in the past, represented over 90% of the US workforce.  This progress of industry was also without concern for the damage to the earth, topsoil, farming or families.  Local family farms were absorbed by agricultural monopolies, and processed grain and cereal products became massively available, as planned.  In the process, however, many Americans lost their former easy access to local, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Therefore, the industrialized grain movement not only changed America, it also drastically altered the diet of Americans.  For the first time, like laboring peasants elsewhere, Americans became largely dependent on a diet of grains.
This new diet was not based on the nutritional needs of individual, but on the needs of the grain-agriculture industry.  The new American diet suddenly went from a varied diet with plenty of fresh, locally grown fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables, fresh clean local dairy and meats, to a diet based on cheap, mass-produced, starchy grain and cereal products that had long shelve lives and could be easily transported over vast distances.  The food industry was no longer local, decent and trustworthy, but was now "standardized," dangerous and frequently filthy.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) would eventually issue a piece of propaganda called the "Food Pyramid," which advised Americans that their diet should have a foundation consisting of starchy breads, cereals and pastas, "6 to 11 servings a day."  It was a recipe for disaster.
It is not known if Karl Marx could have foreseen the health impact of the starch-based communist diet, but it is doubtful he would have desired ill health for the laborers he was trying to help.  Marx, along with his wife and children suffered greatly from ill health as a result of their own poor nutrition and extreme poverty.  According to various sources, he suffered through the deaths of four of his seven children during their infancy or childhood.  In 1852, he wrote to his friend Engels stating that his wife and daughter were sick, he had no money for medicine, and the family was hungry.  "For eight or ten days I have managed to feed the family on bread and potatoes, but it is still doubtful whether I can get hold of any today" Suffering, himself, for years with what some now think was hidradenitis suppurativa (painful boils, carbuncles and draining fistulas from his glands), Marx might not have known that poor health can be directly related to a poor diet.  If he did know of this connection, his poverty kept the dream of decent food just out of his reach. Given his own dire situation, he might have felt that having access to a grain-based diet would be a luxury.
The impact of a grain-based diet, however, would become apparent rather quickly in the U.S.  The first U.S. pellagra cases were reported in 1902, and an epidemic would then take place that lasted for 40 years because no one knew what caused pellagra.  It was known, however, that the condition was somehow related to corn consumption.
Pellagra is a ravaging condition, and it is fatal if not corrected.  The symptoms are wide ranging and described as "hellish," affecting every organ in the body, including the skin, digestive tract, brain, inner ear balance, eyes, other senses, parotid glands, and finally affecting the mental status just before death.  Because so many cases went unreported, it is not known how many people suffered and how many died, but the estimates are that at least three million Americans were affected and at least 100,000 people died.  Those who were the worst affected seemed to be the people living in poverty in the southern states who were depending upon corn and cornmeal as the main staple of their bleak diets.
It took the medical community approximately 40 years, to finally conclude that pellagra was not an infectious disease like influenza, but it was a form of malnutrition.  The question that then arose was, if this was an epidemic of malnutrition, why did it begin so quickly in the U.S?  Why was a picture of malnutrition being painted with such sudden, broad strokes across the country?  Eventually, it was noted that a change in the milling of corn had occurred just before the first cases of pellagra appeared.  During milling, the nutritious germ and other essential nutrients were removed from the corn to make it more suitable for storage and transportation. According to an article in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, this degermination process had first been put to use after the Beall degerminator was patented in 1900 and 1901.
The other possible cause for the epidemic was a lack of the "nixtamalization" or "slaking" of the corn.  This is a process in which dried corn is first cooked and soaked for hours in an alkaline pH lime water (wood ash) solution prior to being thoroughly rinsed and drained.  This is a necessary step that makes the niacin and other nutrients in corn available.  The Native people, who did not suffer from pellagra, knew about the need for this step, but it was a process that might have escaped the industrialists.
The malnutrition problem was "fixed" by "enriching" the starchy milled and processed grain products with synthetic nutrients.  This step prevented the embarrassment of full-blown pellagra from appearing, but the starch-based diet would continue to create other symptoms of malnutrition and disease, including obesity, and a sharp increase in diabetes, cancers, heart problems, and depression.  Dental problems would also become rampant as starch coated the teeth with an acid pH plaque, giving bacteria an ideal home.  Some of these bacteria are now thought to be associated with cancers, diabetes and heart problems, because nothing entering the mouth remains in the mouth.  It travels throughout the body.
The resulting systemic symptoms experienced by an entire nation of Americans on a hammer and sickle diet would also be chemically treated, just as they are today, by the wealthy, industrialized "medical" monopoly machine, which was also created during the Progressive Era.
In 1901 the American Medical Association (AMA), reorganized, establishing a new policy-making body, and "policy-making" as well as "regulations" would soon become a form of new power and wealth opportunity for the industrialists.  In perhaps one of the most unique methods of securing a monopoly and eliminating competition, Fred Kilmer, the Director of Scientific Affairs for Johnson & Johnson, gave his expert opinions regarding public health to the government in order to help formulate a law that would become known as "The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906." This would eventually become the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This law prevented the sale of "adulterated or misbranded" foods, drugs, medicines, etc.  According to the American National Business Hall of Fame, while the "less scrupulous" competitors of J&J were forced to change their methods and products, "all of Johnson and Johnson's products and processes met the new regulatory standards" that their employee, Mr. Kilmer, helped write.  This is despite the fact that J&J was selling products that it falsely claimed were sterile, or "surgically clean," when they were neither sterile nor surgically clean.
By 1906, the AMA was inspecting medical schools and classifying them as acceptable, doubtful, or unacceptable, based on conformity to the AMA's beliefs and teachings.  In 1910, a report funded by the Carnegie Foundation and supported by the AMA outlined new uniform standards for medical schools, thus giving the medical industry the same familiar "one size fits all" feature common to everything else being "standardized" by industrialists in the U.S.
In 1913, the AMA created a Propaganda Department that would stand watch for competition, which would be branded as "health fraud and quackery."  Scientists not remaining inside the confines of the AMA, such as Royal Raymond Rife who discovered and demonstrated a simple and painless cure for cancer, would be completely destroyed, because cancer itself had become a promising new industry, worth far more in dollars to "treat" rather than to simply be "cured."
A powerful, unified entity began overseeing standardized medical treatments for U.S. citizens, but currently power has shifted in part to the "insurance industry," including government Medicare.  The insurance agents working 9-5 in desk jobs now decide which treatments and medications a patient may receive, despite having never met or examined the patient and having no "License to Practice Medicine."  Although the price for "healthcare" has skyrocketed, the actual "health" of Americans has continued to plummet as a result of the entire nation being first seated at the table of Big Farma, and then sent to Big Pharma to be treated for the anticipated resulting symptoms.
Medical journals dating back to the 1800s reveal that physicians were well aware then of the dangers of a starchy diet.  Physicians also knew then about the need for catalase and other enzymes from fresh raw foods, and that the diet must optimally be based on a wide variety of foods producing the slightly alkaline pH in which many diseases, including cancers, cannot thrive.  Catalase converts the extremely toxic (and flammable) hydrogen peroxide that accumulates in our bodies to harmless water and oxygen, but catalase is destroyed by high heat and an improper diet.  Without catalase and other enzymes from fresh raw fruits and vegetables, foods are not properly digested.
Decent diets consisting of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables were important preventative prescriptions in the 1800s, along with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise.  By the mid 1800s it had been "proved beyond question" that eliminating or even reducing "starchy and saccharine substances" ­ most notably white bread ­ from the diet of a diabetic, would result in a decrease in urinary sugar output.  The elimination of starch, therefore, was already being used as a treatment for diabetes.  It was also known in the 1800s that if the diet contained dairy it must be in the form of unadulterated, raw, chilled, and scrupulously clean dairy, rather than industrialized dairy because only fresh and raw foods contain the full matrix of nutrients needed for optimal health.
All of the nutrient-based knowledge once available to us in the 1800s was thrown out the window during the Progressive Era, when, as monopolies were being established in the U.S., propaganda told us that modern is always better and new is always improved.  We can now see that this was and is a lie.  Deaths from heart disease and cancers have continued to climb since Americans were switched to the hammer and sickle diet.  According to "The War on Cancer," in the year 1900, there were 12,769 deaths blamed on cancer.  The number of deaths blamed on cancer during the year 1940 was 158,335.  The number of deaths blamed on cancer during the year 2001 had reached 553,768.
According to a report written in 1960 by the American Association for Cancer Research, "Cancer patients had a 22 per cent lower liver catalase activity than cancer-free patients."  According to a National Institutes of Health report, a 1996 study of breast cancer risks found that "Vegetable and, particularly, fruit consumption contributed to" a decreased risk of cancer.  They concluded, "thus, the preventive potential for fruit consumption has widespread implications."  According to a report found on the American Academy of Periodontology, "Research has shown, and experts agree, that there is an association between periodontal diseases and other chronic inflammatory conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease."
Industrialized medicine, however, pays almost no attention to basic nutrition and the effect it has on the human body.  According to the AMA's "Concise Medical Encyclopedia" of 2006, they were still advocating the USDA's now slightly revised Food Pyramid, which is still promoting a hammer and sickle diet but with new emphasis now on "whole grains."  While the government refuses to acknowledge its own folly, the FDA recently sent warnings to 29 fruit growers for claiming health benefits found in their fruits, including reports of pain relief that many experience after drinking tart cherry juice. According to the FDA warning, "articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in man-are drugs."  Cherries are now drugs, and therefore they are now in need of more regulations.
The Dust Bowl of the 1930s contained a symbolic warning of its own.  The Dust Bowl happened as a result of the Progressive Era's badly flawed industrial agriculture ideas.  In what appears to have been a breathtaking warning from Mother Earth, the dried and ruined topsoil from the heart of America's brutalized farmlands was picked up by the winds, carried eastward, and it was then deposited upon The Big Apple.  New Your City, it seems, has been the birthplace of many new ideas, some of them very bad for this nation, and others very good.
In 1993, a young entrepreneur in NYC named Sean Dix, invented and then patented a new dental flossing device called FlossRings.  He later invented and patented the market's first and only sterilized dental floss.  Clinical tests conducted at the Indiana University found that his superior products removed 31 percent more plaque than the waxed floss of the floss industry leader, Johnson & Johnson.
Praised as "revolutionary," and modernizing dental care, in 1996 the Dix products were placed on permanent exhibit in the Smithsonian's affiliate, the National Museum of Dentistry.  The products received positive reviews from well-known publications, including Forbes FYI, the Boston Globe, and Bloomberg News. Easily affordable at $1.99 and carried in such national stores as CVS, the first in-store orders were selling out.  Brian Bootel, the worldwide acquisitions leader for Johnson & Johnson would later estimate that the sales potential for the FlossRings venture was between $50 and $100 million per year.  A study conducted by Florida State University stated that this business venture would provide jobs for at least 1000 American workers.
In addition, the products would revolutionize the old-fashioned spooled flossing industry.  There would finally be truly sterilized floss on the market and for the first time people would not have to risk introducing new, foreign bacteria into their mouths while using non-sterilized floss. People would certainly want the superior, sterilized product instead of the less effective, potentially contaminated floss of J&J and other manufacturers.  The superior Dix products, therefore, were poised to take the lion's share of the floss market away from Johnson & Johnson.  In order to compete with the new products, Johnson & Johnson and the other manufacturers would have to rebuild their machinery to make their products as safe, effective and competitive to the FlossRings.
The stage was set for positive change that would help improve people's health by drastically and safely reducing dental plaque.  "Think big," has been a lifelong motto for Mr. Dix, it was once again in full swing.  He was already thinking big as the universe seemed to be opening up and welcoming the new inventor into the competitive marketplace.  A charitable man, he was planning to give 50 million pairs of FlossRings away to all of the school children in all 65,000 elementary schools in the U.S.  When asked why he was doing this, he explained that in teaching children at an early age how to care for their teeth, they would carry this healthy lesson with them for life.  Something simple, innovative and truly great was about to happen.  Investors began coming forward with sums such as $1,000,000 being mentioned.  Everything was moving forward.
All of this would be changed in the course of one day, however.  That day was June 12, 1996.  That was the day when CNN, which has a long history of working as a "partner" with its sponsor, Johnson & Johnson, saturated the airwaves with a false and extremely damaging "news" piece about Sean Dix as well as his FlossRings that were poised to rightfully take the floss market away from Johnson & Johnson.
The hatchet job was created by Jeanne Moos and her team from the NY branch of CNN.  It included footage of two dentists fumbling with the FlossRings and then inferring that this superior product was worthless.  Moos equated the product to a piece of junk and never mentioned this would be the first sterile floss on the market, a fact that would have been damaging to Johnson & Johnson, which had been falsely claiming on and off for over 100 years that their floss is sterile and "surgically clean."  "He's a man with a mission," Moos stated of Dix as she pulled a cheap promotional sound card from a box of Kellogg's Corn Pops, (milled corn), which blared the "Mission Impossible" theme song.  "Try playing that on your Floss Rings," Moos snidely concluded.
It was later discovered that the president of Kellogg's, Arnold Langbo, was also serving as a director of Johnson & Johnson.  It was also discovered that Moos had used her own dentist in the clip, and that the dentists had not been given a chance to read the FlossRings instructions prior to CNN's filming.  Thus, they used the FlossRings improperly for the purpose of the CNN film clip.  Letters were subsequently written by one of the dentists from the Madison Dental Group, which claims to be one of the oldest dental groups in NYC, stating that he wished to reverse his opinion about the FlossRings.  After seeing the FlossRings properly demonstrated, he wished to endorse the product.
It was too late, however.  CNN played the Moos "news" piece repeatedly throughout the night and following day, and then for several days thereafter on numerous different programs, including "Headline News," until there was complete national saturation.  Over night, the reputation of Sean Dix and that of his superior new products were destroyed.  The FlossRings were subsequently pulled from the shelves, the investors disappeared and his promising new business that would have provided over 1000 decent jobs for Americans collapsed.
This is an example of what happens when the laws against conspiracy and monopolies are ignored, and why they should never be ignored. The superior FlossRings remain unavailable to us in the retail marketplaces.  There is still no sterilized dental floss on the market, and it is unknown at this time how many lives might have been given a chance at better, improved health if CNN and Johnson & Johnson had not conspired to eliminate a decent competitor from the marketplace.
CNN refused to utter any sort of correction or apology, thus leaving the entire nation completely misinformed about a superior new product they might have had.  Johnson & Johnson is so large it could not care less.  In 2009, Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon company continued to recall its sutures due lack of sterility.  Many lives have been destroyed.  Many doctors continue to be unaware they have been operating with sutures that are not sterile.  Jeanne Moos is still doing her hatchet jobs on a network that continues to air Johnson & Johnson product features as news features, thus blurring the distinction between news and propaganda.
To date, everyone who has been contacted and asked for help in bringing justice regarding this antitrust case, including the Department of Justice and the office of the President of the United States, has refused to help in any way.  All of the largest law firms in the United States are on retainer to Johnson & Johnson or CNN, or both.  The patent of the FlossRings is due to expire during the present administration, at which time the FlossRings could be cheaply manufactured in another country and then sold back to Americans at a higher price.  Conspiracy toward monopoly has never been a joking matter because we are all the victims of such acts.  We have lost access to a product proven by clinical study to be far superior to that of Johnson & Johnson.
If Mr. Obama wants to truly do something about American healthcare, as well as the economy, let him give back to us our wages that have been un-Constitutionally taken from us since the time of Woodrow Wilson, America's first Communist dictator.  Let Mr. Obama rid his administration of all Marxists/Leninists, Communists or Socialists or anyone else who cannot uphold the Constitution due to political ties to another regime or another country.  They have held this country back and made a thorough and very unProgressive mess of things for over 100 years. Let Mr. Obama offer not a single dime in "bailout" money to any corrupt corporate monopolies that have failed because they are poorly run or offer inferior products that we are sick of buying.  Return that money to the American people as an incentive to truly jumpstart the economy. Restore competition to the marketplace, so that we, the People, can decide which superior products to buy.  This will encourage other inventors and entrepreneurs to keep searching for better, healthier and more effective products to be brought to a freely competitive marketplace.
Mr. Obama, urge Americans to begin practicing what you and your family are practicing in your own yard.  Tell them to plant gardens so that they can again have access to the real health benefits of fresh raw fruits and vegetables.  Inspire Americans to raise earthworms that in turn will take vegetable scraps and turn them into the richest black, fertile soil one can ever hope to see.  This is what America needs.  We never needed the chemicals that Marx thought we would need.  Nature provided us with a way of richly renewing our soils with the simple earthworm.
And for the sake of the American Dream, Mr. Obama, open a full investigation into the above corporate conspiracy against one solitary man who tried to do something real for the health of Americans.
Give Sean Dix justice, extend the man's patents so that America doesn't lose his superior products to another country.  By giving Sean Dix justice, you will ultimately be giving justice to the American people.  For the sake of all of us, Mr. Obama, do something to put Sean Dix back in business.  We need more decent men who are free thinkers, thinking about America and Americans.  We have had enough applause reverberating through the meeting halls of the Communists and Socialists in this country.  His was a real American vision, the kind this country's Founders would have applauded.  Please do something, Mr. Obama.
Bring justice to this nation and end the era of Communism and communist monopolies.
The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461
Comments to the White House: 202-456-1111
Mary has worked for over a year on "Sean Dix, the American Dream and Justice, Part 2," nearing completion. The Little Paper became necessary when the roots of the problems became known, along with the corruption involved in one of the largest anti-trust cases in American history.  Part 1 can be seen by doing a Google search of:  "CNN Johnson&Johnson"       Mary is an investigative journalist, a columnist for Rense.com, and an associate producer for Rense Radio. She is an internationally published author of bestselling books about eyewitness encounters with Jesus. She lives in Florida.  www.sparrowdancer.com
Sean Dix is still in New York City fighting for justice and after 17 years he has never given up.  The FlossRings are still available for $1.99, but only online.  There is still no sterile floss available to any of us.  The FlossRings have been continuously manufactured only in America, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a fact that has been ignored for over a decade by Michael Moore, producer of movies including "Capitalism: A Love Story."  Moore has never responded to any faxed letters, FedEx packages, emails or phone calls to Moore's office or his agent.
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