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No Recovery. It's a Cover up!
Recession To Worsen ­ Revolution To Follow
Gerald Celente
Trends Research Institute
KINGSTON, NY ­ 20 October 2009 - What 80 percent of economists call "Recovery" is a "Cover up". Trillions in losses papered over with trillions of phantom dollars printed out of thin air and backed by nothing produce nothing except the mirage of recovery. The dollar's dive and gold's historic high is no mirage. Gold doesn't lie.
Our trend forecasting track record is the best on record ­ light years ahead of Ben Bernanke's (<http://enews.trendsresearch.com/m/90dGd4pn4BGfeSw
wy9YLurBulaQnsabamwD-OBeFHyJaKYJDvw>click here) and all those economists who didn't see the recession coming but who now talk recovery.
In the Autumn Trends Journal® we dispel the recovery as fantasy and show how and why America and much of the world will plunge into the Greatest Depression. The global equity market surge and bankers' bonuses do absolutely nothing for the man on the street. Foreclosures are at an all time high, businesses are going bankrupt, jobs continue to disappear.
While Wall Street cheers, Main Street seethes. The 2nd American Revolution has already begun, and it's much more than a right wing, militia driven movement. Who's behind it, will it be velvet or violent, waged with guns or won by minds?
Across America and around the world, everyone wants to know what's going to happen and nobody knows better than Gerald Celente. Google it up. Celente is today's # 1 "trend expert", sought by the major media world wide.
In a world of dry academics and glib pitchmen, Gerald Celente's dynamic, tell-it-like-it-is, take-no-prisoners style strikes a common chord with audiences everywhere. When Celente is interviewed the world tunes in and ratings rise.
For a press copy of the Autumn Trends Journal and/or to schedule an interview with Gerald Celente, contact Zeke West zwest@trendsresearch.com)
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