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Peanut Butter & Jelly 'Death' Sandwich
By Alan Graham
With Alfred Lehmberg
You hear all the time from dieticians how a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on whole wheat is a healthful -high protein- lunch for your kids.
Yeah... well... I think that is complete crap. In fact, I think a PB & J sandwich -even with whole wheat bread- unless done correctly, is one of the most unhealthful dishes you can foist onto your kids!
It's right up there alongside kids B'fast Cereal "Sugar-Coated Sugar-POPS" with milk & more sugar... or snacky-cakes and cheezy poofs... ...and insult on top of injury? Forgetting it can turn your children into churlish losers and ready Columbine candidates, convenience for Mom is likely the main motivation for its ubiquitous consumption!
This "high protein ruse" perpetrated by your understandably biased PB & J celebrants regards the fairly large 21% GLUTEN protein in bread and the respectable 13% veggie protein in P'nut Butter.
Consequently, these are readily touted as healthful foodstuffs.
Well, let's look at the abundant shortfalls associated with these food articles -including jelly- before we finish up this piece with my own completely healthful Jam and Nut Butter alternatives.
FYI - Protein has an optimum Amino-Acid Profile. Any missing or low amino-acids (AA's) either make it an "Incomplete" protein or a "weak" protein limiting the proteins ability to manufacture tissue, etc.
An "Amino-Acid Score" (AAS) of 100 or more means it is a "Complete" protein, containing all 11 "Essential" Amino-Acids. Scores up in the 130's or 140's are usually reserved for animal-derived proteins, although a couple of seeds, like pumpkinseed, make it up to those high numbers...however the vast majority of veggie proteins are below 100 or "incomplete" proteins.
1).. Bread - I say again: Homo Erectus was never meant or otherwise designed to eat hi-gluten hard grains like wheat, barley & rye.
For a million years the "hunter-gatherers" on the Serengetti never baked a loaf of bread.
Gluten Protein is the most troublesome and difficult to digest form of protein. Consequently, if undigested gluten (facilitated by a lack of stomach-acid) makes its way deep down into the gut, your body might mistake it for a "foreign-Invader" and release antibodies that attack you while trying to attack it. This leads to joint pain or an even worse autoimmune response.
There is even a very common bowel disease, Celiac Disease, featuring a total intolerance to gluten. Though, even if you don't have Celiac Disease, gluten grains just don't sit well with many people.
Seriously, suffering gas & mild bowel distress while consuming bread and cereal all their lives, millions are thinking that's just the way things are because that's the way things have always been. They also thought their underwear was supposed to look like the mud-flaps on a swamp buggy, eh?
Ironic how "The Staff of Life" can kill you.
FYI - Hi-Gluten rice contains NO GLUTEN... in this context it just means "Sticky" or glutinous.
Additionally, all gluten breads contain an "Incomplete" protein where the amino-acid Lysine is either low, or very low, resulting in AAS's which are, mostly, down around a weak 50 or 60!
For example, rye is 54 - white bread is 52 - oat bran jumps up to 71... ...but guess which bread is a breathtaking LOW score of 22, and not only low in Lysine but in 6 other essential Amino-Acids... that's right! Commercial Whole-Wheat Bread! There's some irony to rip your lips off!
Wheat, barley & rye are also very high in 2 harmful substances called Phytates & Oxalates. These bind to minerals like Calcium & Zinc and sequester them from the body's use. Many if not most veggies have some P & O's but the 3 that are very high are Soy, Spinach & Grains (wheat, barley & rye).
TransFat Evils -
Most Bread contains the surreally evil TranFat, which is the man-made, solid Fat pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil)... the decried crap found in "fake" butter, (Margarine) or "fake" lard, (Vegetable Shortening) like Crisco. Oh yeah, and in virtually every commercial baked or snack food on the market, remember!
This man-made and twisted (both figuratively & literally) TransFat molecule is readily incorporated into the cell-wall of every cell in your body as I've reported before. Consequently, the potential to cause or exacerbate every disease... and I mean EVERY disease, is the dire payoff! Go find some obscure disease and I will show you how Crisco will make it worse... I'm willing to make a small wager, reader.
All these negative things above apply to either Whole-Wheat bread or the refined white Crap. The real advantage to the Whole-Wheat is that it won't cause -as bad- a rise in inflammation and fat causing insulin as the refined, white flour.
Our increased dependence on processed, refined carbohydrates (carbs) has shown a corresponding rise in virtually all chronic diseases to include a handful of "New" 20th Century diseases like Fibromyalgia or the Metabolic Syndrome.
FYI -Yams, Potatoes, Rice, Bananas & Butternut Squash may be fairly high carb foods BUT they are "Real" food...Bread, Cereal & Pasta are "Fake" processed-refined, Carbohydrate foods.
2).. Peanut Butter - a major portion of PB is fat at 71%. This would be OK if 32% of the total fat was not more crap that we want to get out of our lives, "NO, I DON'T MEAN SATURATED FAT"...I mean the kind of "Golden Liquid Oil" you likely have in your pantry, lurking right now, in the form of Vegetable & Seed Oils like Corn, Soy, Grapeseed, Safflower & several other TOXIC food oils, to include Canola oil to a slightly lesser degree...
These are called Omega-6, PolyUnsat Food oils, LA (linoleic Acid).
Yes, I know LA is a necessary EFA (Essential Fatty Acid), which is how Sociopaths trick people into thinking you want a lot of it... NO, NO, NO, you only need a moderate amount, reader, but it is found naturally in every food! Over doing Omega-6, LA is very easy to do and is a major cause of heart disease, cancer, and thyroid disease.
Don't confuse Omega-6, PolyUnsat Food Oil with healthful Omega-9, MonoUnsat Food Oils, like Olive Oil & Macadamia Nut oil.
Also, unlike many, I refuse to refer to P'nut Oil & Canola Oil as Mono Oils even though they have more Mono (at 48 & 56% Mono) than Poly (at 32 & 30 Poly). That is because it has too much Poly & it is the Poly portion that will kill you eventually... compared to the negligible Poly & High Mono of Olive Oil at 76% Mono & only 8% Poly...Macadamia Nut is even better with Mono Oil as high as 85% and Poly as low as 5%.
Furthermore, it is worth repeating, don't confuse unhealthful PolyUnsat Oil in P'Nut Oil with HEALTHFUL solid Saturated Fat (SatFat), also found in P'nut Oil. As long as the SatFat is not Oxidized or otherwise damaged, it is GOOD for you...
Let me be clear! I'm talking about Mother-Nature's SatFat found naturally in all food oils, like P'Nut Oil at around 15% SatFat, NOT the "Fake" SatFat (pHVO) that "The Man" adds to P'nut Butter to keep the P'nut Oil from floating to the top.
Regarding Omega-6, too much Omega-6 (LA) along with too little Omega-3 (ALA) results in an "Out of Whack" EFA Ratio of a heart-stopping proportion of 20 or even 30 to 1 we've talked about before. The EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Ratio should be 4 to 1... or less. For every increase above 4 to 1 the death rate goes up.
BTW, that's 4 (Omega-6) to 1 (Omega-3)! Keep in mind, though, it is even better to have a 1 to 1 Ratio, like that found in a culture eating lots of cold water fish, especially if they have never seen a jar of polyunsat Vegetable/Seed oil like Soy or Canola.
Our lives, being inundated with all this ubiquitous Omega-6 (LA) in Poly Vegetable food oils & processed foods, will also "over-power" & block the utilization of the other much needed EFA, Omega-3, ALA (Alpha linolenic Acid) found in Flaxseed, Ghia-seed, Hempseed & green leafy veggies.
FYI - The prestigious British medical journal, "Lancet", in 1992 published data showing that 75% of the stuff clogging your arteries was not cholesterol... but was OXIDIZED PolyUnsat Vegetable/Seed Food Oil!
Of course, all those "Wacky" Holistic "doctors" had been saying that years... and they still do, BUT you NEVER hear a "Medical Doctor" say it. No, in fact the MD will tell you beautiful golden Soy or Corn Oil is good for your heart & that cholesterol & SatFat is the real problem.
Folks, there are plenty of Eskimos eating whale Blubber with a total cholesterol over 300 who have under no circumstances even seen a bottle of Corn Oil, and they will never have a heart attack or stroke while outliving all of us.
P'nut Butter also has a very "incomplete" protein at a low Amino-Acid Score of 52. This falls well below the desired "complete" protein score of 100. It is low in 3 essential AA's but very low in Lysine...which is "piling-on" considering the Whole Wheat bread is also extremely low in Lysine!
This is important because if you can mix two "incomplete" protein foods together that are extremely low in 2 different AA's, by mixing the 2, you get an overlap, so now you have a "complete" protein.
The classic example is the protein overlap of "Beans & Rice" to make a "complete" protein.
Now "Beans & Rice" may be "complete" but unfortunately it is still a "weak" protein because if you "stack" the 2 profiles together there will be 2 deep "dips" in the AA profile where the previously 2 missing AA's are filled in only a little bit due to the overlap. Though "complete," the effectiveness of the protein is still deficient.
However if both sources are low in the SAME Amino-Acid (like Bread & P'nuts are both missing Lysine) then that creates a serious "bottle-neck" for producing useful, "complete" proteins.
TransFat or pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) -
Virtually all PB -where the oil does NOT separate & float to the top of the jar- has the #1 man-made food abomination of the 20th century, TransFat from pHVO, providing the "fake" solid fat keeping the P'nut oil from separating & floating to the top.
So, with both Bread AND P'Nut Butter containing pHVO you get a double dose of poison. "Choosy Mothers, Choose JIF!" You bet!
FYI - the natural P'nut Butter where the oil separates & floats to the top is MUCH healthier (No TransFat), and is easily made even more healthful by pouring off the P'nut oil on top, and stirring in either unrefined Coconut Oil or Olive Oil.
Now if you, like many people, (even after you've been warned about TransFat) hate this oil floating to the top so much & it is such a pain to stir the oil back in that you would continue to buy P'nut Butter with toxic pHVO... then please stop reading right now - go back to watching "reality TV" because you are an idiot... Hasta la vista, Bonehead! No, really! Step off!
OK, moving on - All the cheap PB has copious amounts of pHVO, but don't be fooled by the bigger name brand labels that shout "Zero TranFat." Your blessed Government (FDA in this instance) allows any foods having less than 1/2 gram of TransFat per serving as having "Zero TransFat" ...so if the serving size is very small -like PB or margarine- then that nearly half gram of toxic TransFat looms large. There is NO "safe amount" of pHVO.
BTW - That nearly half gram is just enough solid "fake fat" to keep the oil from separating. Gee, that's wonderful, eh?
3).. Jelly - Every individual has to come to terms with the reality that Sugar, Fructose & toxic artificial sweeteners are health hazards & need to be severely reduced or eliminated. Replace them with Stevia, Xylitol or Honey.
a).. Most jelly & jam has way too much SUGAR increasing INSULIN resulting in:
-- Type II Diabetes (a completely avoidable disease).
-- Obesity (too much insulin & "weak" insulin makes you fat)
-- Inflammation (insulin activates the D5D Enzyme that can lead to an increase in inflammation, platelet-stickiness & High Blood Pressure)
b).. The "sugar-free" Jellies & Jams have harmful artificial sweeteners SPLENDA & EQUAL resulting in :
-- Free-Radical damage. A conservative estimate is 15% of the man-made Chlorocarbons that is Splenda are metabolized to release the dangerously toxic Chlorine molecule causing disease & premature aging.
-- Excitotoxins in Equal literally destroy brain cells while creating jumpy, "squirrelly" kids with an affinity for assault weapons and black trench coats.
c).. The "Natural all Fruit" kind has too much sugar & FRUCTOSE from sugary, cheap, concentrated grape juice that is as bad if not worse than just adding table sugar... resulting in :
-- Fructose Induced Insulin Resistance leading to Type II Diabetes.
-- Triglycerides & LDL (bad) cholesterol increase leading to heart disease.
-- VLDL (very low density lipoproteins) increase leading to heart disease.
-- Blood Pressure increases.
Healthful and better tasting Alternatives to the above:
1.. Bread - try a Sprouted Hemp bread or a "Gluten-Free" bread, pizza crust, rolls, etc. French Meadow makes a good Gluten-Free Multi grain bread. Also there are numerous gluten-free bread mixes on the web.
2.. Jam - If you are a good mother you will make homemade Jam for your kids... just kidding about the "good Mom" thing, I know you're busy... but believe me when I tell you making homemade jam is easy, fast, and unbelievably tasty, forgetting healthful!
To start, just blend some strawberries or other berries - add some sweetener (Stevia, Xylitol or honey in any combination... I use stevia with a little Xylitol). I also throw in a splash of fresh lemon juice, then boil down to a thickness just short of how thick you think it should be then it will finish getting thicker in the frig.
If you use dried fruit like apricots, you must add water to blend & then turn around and slowly boil off the water added.
Also, you can use Apple-pectin to thicken cooked fruit. It gives a great, but subtle, apple flavor... but pectin is not really necessary. I know all the "purists" are sputtering that you HAVE to use pectin...ahh, OK have it your way.
Don't be confused, reader! This is for small batches of jam that you will eat within a few days. We're NOT "canning" jelly/jam.
That activity requires all that bottle sterilization, etc.
Try this & you will throw out that insipidly-sweet grocery store crap... which is not to say you can't make your Jam really sweet if you want - but even if you do it will still taste fresh & very "fruity." Additionally, you will feel good knowing you are using a sweetener, like Stevia, which doesn't kill you with copious insulin inflammation & avoidable obesity.
3.. Peanut Butter Substitute - much like with the homemade jam...be prepared to turn up your nose at store bought peanut butter once you have tried my homemade Pistachio Nut Butter. You need a food processor.
Put a cup or two of dry-roasted Pistachios (I guess you could shell them but I buy the already shelled kind at Wally-World)
FYI - never buy any nuts roasted with oil to make the salt stick & to give the nut a richer taste! These contain the abomination Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil or some other pHVO Poly Oil. Pistachios are usually Oil-Free but, by way of example, Cashews come both Oiled & Truely "Dry-Roasted" with NO oil or pHVO.
-- put in some Stevia to taste & then process for a couple of minutes.
-- AFTER you process the nuts, as an OPTION, grind a couple of tablespoons of Flaxseed in a coffee grinder & throw that in. The food processor won't grind the flaxseed properly, so you must use a coffee-grinder, first.
The Flaxseed not only provides the BEST soluble/insoluble Fiber found in nature and a huge dose of plant-derived Omega-3 (ALA) but it actually tones down and mellows out the taste of the Pistachios.
-- Lastly, start your processor & slowly drizzle in Olive Oil and/or, my favorite, Coconut Oil. You need to be careful to not use too much oil if you want it firm enough for a sandwich, however, I don't eat bread so generally I use more oil to make it slightly runny to easily eat with a spoon.
Oh yeah, look at the Amino-Acid Score's for the protein in Pistachio's & Flaxseed compared to Peanut's anemic Amino-Acid Score of 52 . Where Pistachio's are 110 (excellent "complete" protein Score) & Flaxseed is 92 (very close to "complete" AAS of 100).
"WARNING"...if you try this Nut Butter, be prepared to become so addicted that relationships could be ruined! Moreover, the guilt is palpable when you eat the whole bowl, especially after promising yourself that you are going to save half for later. OK, you've been warned.
Hey, maybe you won't change all 3 of the items above but it would be a huge step if you just buy Natural P'nut Butter & throw out the oil floating on top & replace it with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.
And instead of going full-tilt to a gluten-free bread, (some don't like the slightly earthier taste) try French Meadow hemp bread that has SOME wheat & gluten... but a whole lot less gluten because of the many other ingredients like dates, seeds, spouts & a dozen other cool things.
Then, lastly, you might go to the trouble of making Pistachio Nut Butter... but remember the warning. Remember too: doing it the old, store bought way, you have:
-- TransFat & PolyUnsaturated oil stopping your heart...-- Phytates & Oxalates robbing you of minerals...
-- Gluten Protein causing bowel distress...
-- Sugar & Fructose induced Insulin inflammation & Obesity...
-- 2 very weak "incomplete" protein sources... ummm-ummm!
Come on folks, knock it up a notch or three... "For the sake of the children" ...Geez, you hear that so much it becomes meaningless, but it's them we were talking about, right? You can feed them something healthful, reader, or you can slow poison them, undercut their potential for achievement, and give them habits to shorten their lives while it ruins the quality of same. Your choice, eh?
Alan Graham
That's enough. Well be.
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