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Revisionist History - The Pathway To Truth
By Judity Moriarty
Note how President Obama quoted Eisenhower in his bland speech of; "Off to War We Go". I wonder how many are aware of Eisenhower (West Point Year Book -1915) being identified as 'Terrible Swedish Jew' ---we never hear of the great holocaust (German prisoners of war) perpetuated by him. 
The 'Eisenhower' biography (Stephen Ambrose) makes no secret of Ike's hatred of Germans (as a race). Prisoners of war were 'supposedly' protected under the Geneva Convention. How many times have we heard this in relation to those held at Gitmo (many farmers - villagers - business men) rounded up (competing warlords) and turned in for a BOUNTY ($5000) which is a fortune in Afghanistan. 
Named 'enemy combatants' - this exempted them from any protections --Interesting, that in the years of arguing this renaming / NOBODY (media) reminded folks, that Eisenhower had German prisoners (they had NO choice in ducking war) identified as 'Disarmed Enemy Forces" - thus they were not under the protections of the Geneva Rules.
You would have thought somebody might have drawn the comparison? The result being: Eisenhower had prisoner of war camps/ no shelter from the elements - or other comforts. Patton released prisoners within a week - other Generals, such as Bradley attempted the same -however orders signed by Eisenhower countermanded these.
He's been lauded - quoted, with the Eisenhower book championing his moral and political philosophies (The Politician). The US mint issued special coins etc. Two people who did not buy these coins were Colonel James Mas - Colonel :Charlie Beasely, US Army Medical Corps. In 1950 they published a paper on Eisenhower's Death Camps. "Huddled close together for warmth - we witnessed an awesome sight. Over 100,000 haggard, apathetic, dirty, gaunt - blank staring men clad in gray uniforms - ankle deep in mud. Water was a problem (there was none for them to drink) even though the Rhine was a mere 200 yds away (behind the barbed wire). They were given no food - or scraps on rare occasional. Soldiers (ours) attempting to feed them were threatened with court martial - or told they'd be shot. Many in the elements (no Gitmo bunks etc jm) developed gangrene - frostbite - died of starvation."
The Canadian news (Ottawa) after exhaustive investigations, reported (Peter Worthington- Sept 12-89) "Its hard to escape the conclusion that Eisenhower was a war criminal of epic proportions. His policy killed more Germans in peace than were killed in the theater of war. For years the missing - unaccounted for 1.7 million POWs was blamed on the Russians --a number of survivors - witnesses disproved this. Allied officers compared American camps to Buchenwald.
New Hampshire: Years ago there was a military show in our town (CT). I bought a manila envelope packed with photographs. It turned out to be 'news' photos (black and white 8x10) for an apparent story the Dept of WAR was going to do. Date 1943: There are two dozen photos of POWs at Camp Stark (NH); which are pretty rare since I can find no pictures online of American (daily happenings) prisoner of war camps. 
What a difference when compared to Eisenhower's treatment. These prisoners worked logging for the local paper mills (men at war). They made friends with the locals. 
The camp is simple - but spotlessly clean/ clinic - church services - ( the PR man from Dept of War - has explicit descriptions on back of each photo). For whatever reason (letter from Dept of War included) the story was never done --thus I got this photo essay of a NH -WWII prisoner of war camp. They are pretty amazing.  
The West Point Year book identified Eisenhower, as the 'TERRIBLE SWEDISH JEW'.It was routine (1915) to test cadets blood for White racial integrity. Ike was questioned about his racial linage and asked if he were Oriental?
He replied that 'no his background was Jewish'. MacArthur did not (Ike was next to last in his class!) want on his staff. Shockingly, Colonel Eisenhower was transferred to Europe & promoted over 30 much more experienced officers - and made a 5 star general! 
He was put in charge of all US forces in Europe --which brought us Normandy - greatest tactical, strategic debacle in history - which numerous 'experienced' military men stated 'showed a patent disregard for human life'. 
YOU want to see these links --Ike's yearbook etc. Info here (agreement between Roosevelt - Churchill - Stalin - Truman) may prove shocking to many people, who still "study history" ( this is not in any school history books). 
Pay special attention to Operation Keelhaul- ( a term thought up by American part of this diabolical decision) which is a term used for the most dangerous punishment aboard ship (tied up - thrown overboard and dragged until death). 
I will never quote another statement of Truman or Roosevelt or Churchill...(or the ultra-butcher Stalin - gag, FDR's Uncle Joe). 
This 'secret deal' of sending British - American - and Russian POWs back to their home countries ---showed (amongst all of them) a callous - depraved - demonic lack of compassion for the TWO MILLION - Russian POWs, who were anti- communist. 
Sending these men back to Russia meant an immediate sentence to Siberia - hanging or a firing squad. These millions who were in the land of Freedom (many held at Fort Dix) - showed how little the high brass thought of freedom. Those at Fort Dix had to be dragged to the Russian ship / and finally drugged!! This is just another - horrific snapshot of the depravity and inhumanity of war/ especially when it comes to human life (soldier or not). 
It's all a GAME - And on it goes, under the familiar tired diatribe of; 'liberty - democracy - freedom' or now, the 'security of the entire world is at risk' - right!
The entire world at risk from a country with NO legitimate government - no infra structure - no standing army - air force -or navy, living in the 13th century. 
Since we don't do history any longer - maybe many believe this BS. And then - with this Eisenhower holocaust we can see how quick 'revisionist history' kicks in.
The victor writes the history.  
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