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Passion & Denial
Tracking the Failures of the One World Order
By Jim Kirwan
Taxpayers are now on the hook for $1.4 Quadrillion; yet in the face of such an unimaginable number there is still a massive denial about any possible truth in such things. It is almost as if the fire in the natural passions that should rule our lives has been proportionately displaced by the apathy reflected in the intensity of our continued Denial!
"When I posted the lowest responsibly sourced figure for global exposure in financial derivatives, $592 trillion, published May 19, 2009 by the Bank of International Settlements, all sorts of hoodoo apologists for Obama, Geithner, Summers, and Goldman Sachs crawled out the woodwork to claim that this figure is ridiculously exaggerated, there's really nothing to worry about, it's just a few bucks, and so on.
All the same hoodoos unfailingly claimed that it's stupid to consider worst-case scenarios when you calculate risk, because...
[Yet] They have learned absolutely nothing from the ongoing financial meltdown which annihilated some of the oldest and largest investment banks in the world, and plunged the global economy into an almost vertical downturn.
So, since even the lowest reasonable figure for global exposure in financial derivatives attracts so much obfuscation and denial, I might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb, and offer up a much larger and probably more accurate estimate, which also includes the huge market in off-the-books derivatives, instead of only considering the OTC market upon which the previous calculation by the Bank of International Settlements was based, and that estimate is... $1.4 quadrillion.
That's more than one million piles of money, with a billion dollars in each pile." (1)
That is the scale of the problem that has become our problem to solve-even as millions more of us are approaching destitution and personal ruin. In this continuing nightmare where Newspeak and Double-Speak rule the airwaves and the public-pages everywhere; people still want to know who the villains are in all of this. The powers behind the drugs, the money-trails and the military-industrial-complex, in association with the prison-industrial cabal, can all be found each and everyday in the Society pages of the daily rags that are still being printed. These bastards are proud of their thefts; they revel in the scale of their crimes against us and are treated like royalty among the rest of us that are running out of solutions to the problems we've allowed them to create for us.
So the next time anyone asks you "Who's behind this shit!" Just direct them to the Society pages in their own hometowns, and across the nation-because that's where you can see them in all their tasteless opulence among their phony hangers-on. These power-junkies have been hiding in plain site all along. This information ought to make things really easy once the backlash begins, to find those particular people, that need to be held accountable to the rest of us who just happen to outnumber them; 5,000 to one!
When that time arrives these people need to arrested on suspicion, just like their shock troops and Viper-teams are now detaining us. Let them PROVE their innocence, just as we must, once the hidden hands and eyes of their spies have marked or labeled so many of us for special treatment at their checkpoints or on their no-fly lists. Millions of people have had files created for them, based on nothing but the same kinds of 'evidence' that was used throughout the Inquisition to arrest, to torture and to imprison any that might become even remotely a problem for the powers that be. When the time comes the tables shall be turned for the resurrection of Justice.
It really is a small-world afterall and since these creatures have chosen to ignore the basic fact that everything in this world is connected to everything and to everyone else: It seems only fitting that we should use their own measurement for their own very-special-achievements, as a locator for our list of "MOST WANTED INDIVIDUALS,' when the time comes for PAYBACK!
1) Global Exposure in Financial Derivatives Surpasses One Quadrillion Dollars (Update)
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