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Challenging The Lies
By Jim Kirwan
Muslims In 21st Century America - Part 5
By Frosty Wooldridge
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Islam grows so powerful in Europe; few dare expose its underbelly, its provocative actions, its arcane rituals and its final obsession: submission of all people to Islamic precepts. Why? They could get killed in their own country by core Islamic extremists living in Europe.
k - It is far more likely Frosty, that Muslims will be murdered, mutilated or tortured in their own countries by Americans and Zionists. Watch: I am Israel
Peter Wagner wrote, "When talking about "The Religion of Peace," detractors will point to other verses in the Koran that contradict the hateful ones. What most people are unaware of is that in Islam there is the "law of abrogation."
"Basically, when Mohamed or Allah have said something contradictory, and there are lots of those, the last command takes precedence over the earlier command and renders the earlier command null and void. Since the books of the Koran are not in chronological order one needs to know which command came last. Much of the "kill the infidel" stuff is the more recent commands.
"Part of the problem with "peaceful Muslims" is that none will repudiate the "kill the infidels" commands of their god and prophet because to do so would make one worse than an infidel with another command by Allah to put the apostate to death. In fact, "Radical Islamists" are nothing more than true believers doing exactly what Mohammed and Allah are telling them to do. The "peaceful Muslims" are actually the unbelievers and the Jihadists are the true believers. Check the 'murtadd'; it also explains why "peaceful Muslims" won't condemn the Jihad at FortHood. If you want personal proof, when talking to a Muslim, ask them to condemn and repudiate the grossly hateful and kill-the-infidel stuff in the Koran. You will get some interesting answers."
k - Part of this problem is that Muslims were minding their own business until we decided to steal their land and their resources and then made up our stories to justify this continuing crime against the community of nations and the world.
Whereas true Christians "turn the other cheek, love their enemies, do unto others..." etc. True Muslims kill the infidels. Both are just doing what their god and prophet told them to do.
k - How exactly Frosty do you 'know' what either their prophets or the Christian God has told anyone else to do? The last time I looked, neither you or I were experts on anyone's religion?
From two years ago, the six Fort Dix terrorists followed their progression of jihad on America. They followed the tenets of fundamentalist Islam. As their numbers grow in America, more fundamentalist Muslims force their way into every sector, every level and every aspect of American society. Whether by legal means, or violent- they continue on a quest that may take decades.
k - Have you never wondered why it is that so many other people have come here, despite the very different cultural attributes of those that flee to these shores? Many come because they will be tortured or killed if they stay in the countries where they were born - largely thanks to us and our foreign policies that have created and supported genocide, through torture, murder, and our draconian sanctions that make life impossible around the world.
Muslims, if anything, prove clever. Those now in the U.S. know their power grows in numbers, and also aware that they are "in competition" with the burgeoning Hispanic-Latino population. Muslims, therefore, reproduce at a rate that is much higher than other groups in the U.S.
Their methods in the U.S. -- use our Constitution to their advantage. Once they gain outright population power, they intend to revert to Sharia Law.
Fundamental to the obligations of every Muslim are the Five Pillars of Islam.
k - None of this would be happening now if we had not made it our business to overthrow the elected leaders of so many nations, including the legitimate President of Iran, whereupon we installed the Shah, as our personal puppet. Then we added to that, after the Shah was overthrown, by using another of our puppets Saddam Hussein to make war upon Iran for eight blood-drenched years. And you should know better than to use Wikipedia as a source for anything, it's Zionist-controlled and totally subject to change by anyone that choose to post whatever they want it to say.
The "Muslim Nation" works the implementation of Sharia law in Franceat this moment- where the French have given up on whole city sections in Paris. They're working it in Holland. They tried it in Australia, but officials rebuked them. They will keep pressing until success.
k - Muslims were forced to go into Europe and elsewhere to serve as near slaves within those societies; again primarily because they could no longer live in their own war-torn nations - thanks to Israel and the USA.
France elected their first non-socialist president in a long time. The nation of France prepares for an internal war- an insurrection.
Up to one hundred thousand Muslims immigrate (legally and illegally) into the United States annually, now numbering seven to eight million- brought to us by an "Open-Borders" Congress that supports the injection of jihad into this nation. Most arrive as naturalized citizens, sponsored by relatives already here. Meanwhile, each Muslim works double-time to increase the Muslim birth-rate in the U.S.
k - If you worried less about other-people's birth rates and more about where and WHY we keep butting-in to other people's lives; a trend that has skyrocketed around the world: Then maybe you would not be burdened with the complexities that our global policies have created?
Former President Bush, in 2008, signed a bill ("immigration waiver exception") to accept 25,000 Iraqi Sunni refugees into America. President Obama signed another $20.3 million bill to bring in more Muslims from Palestine. I'll bet they're going to make a happy bunch of campers on American soil!
k - Maybe you and your privatized-freedom-fighter mercenary friends ought to have thought through your policies of nation-wrecking, before you created the problems that left so many millions of people with nowhere else to go? Incidentally, if Americans themselves had bothered to question this government's slavish adherence to Zionist policies, and our lockstep support of those polices: then not only would America be far better off now: But we here would not now be facing this massive-depression that is about to end our way of life forever!
Ignorance in the U.S. electorate is NOT bliss
No one stops them; precious few understand what is going on; no one speaks out. Given enough time, every American faces jihad within his or her own community.
In 1908, President Teddy Roosevelt said, "The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing as a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities."
k - Other presidents have also warned us against the dangers of maintaining a standing army, or of allowing ourselves to become entangled in the foreign affairs of other nations, yet we have done both things from a very early time in our Colonial pursuits of Empire. We have invaded over 200 other nations; as a matter of policy. And on the global stage we are now viewed as the greatest single danger to the survival of the world - the Muslims are our victims; not our enemies.
It will prove interesting when the Muslims spreading from East to West across America meet the reconquista La Raza Mexicans spreading west to east. Both groups maintain a mission of conquest. Both sustain a resolve to make America their own.
k - Can you not see that since we have dominated Mexican (and many other central & South American nations) business and resources which led to the kinds of primitive corruption that breaks nations into slave-states for our convenience - there might actually be many reasons for both the hatred of us by others and the practical necessity of individuals to come here to survive; because we have more than just contributed to the non-quality of any possible life in so many other 'home countries'?
The Fort Dix Six- signs of things to come.
How can we stop Islam's conquest of America? Simple: Stop all immigration from Middle Eastern and African countries immediately. Anything less equals national suicide.
TOTAL moratorium on all immigration for ten years
k - GREAT, provided that we institute exactly same limitations on Americans by prohibiting our forces from going to any other nations around the world; unless this nation is actually attacked here. And No we were not attacked on 911 - that was an inside-false-flag job (but you know this), or you should: Because it has been the justification for everything from the national debt to the suicide by military-over-commitment that we've been practicing sine that dark September day in 2001.
On the other hand, if you are one of the tens of millions of Americans that remain oblivious- trusting in the proverbial tooth-fairy- you invite national suicide- right along with the entire Open Borders advocates.
We rush toward an insurrection in the U.S. as the Muslim and Catholic (Hispanic-Latino) powers finalize their plans to confront one another. My guess; this mess will explode in 2011--2015, after the U.S. Congress district boundaries are thrown into chaos as a result of the 2010 census.
k - If this concerns you so Frosty, then why not dig up Reagan's corpse and burn it; because the open borders policy (that you profess to hate so much) was his concoction as the puppet-in-office at that time. Of course every president since Reagan has also been involved in expanding his illegal and criminal-actions that turned this place into a nation without borders! But maybe that would be too problematic for you, as the policy itself has done massive harm to millions upon millions of both Americans and those that have used the criminal-policies therein for themselves, to try and survive.
What we choose not to know or deny can hurt us- in fact, kill us.
To turn this mess around, we need urgent and radical actions;
1. Take total control of our borders, using the U.S.M.C. for seven years.
2. Construct a world-class PHYSICAL security-fence along our southern border.
k - More than just a little paranoid Frosty? Walls for your information have never stopped anyone; they just imprison the population that builds them. As you will soon see the same walls that you are advocating here have been tried in Palestine; and they are not working any better there than did the Berlin Wall in Germany - The USA has gone too far already to go back now, to using walls to do, what the traitors that made the current immigration fiasco possible now want to legitimize as a "workable" solution to anything. And the CHECKPOINTS which are the outreach part of the WALL-program, will not accomplish their purposes either!
k -Bring the marines home from everywhere; they are needed here to defend their own families against this out-of-control bunch of Outlaws that want to shut this place down forever.
3. Implement a total immigration moratorium, for ten years.
4. Investigate, prosecute, and punish the criminals who entice and employ foreign-nationals.
5. Investigate, prosecute, and punish the 630,000 criminal-aliens who have absconded, ignoring lawful orders to submit to deportation.
6. Investigate, prosecute, and punish the criminals who entice and employ foreign-nationals (the root-cause).
k- And just who among the completely corrupted agencies throughout this government will be the ones to investigate, much less prosecute themselves? If you were even remotely aware of the extent of the corruption here - you could not even suggest such an idiotic notion!
7. Temporarily double the size and staff of the U.S. District Courts,U.S. Immigration Courts, and the U.S Attorney Offices-and build temporary tent-city jails-prisons along our southern border, with built-in courtroom facilities.
k- The Courts and the CRIMINAL-Just-Us System is something I know something about. They too are as corrupt if not more so than are the Congressional branch and the Administration because they have been the ones that have always looked the other way and then sanctioned every criminal policy from Torture to permitting this government to spy on every person here, since long before 911 even happened!
8. Reinvent the DHS.
k- There is no "HOMELAND" that term was imported from the Nazi's in the policies they created in the late 1930's. And the "Department of Homeland Insecurity" has crippled everything that most Americans would have looked to; to prevent what's happening now! DHS needs to dissolved back into the 22 separate agencies from which it was originally hijacked - are you working for these pricks Frosty?
9. Put the U.S. Marshal Service and DOJ-FBI in charge of the DHS-ICE function in the interim.
10. Carefully and thoroughly (10-finger prints and iris scan) add each illegal alien to our NCIC-IAFIS date base as they voluntarily repatriate, and leave the U.S.
11. Put a benevolent leader in the new post of U.S. Immigration Czar.
k - The last three suggestions assume facts not-in-evidence; because given their track records none of those agencies can be trusted to tie their own shoelaces, much less to actually protect this nation or its people.
k -Czars are not and have never been part of the legal system of the Republic - in case you missed that FACT. They were created to allow congress to get around their responsibility to oversee the functions of the Administration: A function that they have willfully ignored for the last nine years: Do you suppose this might have had something to do with why and how this nation has managed to become so totally criminal, in every aspect; since this New Millennium began?
12. Author a world-class U.S. Immigration Strategic Plan that includes a "U.S. Sustainable Immigration Policy of 100,000 or less annually" after a 10 year moratorium.
13.Aggressively (this is a major, gigantic new-paradigm effort) train & educate U.S. children-- "grow-our-own"-- to work the high-tech, manufacturing, and agricultural jobs as we emerge from the current "immigration chaos."
Our nation stands in the cross hairs of cultural and national suicide. If we continue on our current path, we're finished as a nation of laws, as a cohesive people, as a language and as a peaceful civilization.
k - You're a little late Frosty - this "nation" was murdered a very long time ago and no one needs you or your screwed up prejudices to tell us how that happened! And since you're neither a Muslim nor a Woman, why bother the rest of us with part "six"?
Part 6: treatment of Muslim women by Muslim men.
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