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Money & The Global Stage
By Jim Kirwan
There is a price for everything in life; and we have allowed those that work for the enemy's way of life to set false prices on everything, including human life! This imbalance has been blatantly accelerating for the last hundred and fifty years, so that now it is almost too late to demand the changes that should never have had to be made. The global-battle in Copenhagen is approaching farce because on one side are the corporations, the money, all the false power and the language, as well as the world stage, and the microphones that can so easily be silenced where and when they are most needed. And on the other there are only people and the need for justice and balance in a threatened world.
Raw Capitalism is the enemy of everything that lives upon this earth-yet there has never been any debate about the viability of this globally criminal-philosophy which has been unleashed against the world. If nothing else comes out of Copenhagen at the very least the world should have a "Most Wanted List" of those corporations that are blatantly malevolent in their open opposition to everyone and everything that stands between them and their stolen resources, along with the brutalized and murdered populations that lie in their plunder-driven wake around the world.
This is the real war between rich and poor and the so-called third world economies we have allowed to be created. We who are not powerful must begin to be heard from on a global scale; if any of this is going to be seriously challenged. It is possible but given our non-responsiveness to greed and power in the past; things do not look good for the underdogs.
Unchecked-Capitalism has been doing what they do for thousands of years: And what is that, you might ask? It's very simple really they have constantly misstated the true cost of everything they make or sell to anyone 'else.' They have treated everything that is 'natural' as free to them for the taking' - at the same time as they have charged the public for the waste that is produced in association with everything that is purchased.
Plastics for instance are an artificial substitute for everything that we could easily and cheaply be making from Hemp (Henry Ford used hemp instead of plastics in his early versions of Ford cars): Had that continued, this would have eliminated the non-degradable wastes that plastics have littered the globe with, and it would have reduced the costs of everything that is made or marketed using plastics today. In addition, if the world were to shift its focus from the supremacy of fossil fuels to energy-efficiency in everything; the world could very profitably employ every man, woman and child in cleaning up the mess that corporations and their monomaniacal focus on fossil-fuels have left us with. This is of course one of the things that will not come out of Copenhagen-because it would severely cut into the profits of those that are polluting the planet on a monstrous scale-and it would begin to destroy the plastics industry. Some will violently object to that: failing to realize that what will be lost will be nothing compared to the innovations and the progress, not to mention the increased profits that could be made if the world simply refused to buy products that continue to use plastics in their packaging. The same is also true of the fossil-fuels industry: Oil, natural gas and coal are not sanctified, and they are the least efficient use of energy and viability for a world that has outgrown this artificial-fixation on oil and its by-products.
The only reason that oil has remained "so important" is because those that own it have cornered the markets on it; and because we have allowed this to happen we are all now being held hostage to the needs of those corporations that are murdering the environment and the planet to guarantee themselves unrealistic profits from a source which the world has outgrown! In brief with the implementation of the Industrial-Revolution the world missed its chance to come out of the darkness and embrace the very real illumination which the machine age should have created.
This is similar to what happened to the world, except on a much larger scale, when the Industrial age was born. Those who resisted innovation then were referred to as members of the Flat-Earth Society or Luddites: Throwbacks to a more primitive time. But the Industrial Revolution introduced the world to the most virulent forms of something called Benevolent-Fascism or Corporatism which was the real purpose behind the Industrial Revolution.
Today's Luddites are those addicted to oil gas and coal; and they are every bit as out-dated now-as were those that resisted the Industrial Revolution. It was not the Industrial Revolution that was flawed, but rather it was the way in which those that made it possible were treated: Because at the time this was just another form of slavery that was intensified by change-rather than something that could lift the society from it's bondage to the new corporate models for life and existence.
In the 1950's, the unofficial age of the Gray-flannel-suit, the corporations tried to quietly make their presence felt. But the youth of that day and time rebelled in numbers against the corporate-inhumanity which they could see in their own families. This became possible because the corporations were simultaneously dumping their lifelong work-force just before they could achieve full retirement. Even the US military got in on the act to "save-money" by dumping their "lifers" before they could get to full-retirement benefits. This tipped the hidden-hand of the corporations and a Hippie revolt resulted, against this corporate-societal trend.
The minor rebellion failed of course when the corporations were able to co-opt these young and very naïve rebels. But some had noticed what had happened, and chose to continue to fight this blatant grab for global-power, even then. This battle has reached its final stage in Copenhagen-because it has always been the rich against the poor; the elites against everyone else-and if they can be dislodged from their death grip upon the rest of us then the world really could remake itself.
One example of what's at stake now comes from something that is happening in Canada. Here is partial transcription from Naomi Klein: "Over at the Bella Center a particular model of dealing with climate change is dying. It is revealing itself before the world as nothing more than a final scramble for the remaining resources of a planet in peril.
Here another model is finding its voice. This is a historic gathering because ~ we are seeing a redefinition of environmentalism which has always been a kind of touchy-feely movement here in the north where 'we're all in it together - lets hold hands: ~ but the fact is we're not all in it together in the same way. There is an inverse relationship between the people who created the problem and where the effects of those problems are being felt. There's an inverse relationship between those who created the problem and those who can afford to save themselves from the problem. In the United States it's not so much about the stealing of resources as it is about the stealing of people. . .
In 2004 I remember at the Republican Convention in New York some First Nation's Activists were in town for those protests; and as a side mission we went to Moody's. Moody's is as you know a credit agency ~ it gives countries their credit ratings. [One of the delegates had decided that one way to get Canada to acknowledge their debts] that was owed to First Nation's people was to meet with the credit agencies that give Canada its triple-A credit rating, which is the highest possible credit rating: And explain to Moody's that actually Canada carries a huge unpaid debt in the form of the lands that it stole, without treaties, from First Nation's people. So Arthur managed to get a meeting ~ with the person at Moody's who issues Canada's credit rating. . . All the documents were presented, the writs, the rulings by the Supreme Court of Canadathat proved their case. This land was stolen and they were owed billions in unpaid debts. And they said 'Canada is not a great place to do investment because what if we called in these debts?'
It was very interesting because the guy from Moody's nodded and he said: 'You're right, we've been following these court rulings; but we have decided that you are not going to collect on these debts-so it is not affecting our credit rating. And that's a very important thing for us to remember because 'DEBT' is political. ~ Really what they [Moody's] are saying is 'you and what army, how are you going to get this money out of us? You are not powerful enough to get the money out of us.' And this is where social movements come in. We can talk as much as we want about debt, and we can talk as much as we want about reparations but they're going to laugh at us until there is some movement muscle behind those concerns; behind those 'demands.'" (1)
This crystallizes the ways in which money continues to talk while the public continues to slumber in the shadow of death that waits for everyone that does not begin to make their views a part of this battle-not just in Copenhagen, but worldwide. Each of us has preferences about the way we want to be able to live our private lives; but to do that effectively we must live under a global doctrine that recognizes and labels the thieves and murderers as what they are, and demands that these criminals be stopped, not just here but everywhere.
We have a president that speaks in Orwellian tongues and he is now the poster-boy for WAR is PEACE, just as he has spent most of his first year proving that he is a congenital liar: Someone who cannot ever be believed on any subject that he might either comment on or choose to stonewall. Obama has delivered Defeat and called it Victory in all these criminal invasions that the Israel and USA have entered into.
This is not leadership. This is the absolute corruption of every basic principle inherent in what his office is supposed to require of this sock-puppet that has never had a life of his own. Barack Hussein Obama does not exist, because he has no traceable past, no written record of accomplishments anywhere - yet he behaves as if he is the Lord of all he surveys - and we put up with all his missed deadlines and conflicted doublespeak which includes the lies he continues to spew on every topic he pretends to touch upon.
His ignoble 'acceptance of the Peace Prize' for his War policies is only the latest insult hurled into the face of a wounded world that is dying by the minute while he continues to play the world's most famous flop in modern times. We need to stonewall him and his entire administrations every effort to blunt our every need with yet more secrets and ever larger lies!
1) Naomi Klein: Fate of Mass Movement Rests on Climate Justice
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