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The Fight Of Our Lives -
Destroying The Lisbon Treaty

By Mike James in Germany 
David Cameron, the leader of the British Conservative party, has, quite predictably, reneged on his promise to the British people to allow for a referendum on the illegal and treasonous Lisbon Treaty. This convoluted piece of repressive legislation is designed to place all living and future generations of Europeans in chains for ever and a day. 
Cameron, like Gordon Brown, is a traitor to the people of England, the vast majority of whom want nothing less than total withdrawal from the Zionist Soviet European Union. I used to work close to Westminster and am more than familiar with three lampposts in that district tailor-made for the ropes that will hang the war criminal Blair, the liar Brown and the opportunistic coward Cameron.
The time for talking is over. There was never any real debate. Democracy, if we can even conceive of it as having played a meaningful role in our lives, has betrayed the British and American people. It serves only the interests of the Zionist-Jewish Lobby and their evil International Banking System.
We, who try to speak Truth to Power, are often regaled for 'incitement'. My own people cower behind the adage that information alone will set them free. I have been told on numerous occasions: "Mike, the people are waking up. They know the truth. They will rise, and soon we shall be free."
But how much longer must we wait?
We know all there is to know. We know that 9-11 was, as the Israelis have inadvertently admitted and the Danish scientist Niels Harrit has proven, a profoundly sophisticated demolition job fuelled by thermite explosives. We know that the Protocols of Zion, whether forgeries or not, have been enacted almost in their entirety. We talk, we complain, we moan, we waste our lives in endless debates in online forums, forever dreaming of nationalist revolutions that will free us from usury and the wickedness of Zionism and its handmaiden, the Marxist Soviet European Union.
Like my friend, the patriotic Australian, Fredrick Toben, I have fought on the frontline. To this very day I still bear the scars of a bullet aimed at my left shin. MI6 staged an attempt on my life in Frankfurt on 22 May 1997. A GSU trooper once forced a gun in my mouth, but, thanks to the power of the True Creator, he ran away in fright, for I calmly stared deep down into his soul and forgave him in advance. I willed him to pull the trigger, but his eyes filled with tears.
I despise violence. I am incensed by the Ritual Satanic Sacrifice of my people at the behest of Zionist Jews and those who reap vast profits from the business racket of war. I have always been a pacifist. During the course of my career as a former journalist, I have seen, with my own eyes, children lying dead in the streets, covered with flies. The stench of death is unimaginably awful. Worse still is the pain suffered by the mothers and wives of the fallen.
I am childless, but I am a brother to untold millions of beautiful children. They are my people: European Americans, Celts, the wonderful and brave fighting Irish, the defiant Scots, the irascible Anglo-Saxons, the long-suffering Teutonic people of Germany.
What right do I possess not to fight for them? What right can I claim, in mitigation of the meek servitude imposed upon us by our manipulative controllers, to say: "I wish for nothing more than a quiet life, and to hell with those yet to be born into a world of hug-me, squeeze-me, politically correct fascism."?
Cameron, Blair, Brown, Obama, Netanyahu. Gentlemen who preside over the greatest holocaust ever to have taken place on this degenerate, Satanically ruled planet: the mass murder of unborn white children. Their evil is demonic in shape, depth and intensity. They hate us. They, as specified in the writings etched onto the Georgia Guide Stones, wish to destroy us.
But they have made one heck of an awful mistake. For God fights for us. I speak of the True Creator, the Father of Jesus Christ who told us: "Resist the Devil, and he will flee."
The Treaty of Lisbon, signed, sealed and delivered by the Evil One himself, represents in its deliberate and evasive complexity, a death sentence handed down to the people of Europe.
I have abandoned my pacifism. It is incumbent upon me to fight. I wish to see none of my children lie prostrate in the streets covered by flies. I shall fight to end the Zionist-inspired holocaust directed against my people. I shall tolerate no 'constitution' that sanctions the Soviet state-murder of my fellow countrymen should they choose to rebel against the Satanic European Union.
They disarm us by filling our minds with shame. It's just fine to be proud of your race if it is listed by the diabolic United Nations (an illegal and unaccountable Bolshevik construct) as a 'minority'. When we, the true minority, representing less than seventeen percent of the world's population, raise our voices in protest, we are silenced with their unending accusations of 'white supremacy', racism, anti-Semitism, intolerance and bigotry.
They have us by the balls and they squeeze hard. We comply, because we have become a race of surrender monkeys.
I'm sick of it. I have had a belly-full of want-to-be national revolutionaries talking grand and courageously over a beer or ten. I've heard it all before. 
But now the fight-back begins. You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be amongst the first they kill. I'll be dead within a year because I'm as fucking angry as hell and I'm not taking it anymore.
But I want you to live. I want your children to grow up in a world that allows them to be anything they want. A world of freedom. A world without fear. A world bereft of the evil machinations of mass-murdering Zionism. Within the context of a Leaderless Resistance, the choices you make are yours, and yours alone.
Don't listen to me. I am only a man. Listen to that still, small voice within; and then act accordingly.
We, the ancestral people of England, will lead the way. We shall utterly reject the Lisbon Treaty: the blueprint for the Communist North American Union. We shall rise. We are becoming ever more militant by the day, and the elites are growing increasingly nervous.
Time is not on their side, yet we must race against the clock.
No more the thin blue line between us and those who have betrayed our country in Westminster, for not one patriotic British policeman would ever dare to murder a fellow Englishman. But the Lisbon Treaty provides for a thick red line. Romanian, Hungarian or NATO troops, flown in at short notice, would have no qualms in opening fire on the British people in revolt. (It's in the small-print of the Lisbon Treaty.)
Cameron, Brown, Blair and all those whose snouts are firmly entrenched in the New World Order's exquisitely sumptuous trough of rewarding delicacies have had their necks measured for the lampposts that await them.
I have the rope. Just help me tie the knot.
And you, my people, will be free.
Mike James, an English patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.
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