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Judges, Juries & Executioners
By Jim Kirwan
In this revision of the Department of Justice, to 'honor' the National Intelligence Director: We have a perfect interpretation for everything that's currently coming down upon us all.
In the previous article the situation which this 'seal' also applies to refers to cops and their various back-up agencies, as they go about their self-appointed task of deciding guilt and meeting out punishment to ordinary people in a routinely malevolent way that all too often ends in serious injury or death. That previous article is called "Perfecting the Trifecta."
Today just happens to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Battle in Seattle. This reminds us all that before the coup it was possible to mount a massive and mostly peaceful resistance to something as completely evil as is the World Trade Organization. Today, because of the last nine years, is however an entirely different story, as the global meeting of the WTO is about to convene their annual meeting in Geneva.
"The World Trade Organization convenes today in Geneva for its seventh ministerial. Investigative journalist Greg Palast files a report from Geneva where he interviews WTO Director General Pascal Lamy to see how much the organization and its priorities have changed over the past 10 years.
Ten years ago today, tens of thousands of global justice activists, environmentalists, union members and anti-capitalist activists helped shut down the World Trade Organization in Seattle. Today the WTO is convening once again for a ministerial.
This time in Geneva, Switzerland. Protests began on Saturday and police fired tear gas and rubber bullets into a crowd of an estimated 3 to 5,000 demonstrators, arresting 33 people who were allegedly involved in breaking windows, looting, and setting cars on fire.
Investigative journalist Greg Palast traveled to Geneva ahead of this week's talks. He met with the WTO Director General Pascal Lamy to see how much the organization and its priorities have changed over the past 10 years. As protests mount inGeneva today we turn to Greg Palast's report produced for Air America and Democracy Now! (1)
Inside that Battle in Seattle, there was another battle going on over the control of the Story of the Battle in Seattle, which is the subject of a new book by David & Rebecca Solnit, "The Battle of the Story of the Battle of Seattle."
"JUAN GONZALEZ: Yes, it has been 10 years since the infamous Battle of Seattle. On November 30, 1999, tens of thousands of activists from across the country and around the world prevented delegates from attending the global trade talks by forming a human chain around the Seattle convention center and shutting down the city's downtown. Police responded by firing teargas and rubber bullets into the mostly peaceful crowd. The protests resulted in 600 arrests and in the eventual collapse of the talks as well as the resignation of Seattle's police chief. It was a watershed moment for the movement against corporate globalization and "Democracy Now!" was there broadcasting live.
AMY GOODMAN: Ananda Tan, talk about the organizing you did 10 years ago and the significance of the workers out on the streets in Seattle?
ANANDA TAN: Well Amy, 10 years ago was sort of a combination of a decade of organizing for us in western Canada. It was really a combination of various movements, recognizing that the corporate rule over our forests and forest dependant communities was really leading to destruction of community health and stability. I work mainly with the forest worker organizing and there's a few hundred of us who joined the Canadian Labor Congress and other trade unionists from around North America on the streets. For us it was really a first realization, or a wide realization, that our cause to prevent corporations from robbing our forests and our communities was linked to the fight of peasants from India and fisher folk around the world who are trying to protect their natural resources, peasants trying to protect their seeds. So it was really a coming together of various movements.
For us, coming down to Seattle, we came down with a slogan of fighting the Global Free Logging Agreement, which is what we call the multilateral impediment on investments that was a key component of the WTO. We realized that our fight was linked to those of communities, and millions of people around the world. My only regret is that we weren't able to sustain it returning to Canada, but we did remain inspired by the fact that many of our allies around the world were eventually able to force the derailment of key provisions like the agreement on agriculture and a lot of the major components of the Doha round.
AMY GOODMAN: And as we move into this 10 years later, Ananda, as we move forward, the Copenhagen climate talks about to take place, how would you say the organizing from 10 years ago is translating into what is happening today?
ANANDA TAN: Well Amy, I think what we saw in Seattle was a combination of broad dialogue in civil society. I was part of an alliance called the Labor-Environmental Alliance and it was the first time forest workers, and environmental groups, and indigenous activists got together to realize and recognize common cause. With the climate crisis I think we have learned from a lot of our lessons in various resource based fights and come forward to realize that the fights of communities here in North America fighting climate-destructive and climate-polluting industries is linked to the fights of communities facing toxins in their backyards, communities that are really being hit hard by the economic crisis here in North America, their cause is linked to the cause of African farmers and Asian farmers who are running into serious limits to their productivity on their farms due to the climate crisis. So we have a much bigger canvas. We have an opportunity to tackle the same corporations who were trying to liberalize international trade and their access to community resources around the world and are now trying to do the same, using this opportunity of the climate crisis to create markets for trading in carbon derivatives and using their existing control of energy resources to finance their development agenda in the Third world.
I think we're at a place where once again we're faced with turning out massive numbers of people on the streets to challenge the corporate interference with international climate policy talks, but also here in the U.S. I think it is critical, being in the country with the most amount of-that's producing the most climate pollution, but also ostensibly owes the most amount of carbon reparations or climate debt to communities around the world, for people to step out and start challenging these corporations that are housed here in this country, the major oil and gas companies and the banks that finance them, all the carbon traders that are trying to make deals in this new derivatives market to stop their interference. "(2)
Apparently the uprising by the world that stopped the WTO in Seattle ten years ago, while it was magnificent at the time, was not something which the public felt needed to be continued as we entered the black-days of the coup of 911 that left us with a legacy of fear and terror of anything that might indicate any real resistance to any of the toxic arms of global domination.
What the lackey's wearing badges are doing to the public here on an hourly basis; is now being replicated throughout the financial global markets to not just the so-called world powers; but now the WTO wants to capture and dictate this worst of all possible financial models of theirs, to the entire third world as well. And again we have the-powers-that-be dictating terms to the planet that involve appointing themselves as 'Judges, Juries and Executioner's." This time having already stolen most of Europe & America, they have a plan to hijack what remains of other peoples wealth and financial systems that will complete the massive destruction of the entire global economy. This they are planning to do in the midst of completing the global transfer of wealth from every other nation to the pockets of those that are running the fake New World Order, that is in fact nothing but an armed robbery of the planet in the name of global greed and excessively criminal-usury to complete their treasons and lies in such a way as to silence forever, any and all public dissent! In addition to this plan there is also Agenda 21, brought to us by the United Nations, a cloaked and deep-cover arm of the NWO.
AGENDA 21 - Economic control whereby private property ownership will be forbidden. Within this "sustainable development" (not true!!!!) initiative, there will be a lockdown of land and watershed systems through relocation of people into human settlements.
So through "climate change" and "global warming" there will be draconian legislation that will ultimately destroy humanity. This is not particular just to USA. On 9 December, The-Powers-that-be are going to start implementing their ultimate control starting with the elimination of private property rights." (3)
This used to be "our world" but how we choose to deal with these new invasions into our way of life; will definitely determine how much longer that might even be possilbe to be the actual case in point!
1) WTO Chief Pascal Lamay: Free Trade and Interdependence Help Promote Freedom, Human Rights and Civil Liberties ­ videohttp://www.democracynow.org/2009/11/30/wto_chief_pascal_lamay_free_trade
2) The Battle of Seattle ­ 10 years later ­ video
3) Taking Liberty by Taking Land - video
Agenda 21the UN Plan for your sustainable community
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