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Holder Pledges Hate Crimes
Cooperation with ADL

By Rev. Ted Pike
Att. Gen. Eric Holder, featured speaker at the Anti-Defamation League's American Heritage Dinner on October 17, praised ADL for its historic role in fighting all forms of intolerance and helping make the federal hate crimes law a reality. He called passage of ADL's hate bill a "marvelous step of progress" and gratefully looks forward to close and continued cooperation with ADL in hate law implementation. ADL recently announced that, having spearheaded passage of The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act, it will now lead stage two, a massive national campaign to train lawyers to become hate crimes prosecutors.
Holder says that, having been personally frustrated over the past 11 years in his efforts to help pass the hate bill, as Attorney General he is determined to begin immediate enforcement. ". . .the new hate crimes legislation will arrive not a moment too soon. And on the day that it becomes law, we will hasten to begin using it."
Here are highlights of Holder's speech - full of praise for ADL - and misrepresentations concerning the new hate law and the alleged "epidemic of hate" it claims to address.
"You - the members of the Anti-Defamation League - and I go way back. I first began convening meetings with members of the ADL in the early 90's when I served as the United States Attorney in Washington, D.C. . . At that time I expressed my deep appreciation for the fact that you always have served as indispensable allies in some of the most important work our government does. And now, tonight, I once more have the opportunity to stand in solidarity with you, and to thank you for your constant, steadfast work to create a better country. A country free of discrimination; a country free of violence; a country free of hate. The Obama Administration could ask no better partner than the Anti-Defamation League as we jointly strive to attain the ideals of equal opportunity, equal rights, and equal justice for all. Members of the ADL - I salute you."
Equal rights for all? That's not what Holder said in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee this spring. He asserted that the hate bill does not protect Christian ministers, whites, heterosexuals, policemen and members of U.S. military. Only favored groups, he said, such as homosexuals, blacks, Latinos, Jews, Muslims, and women will benefit under this new law. (See video "Holder Admits No Equality Under Hate Bill" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnziaXfYhc4).
In Holder's speech to the ADL he continues this charade, asserting that under America's new hate law "we will also continue to defend vigilantly the civil rights of all [italics mine] people in this country and prosecute criminal acts of discrimination wherever we find them." "The new law expands the list of protected categories beyond race, color, religion or national origin, and for the first time, allows the federal government to prosecute violence undertaken because of the actual or perceived gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability of any person."
Holder gives every impression, as ADL did through 19 years of hyping their hate bills to state and federal legislators, that all Americans are protected under hate laws according to "race, color, religion, or national origin." In reality, ADL never intended any of its hate laws in America - or throughout the world - to protect anyone except those groups ADL considers victims of white, Christian, male, heterosexual civilization.
Holder goes on to note that "the desperate need for a strengthened federal law enforcement capability against hate crimes has been perfectly clear." Perfectly clear? Holder was grilled repeatedly by Republican Senators during his Judiciary testimony, asking him to make perfectly clear if states are failing to adequately punish hate criminals. Holder couldn't present even one example of such failure on the local level. What is perfectly clear is that there exists no "desperate need" for federal takeover of local law enforcement.
Further, Holder said that about 7,500 hate crimes a year since 1990, averaging one every hour of the day, "is a staggering figure. . .completely unacceptable." Actually, out of an average of 11 million crimes annually reported by police to the FBI, alleged hate crimes average only 1/10 of one percent - hardly a level of criminal activity of the epidemic proportion portrayed by Holder and ADL. Less than five percent of these reported hate crimes have ever been established as fact by courts of law, yet Holder says the level of unreported level of hate crimes in America is probably "in the tens of thousands. This fact is enough to make one's blood run cold." Fact? How credible is an Attorney General who regards such undocumented speculation as "fact?"
This spring, ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center in their MIAC advisory to the Missouri State Police warned police to be suspicious of immigration protestors as possible domestic terrorists. Holder praises ADL for such proactive vigilance. "The ADL has done important work documenting increased activity by hate groups who recruit members using virulent, anti-immigration rhetoric that they present as legitimate opinion. Such language can have a devastating effect not just on an individual, but on an entire community."
Entire communities devastated? All ADL pro-hate law propaganda from America to Europe to Australia allege that a hate crime is worthy of at least triple penalties because it savages not only the victim but "tears whole communities apart." Such may have occurred in some instances during post-reconstruction lynchings in the American South. But when was the last time you read of such social devastation resulting from a hate crime in America? The very worst examples of hate crimes the ADL can put forward are the namesakes of the federal bill: the brutal murders of Matthew Shepard and James Byrd. Nevertheless, these had no such devastating effect upon homosexual or black communities in Wyoming or Texas. The social devastation which ADL claims results from states failing to prosecute hate crimes is a figment of ADL imagination.
Holder says, "The stubborn persistence of anti-Semitism saddens me" What is anti-Semitism? ADL's Office of Global Anti-Semitism in the U.S. State Department says "anti-Semitism" means any "strong criticism" of Israel or its leaders, or claims that the Jews had Christ killed. Holder says any such anti-Semitic "hate speech" even as "a casual joke made in private when the speaker thinks no Jewish person is listening," is very, very bad. It "should scald the conscience of every American." He also promises that Muslims will be vigorously protected under America's new hate law, just as they are in Canada, Britain, France and Australia.
Holder concludes with more flattery of ADL: "This organization has a great tradition of refusing to stand by when others are suffering. You are guided by your tenets, your precepts, and your values to come to the aid of others who need help. And so, this evening, I humbly call upon you to join me and this new administration in reaching out to all our American neighbors."
Reach out to American neighbors? If there is one thing the federal hate law does not do, it is reach out to all Americans, providing equal hate crimes protection.
The only thing certain about the new federal hate law and charlatans like Holder and ADL, who helped create it and now enforce it, is that they will continue to deceive and manipulate all Americans to the benefit of only one minority: the anti-Christ Jews of ADL/B'nai B'rith International.
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