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Government Is This Public's Enemy!
By Jim Kirwan
The Government of the United States has been Public Enemy number one, since September 11, 2001. It's the one fact that has eluded far too many people that call themselves Americans, for far too long. This blood-stained truth is also that most-important-piece of the global puzzle that seems to have escaped too many that still believe they are actually political activists.
This continues to happen because we have allowed ourselves to compartmentalize political-analysis, while we continued to segregate ourselves from the stark and glaring facts that were pivotal to understanding the actual events of 911, as well as everything that has come directly from that day to destroy the world as most people had come to know this planet, before that dark day. (1)
Everyone that died after the first Trade-Center-Tower was hit; was clearly murdered. And since murder has no statute of limitations; those murders still need to be thoroughly investigated. However the reality was that some people were paid for "their losses" while others chose to look for answers; and everyone with questions was blocked by the privatized CRIMINAL-enterprise that we call the US Government. (2)
The major invasive US policy that has been driving the destruction of the right of Americans to travel freely was created to serve HOMELAND Insecurity; and one of its most obscene and ineffective by-products is now called the Transportation Security Agency or TSA. This 'agency' is the twenty-first century technological version of NAZI polices, that have continued to grow unchecked throughout the twenty-first century. This project was originally underwritten by the office of Total Information Awareness, under a convicted criminal, Admiral John Poindexter. That failed massively, but magically then reappeared as the Transportation Security Agency under Homeland Security, where it still resides. (3)
The current and continuing invasion of the public's right to travel-by-air was created by TSA, and became further complicated by the illegal no-fly lists that now contain over two million names of individuals that are being denied their right-to-fly; based on secret information that cannot be confronted or legally refuted; despite the fact that no one has been arrested for terrorism under these draconian and unconstitutional "new Rules," since they were created. Despite the ravings of our national-lunatic Snarling Dick Cheney!
Yesterday it was announced that this "brilliant" plan will now be considered by congress for expansion into subway and Amtrak services throughout the nation; under the shabby veneer of setting federal performance standards that will have to include protecting the traveling public from 'terrorists,' which will mean the eventual passenger screenings of all carry-on 'baggage' such as lap-tops and bags that might contain bombs or weapons of any kind. It's worth noting that since Reagan destroyed the Air Traffic Controller's Union, by firing eleven thousand people; the federal role in protecting the public has gone straight downhill.
This will cripple the ability of people to move freely between their homes and workplaces, and will basically bring the same kind of paranoia into all other modes of transport; as has been done to air-travel. This proposed 'new' policy will then move on to cover buses and inter-city transportation of all types: in other words CHECKPOINTS will become as common-place here as they are now in the Fascist and segregated state of Zionist Israel.
And Americans will soon be the new Palestinians!
ORIGINS: Most Americans are ignorant of the fact that this government is and was organized upon the Roman Empire's view of both what the US government is and how it should work. For instance this symbol on the 1936 dime above features something called a Fasces. There are two of these massive symbols on either side of the Podium in the Congress of the United States. The Fasces symbolizes people and countries (as a grouping of rods) bound firmly together and ruled by an axe-head that stands for dictatorship. With the latest proposal for further intrusions into our lives by this government that enslaves us, instead of either protecting or serving us, we are taking the final steps toward an irreversible fascist police-state.
We've already lost the right of eminent domain, which means that no one can "own" anything anymore. Now congress has begun to dictate what we MUST buy, by way of health insurance, or face both heavy fines and prison.
And all of this we 'supposedly justify' by claiming the national-security imperatives that we created by the wars we started! These wars for greed and private-profit have always been solidly based on massive and total lies. Here's what these wars are really all about. Please bear in mind that we've attacked and destroyed over fifty nations this way, just since the end of WWII. We need a much clearer approach to who we are in the world, and just what it is that makes us so much more "special" than all those millions we routinely massacre on our way to total domination of the planet. The clock is ticking. . .
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