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American Enslavement
By Jim Kirwan
'American History was born in the chains of Slavery, where it grew and prospered to allow America and later on the United States, to become 'the richest nation on earth.' Slavery was not a side-show in America; it was the Main-Event.'
"America has been a slave-owning country longer than it has been a free one; and the legacy of slavery haunts us still." In 1530, a Dutch Trading company brought seventeen slaves with them, as company owned slaves, to found what later becameNew York City. By 1620 most of the people that came here, came from Africa and most of them were in chains. It was the plight of the indentured and the enslaved that created the massive 'new wealth,' enabled by "free labor" which distinguished the colonies and led directly to what made the United States the richest nation on earth.' (1)
Here we are four-hundred and seventy nine years later; on the verge of completing this circle that was begun in slavery and is about to return to slavery-but this time slavery is about to include the descendants of those that first used it to create their own positions in this society: This is the price that we will pay for failing to remember history; and for believing that we are immune to the responsibilities that history has so clearly shown the world, for the crimes against others that we have used and abused throughout our literal history. This is what the 800 new FEMA camps are for. Only this time the dividing lines within society that will not be forged on race, but will instead be class-based to enslave everyone who is not part of the new ownership society-ironically these people are the descendants of the same people that prospered under the original tyranny, only now they call themselves The New World Order (same as the Old World Order) ­ only worse!
For two hundred years the early Robber-Barons prospered beyond all expectations from the use of "free labor" which that early slavery enabled. This greed-based-trek that was bound in chains was interrupted briefly, by spurts of equality and limited freedoms but now the specter of enslavement is returning to the original design, on an expanded basis. The most glaring fact of all is that those who will be used, abused and tyrannized still have no idea of what awaits them-because they have chosen not to know about the terms of the 'change' that these last fifty years have been spent on, in creating this "GREAT Society" just for them. (2)
Many will scoff, but these are the same people that cannot imagine what possible use could we have for 800 prison camps modeled upon the early NAZI labor-camps? Some wonder what kind of work could these prisoners do that cannot already be accomplished by the prison-industrial complex that is already performing this function which accounts, in part, for the current tyranny and racism within the privatized-prison-system now. To these people the worlds of sex-slavery, child-slavery, torture and the abuse of manual-labor and medical experimentation are as distant as is the planet Mars. But to seriously twisted pedophiles and the power-mad supremacists among us: nothing could be better than to use and abuse freely from among millions of captive people; for whatever purposes they find to be the most profitable.
Many will no doubt be sold to other nations, because as property of USA Inc., we can be used as collateral-compensation for all these obscene loans that this government has recently taken out. And as we are all owned corporate property already, with no rights, no privileges and now no voice of any kind-this new prisoner status for many millions of 'Americans' will simply amount to making 'The CHANGE' from "loyal consumers" to consumable objects into the reality that it already IS!
Of course the brain-dead that have been so busy trying to profit from the coming crash of the global-economy will probably scream the loudest, when they find that they are no longer needed by the elites to coerce the herd-because they never expected to find themselves caught up in what so many on Wall Street and elsewhere have so carefully designed "for others" to inherit. Yet this seems like a fitting end to the tyranny on which this place and many others were created.
If you want a preview of life in the camps, and what you can expect: You need look no further than what life has been like for the Palestinians over the last sixty-plus years; as they have fought to survive under the murderous occupation of the Fascist-Americans and the Zionists in Israel. (3)
'Americans' in particular have prided themselves upon their superiority over all the other life on this planet. Yet among the animals we are perhaps the most conceited and delusional people to ever claim the title of 'Manifest Destiny.' Animals in the wild understand when their lives are being threatened. They react to circumstances and will at least try to either fight or flee when their lives are endangered-not so for members of the herd-that call themselves Americans who look with distain upon all the dumb-animals of the world. Apparently it's "our turn" now to reap what we've been sowing for low these many, many years!
Think about it, and be certain to watch the last video so that you will know what to expect when the militarized-thought-police come to round you up and end your oh so-precious lives-in ways that you have never imagined, even in your wildest nightmares!
1) Slavery and the Making of America ­ Part 1
2) The Great Society ­ 1966
3) I Am Israel ­ video
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