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 Amercia Is Filling Up With Dumb People - Part 2
Ethnic Division, Welfare, Balkanization, Clashing Cultures

By Frosty Wooldridge

Over 18 million human beings starve to death in third world countries around the world annually. According to the World Health Organization,10 million of them are children that die of starvation or related conditions yearly. When you watch religious channels featuring appeals to "Save the Children" in Africa, South America and Asia, what constitutes the driving condition of their plight?

Illiteracy! Culture! Profligate fecundity!

At the same time, how can the Western world in Europe and North America enjoy endless 'all you can eat' buffets seven days a week that created over 180 million obese people in the United States alone?

Education! Culture! Personal choice!

What happens when a highly educated society, culture and people such as the United States degrades or devolves its educational systems toward illiteracy and loss of personal accountability?

Look around you!

You watched that process clutch at the throat of American educational system for the last 40 years- and today; it's got us by the carotid artery.

What do 35 million Americans subsisting on food stamps indicate?   Answer: poor or no educational achievement. 


Personal responsibility:  do you think 400,000 pregnant women that arrive annually in America, unlawfully, will birth tomorrow's responsible citizens?  Do you think millions of unwed American mothers that bring 1,2,3,4 and five children into this world using welfare "Aid to Dependent Children" will rear responsible, intelligent and contributing future citizens?

Personal accountability: do you think the 1.2 million high school dropouts annually in the USA will become thriving, contributing and responsible future citizens? You see, that number of academic failures has been mounting for over 10 years, thus, more than 11 million illiterate kids wandering the streets of America.

Do you think ethnic groups that abhor education or quit from their own lack of parental guidance, drive and academic ability - will remain docile in the burgeoning slums? Here or worldwide? I address that dilemma in Chapter 20: Burgeoning Cities of Poverty in America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans. {Copies available:1 888 289 7715}


"Most cities in developing countries already have pressing concerns, including crime, lack of clean water and sanitation, and sprawling slums," said Thoraya Obaid, Executive Director of the UN Population Fund. "But these problems pale in comparison with those that could be raised by future growth. If we do not plan ahead, it will be a catastrophe."

Please note that China, India, Mexico, Bangladesh, Rio, Indonesia, etc. constitute present day catastrophes already manifesting.

Where does this lead to?

What do we see happening in the USA?

Why won't anyone address it?

Illiteracy can and will kill our civilization! No if's, and's or but's! And the "when" is easily predicted.

Social Interaction EXPLOSIONS Are Inevitable.

The fact grows that the United States injects volatile mixtures of incompatible cultures, antagonistic races (e.g. - Jewish and Muslims), illiteracy and multiple languages into its core culture- hoping that it won't explode. Yet, you can see the explosions, strife and conflict already manifesting in Great Britain, France, Holland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Spain and elsewhere.

Cultural Assimilation is NOT Happening.

In "The Silent Catastrophe" by Jared Taylor, October 12, 2009, he said, "Part of the problem for immigrants is adjusting to the U.S.; Hispanics born here are more likely to finish high school than those who immigrate as children. However, the graduation rate slightly decreases for the second U.S.-born generation (85.1 percent vs. 85.9 percent), so that in 2007, even after three generations in the United States, Hispanics had a dropout rate that was still 2.3 times the white rate - and 33 percent higher than the black rate.

"Big-city public school districts, which are heavily black and Hispanic, have appalling track-records.
In Detroit, only 26.8 percent of students graduated on time in 2006. (76 percent in 2008 reported by Brian Williams, NBC) The other worst performerswere Philadelphia: 39.1 percent, Dallas: 40.7 percent, Los Angeles: 47.7 percent, and Washington, DC: 48.8 percent.  Jefferson High School, which is 90 percent Hispanic and 10 percent black, had the worst dropout rate in Los Angeles: 58 percent.
"That is not the figure for students who fail to graduate on time; it is those students do not graduate at all."
Today, newspapers and magazines publish to a sixth grade reading level for audiences across this country! The U.S. Army manuals scale their educational efforts to a 4th grade level.
Taylor continued, "The American workforce has historically beenthe best educated in the world: 85 percent of adult Americans are high school graduates, up from just 25 percent in 1940. Twenty-eight percent have a college degree, a fivefold increase since 1940. Better education helped raise real average per-capita income in the United States 40 percent between 1980 and 2000 - but that money had less purchasing power.
California Illiteracy; Legal AND Illegal Immigrants
"According to a 2007 report from the Migration Policy Institute, an estimated 400,000 legal immigrants and 350,000 illegal immigrants were illiterate in their native languages, much less English. This contributed to the first decline in literacy in California's history. In 2003, its adult illiteracy rate of 23 percent- up 50 percent in the most recent 10 years- put it last among all states."
Please note that California suffers an estimated five (ten ?) million illegal immigrants and five million recently arrived legal immigrants. It suffers a gigantic, untaxed underground economy resulting in $24 ($47 ?) billion in debt. Across the USA, immigrants cost taxpayers, according to economist Edwin Rubensetin, www.thesocialcontract.com -- $346 billion annually across 15 federal agencies.
"The California Dropout Research Project at U.C. Santa Barbara estimated in 2009 that because high school dropouts commit more crime than students who stay in school, dropouts cost California $1.1 billion annually in law enforcement costs and victim damages while they are still minors," said Taylor. "This estimate did not include lost productivity costs as adults or continuing public outlays for adult criminals and indigents."
"For the U.S. economy, the implication of these trends is really stark," said Patrick Callan, president of the center.
Andrew Sum of Northeastern University in Boston works with ETS on research projects said, "There is no time that I can tell you in the last hundred years," he says, when literacy and numeracy have declined, "but if you don't change outcomes for a wide variety of groups, this is the future we face."
"If blacks, Hispanics, and immigrants are excluded from the American results, our performance rises from 12th, to 2nd in reading and 5th in math," said Taylor. "This means immigrants, blacks, and Hispanics are dragging our rating down to 12th from 2nd and 5th. Likewise, the oldest Americans (56 and older) came in second in reading whereas younger Americans, those 26-35 and 16-25 years old, ranked 11th and 14th, respectively.
The oldest age groups- the ones with the most whites- are doing the best, while the youngest groups with the fewest whites do the worst. The ETS also found that native-born blacks and Hispanics performed at only the 28th percentile, compared to other rich countries, and immigrants at only the 17th percentile."
In 2009, we suffer $35 million in shoplifting DAILY within the United States by those that lack education, personal responsibility and accountability.
As the inequities accelerate, we face entrenched and growing slums that will drive food stamp usage beyond our ability to feed our citizens. As they grow more volatile, expect balkanization, ethnic separation and confrontation. As inequities grow between the haves and have not's, expect extreme disrespect for law and order.
Finally, why continue importing 2.5 million immigrants into this country annually when we cannot support or employ our own citizens?
Additionally, when you see 600,000 Muslim immigrants added to the Detroit, Michigan region- sporting a 76 percent dropout rate from area high schools- you can count on illiterate, upset, angry and culturally incompatible Muslim-Americans taking their frustrations out on the rest of us.
Expect growing domestic violence, honor killings, FGM, rapes and much worse as now experienced in Sweden, France and Great Britain, and, of course here in the U.S.   Check out the numbers, take action at www.NumbersUSA.com and join as if your kids' lives and this civilization depended on it. In Truth, it does.
To take action: First and foremost, join www.numbersusa.com and become one of nearly a million Americans making impact with pre-written faxes and phone calls to change immigration policies toward a stable future. Bi-partisan and highly effective!
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