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Queen Elizabeth Worth $33 Trillion 
Queen Elizabeth is also the world's number landowner...
From Dick Eastman


Elizabeth also controls URAINIUM just as De Beers controls the diamond trade, but she does it through direct ownership. Think it through. Check out where it is mined and she owns the land or controls the companies one way or another.  

The more you know about the Royal holdings the more you shake your head in amazement.

She does control Canada and not long ago shut down government.



When you understand the Opium Wars, and when did the British leave? Why is a London banker on China's second largest bank board. It doesn't make sense unless he is there to "suggest" what they should do (his job), but do you see how it could work? The Crown/The CIty  learned you control countries through the banks...loans. British loans brought down the Ottoman Empire and they also sent the Egypt's Suez Canal construction project  into receivership via debt, the Brit's took it over...Egypt instead of making money lost everything thanks to the British London bankers...Dubai, it's rumored that Prince Charles has money there...loans perhaps? LAND FOR DEBT, LAND FOR DEBT, LAND FOR DEBT.

Are we in trouble? China is buying everything in site to spend their/our dollars...they are replacing their dollars with THINGS, GOODS, EVERYTHING that will help support and grow their country and personal wealth. Obviously there is a small elite in China that run and make money from these dealings just as there is a tiny super wealthy ruling minority in Mexico (where the world's richest man lives), just as does  the Queen in Britain and  Canada etc. Do the Russian oligarchs also come to mind, and Putin who seems to be tolerating their influence after a good show at resisting them early on.

The wealthy know that value comes from land...owning land as it produces, it is the only thing that produces. Why did Bush buy 100,000 acres in Paraguay with gas and water, Ted Turner would own the US if he were allowed to buy it as some states have said no more, he owns the Nebraska farm land that sits over the Midwest largest aquifer and Buffett owns the land in Texas it also covers, between the two! Why do the Rockefeller's own huge, thousands of acres of farm land and bilk the tax payers/us through farm subsidies? Even the Rev. Moon owns more land in Paraguay than Bush and they do business together! The rich buy land, but they never sell, why? True wealth is in the land and God isn't making any more, just like water front property.

Why do you think the banks are foreclosing? They own the land with funny money they put on their books out of thin air...understand fractional banking...what isn't being said is just like in the depression the banks and the rich are consolidating...I'd like to know what the big bonuses are being spent on, on Wall Street...land you think? They know the stock market is nothing more than Las Vegas on the coast a fast poker game for the stout of heart and insiders play ground where they gather at the CFR to water and make deals.

Just a gentle reminder that land is king and with carbon taxes which will control what comes from the land, they control it all...as you know, of course.

Remember the military "control the land in Afghanistan" where 95% of the world's poppy fields (land) is located and with cheap labor...and completely control of the traffic. The Brit's (Queen) and NATO are guarding the South where they are located...Opium War? The business is making money on the serfs backs and there is never enough, never, like a fire the elite need to be constantly feed more, and more, and more...it's all about control and we can assume based on history their mind set is, 'IT'S MINE you unworthy animal useless eater, get off my land a.k.a. mother earth.' How many slaves need to die? True? 

Today is the best day of your life live it as though it is your last. Be happy, love others, and give thanks.

Till the morrow. 


Keep in mind I'm dyslexic and doing the best I can with what I have to work with. 


"... Political Correctness remains just what it was intended to be: a sophisticated and dangerous form of censorship and oppression, imposed upon the citizenry with the ultimate goal of manipulating, brainwashing and destroying our society." -- NewsMax.com

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