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Cops 'R' The Greatest Threat
To Life & Limb In The USA Today
By Jim Kirwan
This country used to hold up the American Judicial System as the fairest in the world. Obviously it was a flawed system at best, but at least the participants from judges, prosecutors and the government did not dare to do what they have now accepted as "normal." In this case and in almost all others now - 'normal' calls for police-state procedures from arrests through the charging or the lack of charges brought, which includes the possibility of the indeterminate holding of citizens without charges, in solitary military confinement (if you're a civilian), and torture, total isolation and the possibility of no access to either a lawyer or to family members.
The CRIMINAL-Just-Us System is not just broken; it's been shattered beyond repair. When I was an advisor attached to the California Department of Justice, in 1979, this image became the symbol for the California District Attorney's Association, they requested permission to use it; I didn't push it.
This "Justice" rises from a burning human heart, with a well-worn sword, and sheds tears for those that found neither justice nor law in her care.
In the most recent outrage in which four cops were murdered, there appears to be reason for the cold-blooded murder of the 'suspect, in the sense that the cops could not afford to allow this man to be questioned by anyone but the already thoroughly involved police and other officers that might have been incriminated had he been allowed to live to testify, as to why he did what he supposedly did. The cops that were chasing him were no better than an enraged lynch mob; hell-bent on assassinating their target - because obviously for those members of that department "arrest was not an option."
Cops in America today are becoming nothing more than just another street gang, but it is the one gang that the public officially pays to protect them: These uniforms-without-names or badge numbers are nothing but vigilantes that serve that very particular criminal-cabal that wants us dead. Now these thugs have clearly turned upon their providers and it is way past time that the public begins to respond by taking them out!
We should begin by demanding the resignation of all the major police chiefs that have allowed their departments to be trained by BLACKWATER & the Israeli's to make war upon the American public. In February of 2008 I tried to avert some parts of this problem with an "Open Letter to Tens of Thousands of Rogue Cops."
"What you don't seem to realize is that when you take off the Kevlar, and unstrap both your weapons, you need a shower, possibly a shave if you're male, and you'll need to grab something to eat. If you live in the Burbs which most cops do, you probably have "friends" and maybe you might want to go to a game or just get together with "friends." In brief you do what other people do unless you're a robot living in a barrack somewhere dark and semi-distant. If you have a family they have their lives to live as well, grocery shopping, school etc. just like other people-except that you are not like other people! You have become a secret enforcer, the muscle and bullets of the fascist state incarnate. And that makes you and yours into targets for those that you have wronged.
What used to protect you was the good will of the people you served, but with that out-of-the-way now, because you've put yourself beyond the law and above the people that once cared whether you lived or died-your world has changed almost as much as ours: Only you still have no clue about the consequences that are coming! [We outnumber you by 5,000 to one]
When you do what you do to ordinary people your actions affect the lives of a great many people beyond the targets of your brutality-and those people whether adults or children will not forget. Meanwhile you have forgotten that you are not Supermen or Superwomen, you're just flesh and blood like all the rest of us: and with every day that passes the numbers of your enemies continue to increase by the hundreds, until that figure reaches into the thousands, and you are beginning to close in on that magic number now." (1)
To date I have yet to hear from any of those bastards that are obviously afraid to write about what they do, or what they are officially or unofficially trying to do the people of this country: by manipulating their official-powers to limit the rights and privileges of Americans from all walks of life. I was not the only one writing about these transgressions, but the overall response to all of these problems has been pathetically lean, to say the least!
In the events that have happened around the murder of 4 cops just outside Tacoma, subsequent events have revealed that the conduct of "officers" is still well below human.Here is the official story. (2)
In a New York Times report this morning it was also reported that "a lone officer killed the suspect." When cops do what this one did this morning," when that supposedly lone officer murdered the cornered suspect (instead of calling for backup and arresting him) - the public can clearly see how these fascists want the public to fear & obey them; rather than to trust them to do anything except kill people without waiting for a trial! (3)
This only confirms the fact that the police cannot be trusted to do the right thing, especially when "one or more of their own is involved." The people of this country have largely not bothered to write or object to these crimes against us all. So it would appear that it is indeed too late: Because no one can have either the freedom or the liberty needed to live their lives; if they haven't the guts to challenge those that are trying to steal both their freedom and their lives.
"In this revision of the Department of Justice, to 'honor' the National Intelligence Director: We have a perfect interpretation for everything that's currently coming down upon us all. In the previous article the situation which this 'seal' also applies to refers to cops and their various back-up agencies, as they go about their self-appointed task of deciding guilt and meeting out punishment to ordinary people in a routinely malevolent way that all too often ends in serious injury or death. That previous article is called "Perfecting the Trifecta."" (4)
If America no longer has a Department of Justice, then it has no laws to keep anyone safe from whatever happenstance might befall any of us at any time. The Government's excuse for doing away with our own laws was and still is that " we are in a time of war" but that is not only 'insufficient reason' to dump the constitution and the Bill of Rights; that amounts to treason against all of us, on top of having thrown away everything we once believed we stood for. Cops need to be forcefully reminded of who they work for; and that is not the Coup leadership or the Israeli's, or the New World Order-it's you and me and all the rest of us that they have targeted for assassination!
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4) Judges, Juries & Executioners
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