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Yes, America, The Caca
Grows Deeper Every Day

By Karl Schwarz
I occasionally get asked how many essays I have written. Frankly, I have not kept count and do not know.
What I do know for certain is that I am watching something that I never believed I would see in my lifetime. I am watching the collapse of my nation and my homeland. It is sort of akin to watching the Titanic sink, live, and no one can stop it from happening.
A reader stumbled across an email essay I did almost three years ago. He said it took a while to find a current email address for me, since I am no longer in the US.
The man asked a simple question: "Interesting observations. Do you still think the US is in deep caca?"
My answer was simple: "Yes, it has been getting deeper every day since I wrote that essay and will continue to get deeper. Just look around you. Even before the housing bubble, even before the capital markets fraud and Madoff Ponzi Schemes, even before the endless promises to end the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and even before the bailout of the Wall Street liars and thieves, it just keeps getting worse and accelerating. The lies keep getting more brazen and egregious. The actions are collectively worse each time this wantonly corrupt leadership pretends to lead.
A mother in San Antonio slaughters a baby and eats its brain, while a friend kills a New Jersey mother of three and cuts the fourth child from her womb so she could be a welfare mom the easy way. While yet another North Carolina monster pimps out her five-year-old daughter, now dead at the hands of a predator pedophile. Oops, we are not supposed to say that anymore because it is a hate crime to call a despicable spade a spade in America now. They are now an ADL Zionist protected species, too.
If you look close enough, note the homeless, the tent cities, the starving, underfed, and bankrupted, due to the callousness of what Americans call their leadership in Washington, DC. These morons in DC cannot lead hungry wolves to meat. They have convinced me that they cannot count their balls three times and come up with the correct answer twice. They excel in pork, pigs and running the greasy, sleazy DC Hog Trough Diner. There is nothing in DC to emulate or hold up high as if there were any greatness in the midst of their incompetence.
Look real close at the treatment of US veterans, and next time you get choked up on Veteran's Day make sure it is because of the abuse and neglect our soldiers have been put through, based on political lies. Many families are ruined, many are dead and maimed, still, and all in our name. No war based on a lie is winnable.
If you look close enough, note the growing structural unemployment, the rising crime rate and sales of guns and ammunition and trillions blown on wars that were created from mere lies. Take a real close look at the very fabric and seams of America coming undone, still.
Christian nation? Far from it! Home of the Brave, Land of the Free? Far from it! On some moral high-ground worthy of world leadership as an example? Far from it! Only in America do the pulpits salivate with a blood-thirst over 'kill, kill, kill' in a foreign land yet whine about crime at home. I
If you look close enough, you will even see the Statue of Liberty is crying."
End response.
The American Empire is collapsing and in a vain attempt to stop that our leadership has bankrupted America. The American economy is a carnival hall of smoke and mirrors. The economic engine has blown up and all of the 'robust' and 'green shoots' are idle words for numb-minded people hoping they can go back to shopping soon or maybe afford to turn their cable TV back on. That is if they have a home still to live in.
Most of the States are bankrupt. Mortgage foreclosures are now hitting a much wider segment of US society, including many people who have good paying jobs but are now being hit with mortgage rate resets. There is no stimulus in sight to create real jobs for real average American people. The economy at the local level has been left to tread water on its own as the wealthy elite and liars on Wall Street have been bailed out and huge bonuses lavished upon thugs with taxpayer dollars. Trillions of dollars of American citizen net worth has been wiped out, as well as the retirement security for tens of millions of Americans. The Dark Ages have just begun for America and it was all avoidable.
The horror of 9-11 was to launch a war in Afghanistan over a pipeline so the US could attempt to remain number one in all things. They lost most of the Caspian Basin oil and gas being too busy covering up their lies. The pipeline is now pretty much useless as they originally planned in surreptitious ways to steal for over 30 years.
They have yet to admit the oil and natural gas they covet in Afghanistan and Baluchistan province of Pakistan, right next to Iran and where the IPI is to be built. The IPI is the Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline so now they make war to steal that, too. The greedy US thugs salivate at the thought of controlling all of that oil headed to India. This is geopolitics, at its worst.
Just about everyone in the world knows Bush and Blair lied to justify the attack on Iraq, except Americans. The rest of the world has fairly begun to ask just how stupid can Americans be that they do not understand what the word 'lie' means?
In a very recent year, the year of the huge Wall Street scandals, 46% of US GDP was financial services. That creates few jobs, it lines just the right elitist pockets. When a large percentage of those 'financial services' was premeditated fraud running into the trillions of US dollars, Americans should not have to wonder at all why the rest of the world has grown to have such an utter contempt for America and certain brazenly greedy Americans. A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon they'll be talking about serious money, and serious stupidity in Washington, DC.
History will record how a gutless, wantonly corrupt Congress and immoral leadership in the White House killed a great nation that strayed from its lofty ideals.
Now they want to bribe the Taliban since the past 8 years have proven that the US cannot win being the war criminal it prefers to be. The US lied, many have died and the Afghans never forget. No empire has ever conquered the Afghans, not Alexander the Great, not Genghis Kahn, not the British in four tries, not the Russians, nor will the Americans and NATO. Most empires with three functioning brain cells have learned over a thousand years never tread on an Afghan. Sooner or later, they will kill you.
The Japanese have a saying: 'They say if you have to resort to violence, then you've already lost.' That is where the US failed. It launched a war of greed based on lies.
I have watched this fiasco closely since 1991 and saw it coming. Pens and contracts have absolutely, thoroughly and resoundingly defeated the grand schemes Washington DC and Wall Street had to rule the world, if they could just get control of all of that oil and natural gas.
They did not want to share with anyone. In typical elitists, arrogant fashion they devised a scheme to line just the right pockets.
This was in a magazine the day before September 11, 2001:
"September 10, 2001: "Those who control the oil routes out of Central Asia will impact all future direction and quantities of flow and the distribution of revenues from new production," wrote energy expert James Dorian in Oil & Gas"
That and many other provable facts were what I presented at "Confronting the Evidence, a Call to Re-open the 9-11 Investigation". That was on September 11, 2004, and still most Americans sit on their ass oblivious to the facts and the truth.
Why do they hate us? Because we Americans deserve it and it has not one damned thing to do with our freedoms. They hate the freedom our idiots in DC think they are entitled put forth to lie, kill, maim and steal, all based on premeditated lies steeped in copious amounts of greed, lies and bullshit.
The Global War on Terror was a complete fabrication and a veil to conceal their brazen greed to literally steal oil and natural gas and pipeline right-of-ways from weaker, poorer nations.
We lost because the game plan was wrong from the day they dreamed it up. That happened between 1990 to 1996, and why I walked out on the RNC. The precursor to PNAC was named National Policy Forum and the RNC was forced to close it down due to it being illegally funded. I was there people, the National Policy Forum. I told them they were complete lunatics to think a bogus war based on a new 'terrorist' boogeyman was the route to go. Try commercial contracts rather than shock & awe and outright damned lies.
Time and history have proven me right.
There is only one hope for America and that is to clean out Washington, DC wall-to-wall, every office, and get some people in there to clean up the damned mess these RNC, DNC and bureaucratic morons have made of America.
AIPAC, out!, Lobbyists of every sort, fashion and special interest, out! The nitwits the pollute every level of our government and the policy making machinery, out!
We have devolved from being the shining light of freedom, liberty and democracy to the laughing stock of the world.
Yes, the caca is deep and getting deeper every day. America is on the road to total collapse.
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