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Going Back To The Future
By Jim Kirwan
Cheney's first act as VP in 2001 was to secretly shape America's Energy polices for the immediate future and beyond: What Cheney, the traitor, did then is exactly what the world is trying desperately to undo now!
"Before January 20, 2001: Cheney Gives Broad Access to Oil, Energy Executives
Incoming Vice President Dick Cheney is already working to formulate the new administration's energy policy, and to do so he is calling on a variety of CEOs and lobbyists for the oil, gas, and energy corporations. Authors Lou Dubose and Jake Bernstein will later observe that Cheney's "visitor log began to look like the American Petroleum Institute [API]'s membership list. This was no coincidence." In early January, an oil and gas lobbyist brings a group of industry executives to the API's Washington offices to put together a wish list for Cheney and the administration. Shortly after the inauguration, the same lobbyist, J. Steven Griles, will be named deputy secretary of the interior and assigned to work with the Cheney energy task force (see May 16, 2001). Griles will become the conduit for API members to funnel their recommendations directly to the task force. [DUBOSE AND BERNSTEIN, 2006, PP. 7]
Entity Tags: Richard ("Dick") Cheney, American Petroleum Institute, Lou Dubose, J. Steven Griles, US Department of the Interior, Jake Bernstein
Timeline Tags: Bush's Environmental Record
After January 20, 2001: Enron Executives Trade on Influence to Gain Entry to White House
Two of the first people to meet with the newly inaugurated President Bush are Enron CEO Kenneth Lay and Enron vice president Robert Shapiro. Lay and Shapiro are close political allies of Bush and Vice President Cheney. Lay and his Enron executives were not only the largest campaign donors for the Bush-Cheney presidential effort, but are Bush's largest lifetime political backers, having financed Bush's two campaigns for governor of Texas to the tune of some $775,000. Enron sank $1.2 million into the various 2000 Republican political campaigns, with the lion's share of those donations going to the Bush-Cheney campaign. Enron provided more tangible support than just money; during the contentious December 2000 recount debacle in Florida, Enron (and Halliburton) provided corporate jets that shuttled Bush-Cheney lawyers and personnel around Florida and Washington. The early meetings with Bush are matched by meetings between Cheney, Lay, Shapiro, and at least four other Enron executives. [DUBOSE AND BERNSTEIN, 2006, PP. 6-7]
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January 29, 2001: Bush Announces Formation of Energy Task Force
President Bush informs a small group of reporters that he is forming an "energy task force" to draw up a new national energy policy. It will be the first major policy initiative of his presidency. The administration is driven by its concern for "the people who work for a living who struggle every day to get ahead." The task force will find ways to meet the rising demand for energy and to avoid the shortfalls causing major power blackouts in California and other areas (see January 23, 2001). He has chosen Vice President Cheney to chair the task force. "Can't think of a better man to run it than the vice president," he says. He refuses to take questions, turning aside queries with jokes about the recent Super Bowl. The short press briefing will be virtually the only time the White House tells reporters anything about Cheney's National Energy Policy Development Group. [SAVAGE, 2007, PP. 85-86] Deputy press secretary Scott McClellan will later write that the task force "held a series of meetings with outside interests whose identities were withheld from the public. This created an early impression of an administration prone to secrecy and reinforced the image of the Bush White House as in thrall to corporate interests." [MCCLELLAN, 2008, PP. 96]
Entity Tags: George W. Bush, Scott McClellan, Richard ("Dick") Cheney, National Energy Policy Development Group
Timeline Tags: Bush's Environmental Record" (1)
Everything that is currently at issue in Copenhagen has come directly from these criminally-secret-dealings that took place in the White House at those classified meetings during which Cheney secretly-shaped and directed US energy policy's for the future. To this day Cheney (and now Obama) have maintained the secrecy over who actually met with the Vice-president eight years ago. Everything from converting filthy-coal into "clean-coal" all the way to mountain-top removal and the clear-cutting of rain forests that led to finalizing the Alberta Tar Sands project, in Canada, which is "The Most Destructive Project on Earth" and this is the core project of America's largest supplier of US oil.
"The Athabasca tar sands, in Alberta, may be the world's largest oil reserve. Only the surface sands are accessible at the moment, but if the technology develops a little more, there's potentially six times more oil there than the whole of Saudi Arabia - enough to last 200 years, say the champions of the project.
But, it's not liquid oil, and extracting the crude from the sand takes vast reserves of water, a quarter of Alberta's fresh water. This water is so polluted at the end of the process that it is simply left to stand in huge tailing pools that altogether cover some 50 square kilometers. It's so toxic that birds landing on the ponds would die. Some places use propane cannons to scare the ducks away; others just rake the dead birds off the surface. As the ponds aren't lined, waste water leaks into the AthabascaRiver, polluting everything downstream - lakes, deltas, and the Mackenzie River.
It also destroys the land. Huge areas of the boreal forest ecosystem have been felled and the underlying peat bogs cleared away to expose the sands. At the end of the processing there is nothing but a 'toxic moonscape' of earthworks, ponds, and 80 foot high piles of pure sulphur. 5,000 hectares have been destroyed already, and David Schindler of the University of Albertaestimates that in ten years time they will have cleared an area the size of Florida .
The air is not spared either. It takes enormous amounts of heat to extract the oil, approximately a barrel of gas for every two of crude. The total emissions of the tar sands project will soon be equivalent to the whole of Denmark. Acid rain falls all across Alberta and now Saskatchewan too. In the summer, the tailing ponds release carcinogenic benzene. "If the wind is from the north-west," writes Aida Edemariam of the nearby boomtown of Fort McMurray, "you can smell oil on the air: heavy, slightly sour, unmistakable."
All of this makes the tar sands 'the most destructive project on earth ' (pdf), according to last week's report by Environmental Defense (2)
Throughout the current summit being held in Copenhagen huge portions of the actual causes for the current crisis such as the several corporate-theft-policies that currently allow for resource theft and massive pollution compounded by the spraying of Chemtrails, worldwide, that has yet to even be mentioned in this 'conference.' Instead what is being proposed consists of a whole new system of trade-offs that are rife with new opportunities to both create huge new wealth-transfer income-streams for wealthy polluters, that will be paid for by the poor of every nation; with virtually no checks or balances to protect anyone from this business-as-usual hype which is not meant to alter current polices but is intended to instead intensify; the very same problems that got the planet into this mess in the first place. (3)
We must find new ways to reign in the privatized-corporate-profiteers (And maybe begin to revoke some corporate charters) in order to begin to reshape the business model which unchecked capitalism has used to rule the world for the last several thousand years-if anything of any real significance is to ever be achieved.
Obamanation and Cheney-Bush before him have all said that we must ONLY look ahead, and that we cannot look back! This situation with the current threat to the globe is why they believe in that policy-of-total-denial so strongly! Consequently the world must "look back" in order "to Look Forward" and to demand compensation and prosecution of the traitors that did this to the world and to the people that looked to governments to insure that this did not happen; but then did not bother to keep track of what governments everywhere were doing in direct opposition to what would work for the world instead of against, both it and us!
If we want to change the world then we must go 'Back to the Future' and eliminate those players that brought us all - to the edge of oblivion.
1) Documents from Cheney Energy Task Force Released (not quite 'all')
2) The Most Destructive Project on Earth (2008)
3) Cap & Trade a critical look at carbon trading ­ video
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