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Atone Zionist Terrorists... For 9 Holocausts
By Karl Schwarz
Zionist Nuclear Terrorist Israel, a non-signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty has been excluded by the IAEA, US, France and Russia from reaching a settlement with Iran. Hmm, yeah, I can see why they are doing that Zionist Khazar-terrorist Jew 'chin thing' in Tel Aviv. That is a 'monkey see ­ monkey do' photo if ever there was one. That is probably a Mossad hand signal. Their illusory 'God's Chosen' spit-shine has 'war criminal' dog crap all over it with the Goldstone Report now out.
According to Zionist Tzipi Livni, Judge Richard Goldstone is a Jew who suffers from "misplaced values". Yeah, right...not!
They are probably looking at teleprompters or laptops to see which 'next wad of bullshit' they can spit out that will stick and not be shoved back down their throats or blowback into their faces. This photo has 'which prepackaged bullshit lie should I try next?" written all over it.
It would not surprise me in the least if they are pondering: "Trust me, we are telling the truth." I learned over 30 years ago that one should never trust a Zionist Jew when they pull out that "Trust me" phrase. The phrase is directly a part of their selling of lies.
<Start insert>
Former members of the Israeli government speak out against an IAEA-proposed draft initiative to provide nuclear fuel for an Iranian research reactor.
Israel's Kadima Party leader Tzipi Livni, discontent with what she claims to be a lack of world action against Iran, warned that the draft deal "will blow up in our face and in the face of the international community."
"Iran should know that all options are on the table," the former Israeli foreign minister told Army Radio on Friday.
<End insert>
If I were president of the United States, 'all options' would be on the table regarding nuclear terrorist scofflaw Zionist Israel. The Zionists are bringing into question their legitimacy as a nation.
They are serial troublemakers in the entire Middle East region and they are looking more and more like psychotic lunatics with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, and the vast conventional arsenal the traitors in Washington DC keep providing them with to go kill more people in the region.
According to that glib-smirking bald guy on the left of the photo:
"Former Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz, meanwhile, dismissed the draft proposal as "a worthless piece of paper."
Well, I bet it is worth more than the Zionist Israeli 'unsigned Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty' those scofflaws in Tel Aviv have yet to abide by or ratify. I think the world is waking up to the reality that the 'word' of the Zionist Jews in Israel is dirt, absolutely worthless. He also accused IAEA Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei of being 'a serial cover-upper' as if these lying thugs in Tel Aviv are the standard bearers for truth and honesty. Down South we call that 'the pot calling the kettle black', and in other parts of the world they are accurately seen as the words of a terrorist, war criminal and liar that is trying to deflect attention away from the real problem and issue.
The IAEA is allowed to inspect the Iranian nuclear facilities, whether announced or surprise visits. There is no Iran nuclear weapons program, just like there was no Iraq WMD either. The Zionist Jews had their hand to play in concocting the WMD and 'imminent threat' lies about Iraq, too. Their Zionist shills in the US and UK governments and media were beating the drums of hate and war against Iraq exactly as they were told to do and exactly as they are trying to do with Iran.
The Zionist Jews of Israel do not allow the IAEA to inspect their nuclear weapons or facilities, so who is the real 'serial cover-upper', Shauly? There are other treaties involving non-proliferation of biological and chemical weapons. These scofflaw terrorists in Zionist Israel refuse to obey and comply with them, too.
Out of curiosity, Shauly, Tzipi, when are you Zionist Jews going to get around to letting the world community inspect your off-the-books nuclear, biological and chemical weapons arsenal? When are you going to stop hiding behind the laws and your 'trust me' lies, creating useless hate laws and bogus 'anti-Semite' claims and comply with the law? Not the self-serving Talmud and holocaust trade, the real law. Zionist Israel has no exclusive entitlement that every other nation and person on this planet also has the same right to claim.
If I were president of the United States, Israel would have exactly 10 days to comply with UN directives, IAEA inspections, full compliance with the chemical and biological war conventions, before the Wailing Wall came crashing down on their Zionist heads there would be so many sanctions and enforced blockades on Israel. Enough is enough of their arrogance and scofflaw attitudes.
These types of people are just like Bill Clinton. When the Zionist Jew lips are moving, look 180 degrees in the other direction to find the real truth.
Judge Richard Goldstone reported in a UK editorial that Israel would not let him visit some of the places they 'allege' were attacked within Israel by Hamas with what are essentially over-sized bottle rockets. These Hamas protest rockets are not exactly laser-guided bombs, cruise missiles, DU-spitting 30mm rapid-fire cannons on Apache helicopters, main battle tanks, or nukes. With all of the hyperventilating and psychotic apoplectic behaviour in Israel one would think Hamas was hurling ICBM's at poor little Zionist Israel.
I cannot wait to see the knee-jerk if a basketball-size meteorite happens to hit Israel. They will claim Hamas has a space-based weapon system and Iranhelped them!
You might have to think on that a moment as to why the Israelis were not pointing to every dimple in the street or walls of buildings as evidence of terrorist attacks by Hamas, thereby to justify the murderous Israeli assault on Gaza. Judge Goldstone is Jewish and these hyperventilating Zionists did not want him to see the evidence that Hamas had launched (or did not launch) an 'unprovoked attack' on Israel.
Even Judge Richard Goldstone was not allowed to see the 'carnage' those Hamas ICBM bottle rockets caused to poor little Israel. I have seen some photographs of the Hamas 'bomb damage assessment', or "BDA". Frankly have seen worse from 4th of July fireworks that went awry in my backyard. You know, like 'poof, no eyebrows'.
I let my son light a big 4th of July rocket when he was 4. It did not go up 1,000 feet and light up the sky as advertised. It went up and then horizontal right into the backyard of some neighbors, sort of like a 3-foot long Hamas protest rocket. They were scrambling, but laughing as it livened up their backyard party. Seriously, it skidded right down their picnic table and took out several cans of beer, a bowl of potato chips and a plate of cheeseburgers. Oh, the horror!
Thank God, my neighbors were not Zionist Jews. We might have been assaulted that night by knee-jerking Zionist terrorists in retribution!
My bet is the Israel attack went far beyond what could be termed a 'proportionate response' and that fact was exactly cited in the Goldstone Report. That is the typical modus operandi of a war criminal. They do not act out of defense; they act out of sheer hate for their fellow man and a blood-lust for killing. They are just waiting for the excuse to kill indiscriminately even if they fabricate that excuse. Since they would not let Judge Richard Goldstone see the 'alleged' Hamas attack evidence, odds increase exponentially that Zionist Israel fabricated the cause to attack.
To rationalize that the Zionist Jew excuses being that they are protecting the Holy Land, one has to first pretend and live in the delusion that Zionist Israel is a holy land. Biblically and historically, yes; current day realities are far from being anything remotely resembling such a place.
I have been giving a lot of thought to this urgent desire the Zionist Jews want as hate laws. There are plenty of laws on the books to deal with such, but that is not what they are after. It is so no one can criticize them in any way without being labeled anti-Semite and depicted as a Free Speech criminal for merely stating obvious things or stating the truth.
One really cannot discuss the matter with them because they turn hateful and apoplectic when it comes to their demands that everyone in the world believe in their holocaust tale and exactly what they say about it. When they are being terrorists and war criminals they want the entire world to look at everything but them as the real terrorists. When they hurl terrorism and war criminal conduct at the Palestinians, the world is expected to only see the dastardly Hamas, not the war criminal thugs in Tel Aviv. We all have to feel sorry for them and carry the cross for them. No one is allowed to count to 'six million' and see if the numbers add up.
No one can see the alleged Hamas damage and see those '6 million' Hamas rockets.
Even when the official Auschwitz plaque was changed in 1990 from 4 million to 1.5 million, the story was not changed from the original 6 million. That 4 million was essential to their '6 million' holocaust claim. Most people can handle 6 ­ 2.5 = 3.5 million holocaust victims, maybe. No, that was about the time they got nasty and started demanding that everyone obey and heed their 6 million figure, without questioning. They also started demanding that all nations enact hate laws to protect that '6' number that no one is allowed to research or count.
I have seen some nations enter protective tariffs to protect 'pet industries' but these Zionist Jews have set a new record in the lengths they will go to protect their Holocaust Industry. They have tried to reduce the discussion down to the fact that if the Zionist Jews cannot (or refuse to) do math and count, that somehow makes everyone else a hate crime criminal for pointing out that they seem to suck at math or are too lazy to check their own facts.
These preying Zionist con-artists never back up.
They are expecting Germany to provide them 'free war ships' and the German people to pay for up to one-third of the cost of submarines this terrorist state wants.
What does Germany or any other nation owe to Israel? The correct answer is absolutely nothing.
You will not be allowed to accurately point the finger at Israel, ADL, AIPAC, SLDC, AIG, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Global Crossing scam-artist Gary Winnick or Michael Milken, or Bernie Madoff types and call them a lying thief without running the risk of being labeled anti-Semitic and sued for a hate or thought crime. Even if 'thief' and 'truth', or terrorist or war criminals are the words that are entirely appropriate and in context, the Zionist Jew thugs do not want to have to face 'real' words. They certainly want to avoid being held accountable for their despicable actions. They have turned it around 180 degrees and everyone is to blame but them.
They are as terrified of real words of truth as they are of real bullets and mythical Hamas ICBM attacks.
They cannot count heads, but they sure can count the billions of dollars and Euros they steal through capital markets fraud year in and year out, and have raked in due to their holocaust industry.
They can sure count the billions they suck out of other nations like a leech playing the holocaust guilt routine.
There are some Zionist Jews who have already been caught fabricating 'hate crimes' against Jews, even defiling their own synagogues and grave sites in their psychotic effort to get their schizophrenic way to enact such hate laws. Some of them even get caught occasionally writing completely fabricated books about their 'holocaust survivor' story and were not involved at all. It is all a big sympathy routine to keep people from looking very closely at what is the real problem.
These schizophrenic Zionists have no rights, no entitlements that every other man, woman and child on this planet have, too.
If there is one nation on the face of this planet that needs to be brought to heel by the international community, it is the rogue nuclear, chemical, biological terrorist warmongering nation of Zionist Israel.
One of their precious Zionist Jew controlled banks in Vienna, Bank Medici, was involved in the Madoff scam. When the Austria authorities seized the bank, Zionist Jewess Sonja Kohn fled to avoid prosecution. Most think she is in hiding in Israel and according to some reports she ripped off some of the Zionist Jew Russian oligarchs, too. They cannot even trust their own within the ranks of their Zionist Jew clique of liars and thieves.
Another of their precious Zionist Jew controlled banks in Vienna, Bank Julius Meinl, was recently ruled in an investigation to be a criminal racketeering enterprise and its owner arrested. He is now out on a record ¤100 Million bond but moved to England because many Austrians want the thief locked up for life. He was manipulating the Vienna stock market just like these Zionist Jew thieves do in London and Wall Street.
They prove on a regular basis that a simple joke is all too true:
"The thinnest book in the world is Jewish Business Ethics".
It is not up to us to prove that wrong, it is up to them to prove they have any ethics at all when it comes to money or anything else they do. Yet hardly a day goes by that another Zionist Jew scam is not on the TV and front pages of newspapers somewhere in the world. Their sleazy conduct can be found in just about every nation on Earth on a daily basis. Of course, when the scumbags are arrested to face justice, they lash out with the 'anti-Semite' labels from Zionist Jew groups all over the world.
Like a whining cacophony of babbling Mynah birds out comes the verbal assault to attempt to save the scumbag from justice.
They just want to busily connive, steal, plunder but desire to never have to face those terrifying real words that accurately describe such despicable conduct towards other people. They would rather steal a couple of billion and slap their name on some Jewish tolerance or Holocaust museum and appear to be magnanimous philanthropists. Many of them think nothing of living in $50 million mansions and making $50 million donations to Zionist Jew causes with money they stole from other people with aforethought of malice.
They hide and go silent when the likes of Meshalum Riklis, Michael Milken, Marc Rich, Maurice 'Hank' Greenberg, Bernard 'Ripoff' Madoff, Gary Winnick or Andy Fastow are caught, cornered with the truth and they made large donations to special Jewish causes and tolerance museums with stolen money. They are depicted in the Jewish media as 'really nice guys' for being so magnanimous with their stolen money.
Even when Madoff was arrested and many screwed over people were rightfully indignant, out comes ADL's foul Abe Foxman to label Madoff critics as anti-Semites. Just accurately calling Madoff a lying thief, out comes the ADL crap again to try to bully and terrorize people.
Since when does religion grant absolution for lying and thieving or people are not justified in directing warranted criticism for a total lack of character and business ethics such as the grandiose thief Bernie Madoff? Only in the elitist delusional land of Israel are big thieves held up high as if some icon of what sleazy conduct can put in one's bank account. They do not want the world to know how much of that stolen money is directed to Israel so the 'really nice guy' articles appear in the Jewish newspapers.
It should strike most people as odd when rats are so averse to words that accurately describe their despicable vermin actions. They have proven over just the past 10 years in securities fraud that when 'lying thieving rat Jew bastard' fits, it fits like Cinderella's misplaced slipper. They have turned millions of prosperous lives into a pumpkin with their brazen theft and greed.
They have a horror thing about accurate words that exactly describe despicable conduct. They have a phobia of anyone counting the real number of dead in World War II and exposing yet another twisting of the Truth. Few doubt that some number died wrongfully in World War II, but 49-55 million people died wrongfully for those that know the historical facts of why WW II even happened. You would have to study history to understand the double-standard that World War II was about the Zionist Jews and was not just about the Zionist Jews.
Many are needlessly dead due to their blood-lust agenda then and now.
They want people to be too afraid to speak the Truth, but it is these sleazy Zionist Jew thugs that have an aversion to the Truth like a vampire to sunlight. A sane person has to question whether they are compulsive liars, psychotic, deceitful or just callously arrogant. Or, they have an agenda and the lies are the key to that greedy schizophrenic agenda.
They have been lying about Iran all along, and why they are on the sidelines now where they deserve to be. You see, the reason they are collectively doing that 'chin thing' in the photo above is they are ciphering on how they can spin the lie and get people to believe them. It is a nervous tic because the world is not buying their particular brand of Kosher shit these days laced with lies as it is.
They rarely, if ever, utter the truth, so not believing what a Zionist Jew says is easy if one turns on the ears, eyes and brain at the same time. Iraq turned out to be nothing but the Grand Zionist Lie. People are waking up that Afghanistan is yet another Grand Zionist Lie. Iran has complied with the law, and scofflaw Zionist Israel refuses to do the same.
Now they are trying to deflect from the "Zionist Israel war criminal" matter by using the Iran boogeyman ploy. They are trying to pound on the drums of war over 'a much ado about nothing' matter. There are many intelligent and informed people that can make the case that the absolute biggest problem in the entire Middle East area is Israel, not Iraq, not Iran, not Lebanon, or even Syria. Physics is simple, for every action there is a reaction and the most belligerent generator of hostile, inhumane actions in the Middle East is Israel and their hate and contempt for everyone.
What is noticeable is how they are hiding their hate law intentions behind gays, lesbians, blacks, 'victims', incredibly Muslims in the UK, and even pedophiles so that most Americans do not catch on that the hate laws they seek are to protect Zionist Jews for any type of behavior, pelf, theft or sleaze they wish. They are trying to create a cacophony of 'victims' to sneak laws through that serve no purpose but their agenda against the rest of mankind. Just criticizing their sleazy conduct and calling a thief a thief will be a hate crime if they get their way. Even calling a pedophile a despicable bastard will be outlawed if these cretins get their way.
Their real goal is that Zionist Jews and their despicable actions are above comment or scrutiny, or criticism.
If they want prostitution legalized in your home state, you will have to accept it or be labeled. If they want to protect those poor pedophiles, you have to accept their New World Order or be labeled.
If they want illegal drugs pushed on every block of where you live, you had better get used to it or you will be labeled anti-Semitic.
If they want to shoot down innocent women and children as war criminals love to do, you had better learn to accept it as how they want it to be. Remember, they are as terrified of words as they are Hamas ICBM bottle rockets.
If they want to teach your three year old daughter how to properly give oral sex or be a lesbian, you had better stand aside and shut up. Same applies to little boys wondering whether the penis goes in vagina or in ass, since we should all accept the Zionist Jew position that all 3 year old boys are really perplexed by that. You should certainly agree with them that young children need to decide young whether they are heterosexual or bisexual or homosexual.
They are not trying to teach tolerance towards alternative lifestyles, they are trying to completely destroy values, ethics, Christian families and America, too. It is yet another despicable part of their Grand Zionist Lie of destroying the values of any culture.
What is next from these sleazy cretins? A knock-off of 'America's Got Talent', but named "Best Pedophile of the Week", or maybe "Who Wants to Steal a Billion"? Maybe an oldie, moldy: "Who wants to be Flaming Queen for the Day?" Or, maybe some enterprising comedic Israeli version of Tim Allen can do "Yiddish Home Improvements" to show how to properly evict an Arab family and bulldoze their home or business to the ground and then use Binford-stein power tools to build an illegal settlement house. Ouuuuh! Ouuuuh!
What should our American response be to this sort of tyranny and wantonness? Simply, hold them accountable whether they like it or not. Draw the line in the sand and do not back up even one inch to their sleazy agenda. We are the majority and it is time to exert that majority in the name of what is just and right.
Many of these Zionists truly believe that the only law they are to obey is their corrupt, self-serving Talmud. Many of them truly believe they are above the laws of any nation they live in or do business in. That is why they covet having a wide-open world where they can steal, plunder and dominate at will and never be held accountable for illegal conduct or have to face either completely accurate words or justice. They are a societal malaise and want to spread what they believe in, as the pure sleaze it is.
Their 'precious' is their Holocaust industry and their schizophrenic use of lies, deceit and the Anti-Semite label. They love to insist on 'right to exist' while conniving to deny all others that same right. They are racist elitists but prove regularly that there is nothing elite or special about Zionist Israel.
I am not aware of any group on this planet that has made more enemies in the past 100 years, due solely to their despicable actions, before and after 1948 and the creation of Israel.
Well, they have a lot to be held accountable for so I recommend that no one in the world (in their right mind) honor their holocaust until they admit their sins and the many holocausts they are guilty of perpetrating. That is fair, we admit 1 holocaust when they own up to nine (yes, 9) and one more they urgently wish for Iran through any deceit they can dream up.
They have 9 Holocausts to atone for before I will listen for even one second about their precious and their psychotic demands on others that always seems to be missing the truth, fairness or equity in how they deal with other 'non-Jews'. Both apologies and restitutions are in order from one of the most murderous groups of holocaust-creating people to ever exist on this planet.
Seriously Americans, get ready to implement Regime Change America 2010 and 2012. It is the only thing that is going to save your ass and your nation. Clean out the White House and Congress as the first step. Barky & Gang, gone in 2012. One third of the Senate will be running in 2010, another one-third in 2012, send them all home. Give a real leader a real chance to implement the needed changes by clearing out the riff-raff in the House and Senate.
No one person can fix what is wrong with America. It will take returning honor, integrity, function and purpose to the White House and Congress.
Congress, just about 435 idiots that need to join the unemployment lines. I cannot think of a one but Ron Paul that needs to be kept around after the 2010 mid-term elections. Do not vote for any RNC or DNC candidate as incumbent or replacement. They are not your friends, they are traitors to America.
If they bow to Israel to get the Jew vote, do not vote for them. Bury them at the polls on Election Day. They are part of the problem of why Zionist Israel is allowed to be an unapologetic rogue scofflaw terrorist state.
Why does Zionist Israel need nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and they refuse to abide by any international anti-proliferation laws? It is because they are the true terrorists and have demonstrated it many times in the Twentieth Century.
I am in agreement with Gilad Atzmon in that I am not into holocaust denial either, including the many holocausts these murderous Zionist bastards have inflicted upon tens of millions of people. The carnage and number of dead by their blood-soaked Zionist hands makes their precious holocaust pale in comparison.
To read the rest regarding those 9 Zionist Jew-perpetrated Holocausts they need to atone and be held accountable for, go here

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