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AIPAC Defined
By Alan MacDonald
Sanford, Maine
For me, AIPAC should stand for American-style Imperialism Political Action Committee:
I still believe that the number one reason that AIPAC should not have undue influence on this matter is, as I wrote to "The Nation" in 2007, that "AIPAC (the American Israel Political Action Committee) and others, which are together termed "the lobby," are not really speaking for the majority of Israeli nor American Jews--but are actually speaking nearly the opposite. I have long believed and written that the acronym AIPAC should rightly stand for American-style Imperialism Political Action Committee, since it does not reflect the honest desires and needs of the vast majority of the people of Israel but the aims of a global corporate Empire, which reduces the people of both Israel and America to living in its twin facades of "Vichy America" and "Vichy Israel."
Yes, AIPAC accomplishes precisely the inverse of the noble purpose it claims to serve--to protect the people of Israel--and is instead a great danger to the people of Israel through its singular focus on the unsustainable and inevitably sorrowful strategy of militarist Empire. But AIPAC is neither the only nor the worst deceiver and denier of the aspirations of peoples whom it claims to speak for. That title of champion guileful mis-guider and destroyer of people's democratic purpose is the corporate global Empire, which has metastasized from an initial tumor in the United States itself (although it shows no nationalism nor patriotism) and which can best be described as the Empire behind the curtain of "Vichy America."
Just as AIPAC disregards the real interests of the people of Israel in favor of its own agenda of militant imperialism, so the domestic-grown pathology of the US-centered corporate/financial Empire even more contemptuously and arrogantly disregards the democratic and peaceful interests of all Americans and displaces their dreams with its own sordid nightmare of global domination by force of arms and economic exploitation under the false flag of "Vichy America."
At the end of the day, it needs to be understood that the global corporatist Empire which hides behind the facade of "Vichy America" is the heart of the destructive unitive Empire that "the lobby" lobbies."
Since my 2007 criticism of AIPAC's undue and FALSE viewpoint in claiming to speak for any majority of Jews, I have further thought that from the humanist and empathetic 'democracy thinking' of the majority of Israeli and American working-class citizens, that "it's hard to imagine, in this very modern 21st century, that we are still looking toward the end of the last of tribal 'empire-thinking'.
We are a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-racial, even post-racial, sectarian, mixing-pot-world of democracies on a small fragile planet --- and yet, we are still not beyond the danger of existential death at the hands of ancient and irrelevant tribal 'empire-thinking'.
As only Kurt Vonnegut's sense of ironic black humor might envision, "It is as if the whole human race was about to sit down to a celebratory picnic for successfully reaching our 21st century, when we are all unexpectedly killed by one remaining giant dinosaur."
The last people in the world who should want to stay in (or ever promote) a world of tribalism, are the Muslims and Jews ---- based on how they have been abused by various nationalist and other modern "-ism" Empires.
Fighter pilots have a saying that, "speed is life". But, for all the rest of us, "inclusiveness is life" --- and tribalism is death by the oldest lie of empire.
Racism is another deadly old lie of empire, as is aggressively fundamentalist religion.
Nationalism is a somewhat newer lie of empire, proving particularly deadly in the 20th century.
While, economic ideology is the newest, and current, lie of empire (which is causing our economic and environmental collapse).
But all the lies and deceptions of "empire-thinking" lead ineluctably to the very same grave --- so choose your empire poison, stupidly. Or choose your inclusiveness, wisely.
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