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9-12 Rally To Impeach MA Sen Richard Moore
Over Forced Vax
From Ken Adachi  
September 12 MA Rally to Impeach Sen Richard T. Moore Over Forced Vaccination Bill S2028
  [Editor's Note: I was earlier led to believe that the Massachusettes Senate, under the sponsorship of NWO sell-out and compliant servant Sen. Richard T Moore, passed the despicable S2028, an affront to the constitutionally guaranteed right of every Massachusettes citizen to decide his own health destiny, in August, but the actual date of passage, I now discover, was April 30, 2009. Here's a brief quote from http://www.masslpa.org/node/428:
      "On Thursday, April 30, 2009, the senate bill, sponsored by Senator Richard T. Moore (D), Worcester and Norfolk District was passed in the senate, containing language that violates the Constitutional Rights of Massachusetts citizens.
      Susan Allen, (I) 2008 challenger to Barney Frank's congressional seat wrote to Senator Moore pointing out the dangers of such legislation. Senator Moore, Chairman of the Health Care Financing committee, responded in writing: "You have been completely....misled by someone who simply doesn't understand the bill.
      The most egregeous items in the bill evidence forced vaccinations, quarantine and warrantless searches with provisions for fines and/or imprisonment for up to six months. "
  Portrait of a Traitor, MA Sen. Richar T MooreThe bill is not yet law in Massachusettes because it must first pass the Massachusettes House and then be signed into law by the govenor, HOWEVER, the fact that ALL 36 senators of the Massachusettes Senate voted in favor of this outrageous Nazi-like piece of "legislation", should tell you that the "fix" is in and the treasonous scum who pass for legislators in Massachusettes, will rubber stamp this eugenics 'Enabling Law' in a heartbeat, unless the awakened citizens of Massachusettes jump down the throats of all 160 members of the Massachusettes House and make it clear that "no" is the ONLY vote DEMANDED by the US Constitution, AND the founding constitution of Massachusettes. The names and phones numbers of every member of the Massachusettes House is listed here:
  The NWO sell-outs of the Massachusettes Senate can be found here:
  More info from the Mass Liberty Preservation Association on the traitor representing the Worcester & Norfolk district:
  "We have finalized our petition to have Senator Richard Moore impeached or recalled. If you are able to assist with this aspect of our campaign to trash this bill and all who sponsored it then please contact us. See his list of campaign donors , (Moores medical industry donors) and decide if his friends in the medical and pharmaceutical industry might also favor forced vaccines. Read about our meeting with Moore on Tuesday 5/12 in Milford. Watch news report with Moore interview."
  September 5, 2009
  Sep. 12 Mass. Rally to Impeach Sen Richard Moore Over Forced Vaccination Bill S2028 (Sep. 5, 2009)
  Subject: senator moore's impeachment rally ( in Mass. )
  From: Keith R
  Date: Sat, September 5, 2009
  To: Ken Adachi
  re: $1000 Per Day Fine And 30 Days In Jail For Refusing The Swine Flu Vaccine In Massachusetts? (Aug. 25, 2009)
  Hi Ken,
  I just came across a great you yube video done by Bob Dwyer  bobwdwyer@gmail.com  of the Massachusetts Liberty Preservation Association (<http://www.masslpa.org/).This>http://www.masslpa.org/).This organization's focus is the preservation of our liberties and freedoms laid down by our founding Fathers of the U.S.Constitution.
  He discusses the new forced vaccination Bill 2028 passed by the Senate in Massachusetts and that your home and personal property may be seized for refusing the vaccine, as well as being hauled away to an undisclosed location, and paying stiff fines.
  Bob Dwyer expounds on the inherent dangers of the killer vaccines. The video describes the efforts of the MassLPA.org to impeach Massachusettes state senator Richard Moore for TREASON ! The Impeachment rally wil be held Sept 12,2009 at 123 Main St, Uxbridge,Mass from 12-5pm
  The video can be found at the you tube site titled 'Northwatch' and here is the link
  Impeachment Rally flyer
  Best, Keith R
  Sen. Richard Moore Impeachment Rally
  When? Sep. 12, 2009, 12 - 5 PM
  Where? 123 Main St, Uxbridge Commons, Uxbridge, Mass. (Corner of Route 122 and Route 16)
  Uxbridge, MassUxbridge Commons, Mass
  Wanted fro Teason: Mass Sen richared Moore
  Reader Claims Mass. Forced Vaccination/Quarantine Bill Penalties "simply not true" (Aug. 31, 2009)
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